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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate - THE END HAS COME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. Lame they're all gone, but I'm glad there's a Team Disney!

    @Music Is Life you NEED this in your life, like immediately!

  2. Team Disney gone before the top 20? No.

    'Wildside' deserved to at least squeak in there.
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  3. I sorta wanted Smile too make it into top 20, but knew that was unlikely.

    The Middle Of Starting Over is the only good song left from that album, so hopefully it's one of them at least.
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  4. Holy shit this is amazing. Alos, yeah I'm glad there were at least a few poeple here who enjoyed the Disney songs.
    I know. I'm so disappointed.
    It's not the only good song left, but I appreciate the hope that it made it.

    Another album track falls next.
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  5. #25 - Mona Lisa: 7.35
    Mona Lisa Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x10 (@Fascination) 1x9 (@iheartpoptarts) 1x9.25 (Me) 1x8.7 (@pop3blow2) 3x8 (@aniraz @savilizabeths @abael)
    Lowest: 1x4 (@Empty Shoebox) 1x4.5 (@Lila)
    My Score: 9.25
    Favorite Lyric:
    (I don't really have one for this. Sorry, nothing just stands out to me lyrically.)

    This extremely short bop from my favorite album falls next. Now I really enjoy this song. It's great fun. I love the pre-chorus, especially the way she stops, and then extends "hesitate" and "wait." Honestly one of the best moments in the song. And it bops too. It just doesn't bop hard enough, and it's way too short, so I agree that it's one of the lesser songs on the album. This could've gone a little earlier, like before top 30, and I wouldn't have been mad.

    Once again, not a lot of strong opinions on this song either way. But I did get quite a few comments. Let's change it up and start with the people who liked this, shall we? @iheartpoptarts (9) A very 90s sound to this one, superior melodies and all. The melodies are really great here. @pop3blow2 (8.7) sums up this post in one sentence: This is a pretty fun little bop. Yeah pretty much. Nothing more, nothing less. @savilizabeths (8) also prety much hits the point home: This is short and sweet. I love that she sings this twice in her setlist at shows. This is just so sassy and fun. There isn’t a whole lot to say. I do wish there was a bridge, but as is, it’s a great little bop that fits perfectly on the album. Yeah her performing it twice is awesome and hilarious, and I'm sure a moment at her concerts.

    And now let's have the people who are just "eh" about this song. @OspreyQueen singles out the main hook: “Don’t leave me hanging like the Mona Lisa” is such a naff line, but I think she makes it work. Other than that, the song is pretty unremarkable. I had to look up what naff meant, and I don't really agree, although that make be because I think you're right in that she makes it work and I don't think anyone else could have pulled it off. @DJHazey (6) who dislikes half the album, of course scored this low: Is this her attempt to do an 'art gallery' pop song ala Lorde with "The Louvre". Count me under 'not seeing the hype' for both songs, if this becomes a fan favorite. I've never heard it, so I don't know what you mean. And let's close with @Lila (4.5) who is correct, even if her score is a little low for my tastes: This is the weak link here, sadly.

  6. It is this 90s song, I've decided.

    This is a good thing.
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  7. Y’all did Mona Lisa dirty.

    I live for the chopped vocals at the very beginning - an absolute star of a song.
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  8. This is the opposite of what I wanted. I'm just gonna assume the fans mixed up the two french-themed Singular tracks, as it's the only way this makes sense.
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  9. You're just not going to stop are you? Paris is amazing.

    I know a lot of you are asleep probably but I'm most likely going to be eliminating another one later tonight.
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  10. Okay, I lied. I'm sorry about the lack of eliminations this week, I've just been sick and really busy at the same time, whick sucks so much. But I feel better today, and hopefully even better tomorrow and I promise to get at least one out tomorrow, and do my best to get two.
  11. Oop. Poor Mona Lisa.
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  12. #24 - We'll Be The Stars: 7.37
    We'll Be The Stars Single Cover.jpg

    Highest (The Stars): 2x10 (Me, @Empty Shoebox) 2x9 (@soratami @savilizabeths)
    Lowest (The Dust): 1x5 (@abael) 4x6 (@aniraz @Lila @Fascination @iheartpoptarts)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: Fill my heart with simple notes.
    (I mean, do I really need to explain why I love this? Cause I feel like it's a little obvious.)

    You all suck for this. The lead single from Eyes Wide Open leaves next, and I'm not happy about it. I love this song. I love the anthemic production. I love the uplifting lyrics. I love the wordy chorus. Seriously, every time that comes in I scream it at the top of my lungs. I love the backing "oh ohs." I love her vocals. Everything about this is amazing. And it's a really interesting message, saying that we'll endure no matter what, but even if we die, we're not really dead because we'll become the stars. At least, that's how I choose to interpret it. And I love it.

    So let's hear from the dust first. Except we can't. Because none of you submitted commentary! So let's start with the people. @DJHazey (7) There's nothing really striking about this one at all despite being an overall pleasant listen. Odd choice for a lead single if you ask me. Really? I feel like it makes perfect sense as a lead single. Besides Eyes Wide Open, which obviously became the second single. @pop3blow2 (7.2)
    The first three songs on this album are absolute gems. This one though, is meh. It comes down the wrong side of generic. Her voice is really nice in parts, though the overall vocal is uneven. This commentary is worse than this score, but I will take it. Also, just cause it's generic doesn't mean it's meh. @OspreyQueen (7.5) Was all ready to write this off as a 5 until that chorus hit. It’s still nothing groundbreaking but it’s a very satisfying bop. Yeah that chorus is everything and goes so hard.
    @livefrommelbs (7.5) This is one of my faves from Eyes Wide Open. Even the Mumford and Sons-lite post-chorus chant works. This is one of your favorites, and you couldn't give it more than a 7.5? Girl...

    And for the I-don't-know-how-many time, we're going to close with @savilizabeths (9) because she's the only star who submitted commentary: That first verse hits immediately. This is just a gorgeous little gem of a song. I also love the post-chorus background vocals. It’s such a pretty song with such a pure meaning behind it. Once again, it’s downside is her vocals on the chorus feel a little grating. However, the song is strong enough that it doesn’t detract from it too much.

  13. Always ending the commentary because you love me, obviously. Also there are some choices being made here and most of them are wrong.
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  14. It's not my fault you have the right opinions most of the time, as well as being one of the few who submitted commentary for everything.

    And yes it really is the worst. I'm upset about the song that will be leaving next as well.
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  15. I prefer to send commentary for everything tbh. Even if it's just a little bit. There's always something to say about music. Also yikes, I'm nervous for the next elimination now.
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  16. Yeah I'm the same way. It kills me when I have to send in scores without commentary on some songs but sometimes I run out of time. And yeah the next song is definitely leaving too soon.
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  17. I've been burnt too many times by this rank when it comes to Eyes Wide Open to be sad for this, it got further than it deserved, if anything.
  18. I'm so sorry.

    #23 - The Middle Of Starting Over: 7.39
    The Middle Of Starting Over Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 4x10 (Me, @soratami @DJHazey @savilizabeths)1x9 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest: 1x4 (@iheartpoptarts) 2x5 (@aniraz @Fascination)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: Painting over scars and bruises.
    (I love the idea of using creativity to cover up and heal our scars.)

    Her second single ever, and the third track on Eyes Wide Open falls next. This has always been one of my favorites by her. I just love the feel goood production. And the lyrics about new beginnings, and trying to change the past are hugely relatable for me. I don't understand how anyone can not like this. It's so uplifting and heartfelt. She sounds seet and sincere throughout the whole song, and it just always makes me smile. Plus, handclaps! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a sucker for handclaps. I could honestly put this on repeat and never get tired of it. Eliminating two of my favorite songs in a row from this album is not something I wanted to do before top 20.

    This is going to be a relatively short write-up, because only three of you submitted commentary for this. The only one who submitted negative commentary for it was @iheartpoptarts (4) Not really a fan of this style. It makes me think montages of people running through fields and I don’t even know what. Those montages are adorable! I thought you liked fun! Anyways, @savilizabeths (10) once again has taste: How could this song not make you smile? It exudes sunshine and positivity in a way that’s completely not over the top and…Disney-ish? She’s so sincere in her delivery and it genuinely gives me hope, which is exactly what it’s going for. It’s just so sweet and infectious that I honestly just can’t imagine not adoring it. Fun fact, I originally rated this a nine and as I was writing my commentary, the score jumped up by a full point. It’s power! Yes to all of this! I just get filled with joy and hope every time I listen to this. And fun fact: if you had given this a 9, it would have ended up below We'll Be The Stars. That's how close everything is in this. And let's end with @DJHazey (10) who has a correct opinion about something for once: Definitely overlooked this one years ago, let me resurrect that situation right now. It was probably that Imagine Dragons style chanting that turned me off to it before, but I've grown to accept that band has bops since then so it doesn't bother me anymore. The jumbled-word-yet-breezy-bop kind of chorus always wins me over. Oh and does anyone else hear the word 'panties' in the chorus somewhere? Makes it more iconic in some ways. Um no Hazey. Just no. I'm assuming the word you're hearing is "pennies." As in, "life gives you pennies, turn them into dimes." Which is a really cute lyric, so don't ruin it for me.

  19. This Eyes wide Open cull... a disaster.
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