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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate - THE END HAS COME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. I always forget how much I enjoy 'Better Left Unsaid'. Everybody needs that one initially slow song that goes all if-you-wanna-party out of nowhere to horrify the unbasic bop people.
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  2. #12: Run & Hide: 7.94
    Run & Hide Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x11 (@savilizabeths) 4x10 (Me, @aniraz @livefrommelbs @Fascination) 1x9 (@Lila)
    Lowest: 1x4 (@iheartpoptarts) 1x5 (@abael)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: Words got shorter and quiet got longer.
    (This is just such an interesting and truthful couplet, that always stands out to me.)
    Oof, ƎVO⅃UTION is not doing so well anymore huh? This gorgeous ballad acts as the centerpiece for the album, and is one of my favorite songs on the album. So I'm really happy it ended up in the top 5 for the album. I wish it had made top 10, but the same could be said for several other songs so I'm not screaming mad about this. It is a beautiful, guitar driven ballad, with a couple production flourishes throughout that really gives it that something extra to make this a highlight. I love the lyrics. I do feel like in general, people put less emphasis on how important love is, and how much we need it, especially how much darker the world has been getting. So honestly, I feel like this is an important message, that we shouldn't run and hide from love.

    So who did run and hide from this? Well, unsurprisingly, @iheartpoptarts (4) wasn't here for it: There are some very interesting pronunciation choices in this song… Yeah, and they all work beautifully. And @OspreyQueen (6.5) wasn't really a fan: It’s kinda pedestrian. Like, boring, basic? Cause those words don't fit this song. And @pop3blow2 liked it enough, but not a lot: This is fine. Sometimes her higher register gets a bit shaky, but she goes for it. I think she sounds great, but I feel like you might be right, like if she used her higher register for the whole song it wouldn't have been good.

    The rest of you really liked and enjoyed it. @DJHazey (8) has a pretty good scoring system for normal people: If I'm in the right mood for this, it goes all the way off, but those moments seem to be too few and far between. So then it can feel like it drags on a bitsy. So you picked something that was in the middle of those two moods. Nice. And @Lila (9) might have been a little tipsy: Maybe it’s because I’ve had a drink but this is really hitting a soft spot for me? She sounds very pretty on it too. Wel, if the drink made you like this more than normal, than yay alcohol! But I really hope you like it in general. And @livefrommelbs (10) loved it enough to consider giving it an 11: Definitely up there for my 11. Such a beautiful track, and the lyrics hit me in the core. Perfectly captures that story of how we've become scared to open up and take a chance on something special. Yes, exactly. It was honestly an early contender for me as well.

    And lastly, we have the member who actually gave it her 11, @savilizabeths: There is an atmosphere to this song that just draws you in immediately. It’s production is some of the most beautiful ballad production of her discography. The lyrics here are gorgeous and a beautiful commentary on the modern attitude towards love. This is the type of song that I want to listen to while walking home late at night, something about the instrumentation just lends itself to that. I absolutely love when she takes the vocals up an octave in the last quarter of the song. It’s so powerful and really hits and brings the song to it’s perfect final form. This song is just absolute perfection for me, and definitely one of her greatest. It takes you into it’s world for three minute and twenty nine seconds and completely earns it’s eleven from me.

  3. #11 - Alien: 8.05
    Alien Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x11 (@Ana Raquel) 2x10 (Me, @Fascination) 1x9.5 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest: 2x5 (@DJHazey @abael)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: I'm overthinking my thoughts again.
    (This is so fucking relatable. Honestly one of her most relatable lines ever.)

    And the first Japan bonus track from Singular: Act I falls. The only reason I mention that is because it deserved better than Japan bonus track status. This song is so FUCKING GOOD. I dance my ass off every single time, and it's one of my absolute favorites by her. I was hoping it'd make it to top 10, but the lack of actual 10s (Really people? Come on!) kept it from just making it. I love the production throughout, it's just perfect. But the lyrics! It's all about being nervous, and questioning what the hell is going on whenever you're in a relationship and you're trying to figure it out. And Sabrina even adds a bit of a sensual edge to this. I mean, the implications in "If you show me love, it'll be enough, it'll be a better night," alone. This deserved better everywhere. On the bright side, it is the first song to break an 8 average so, that's something at least.

    So who were boring humans when it came to this song? Well naturally, one of you is @DJHazey (5) who tries to placate me by invoking my favorite pop star: Well at least we can agree "Alien" by Britney is light years ahead of this 3 minutes of boredom, right? Right? *turns that on to get back on your good side* They are two very different songs, so excuse me, I'm going to love them both equally. And I definitely wouldn't say that song is light years ahead of this one. And how can this bore you? Freaking human. And then there's the humans who liked this but didn't love it. @savilizabeths (7) This is cute and inoffensive. I can see why it wasn’t included on the final album. It doesn’t fit with the overall vibe. There isn’t really anything I dislike about this, but there isn’t really anything I love either. I don't care if it doesn't fit the vibe, it shoud've been on there. And I'm going to put @iheartpoptarts (8) here cause I honestly can't tell how she feels about the song besides liking it from her commentary: But why is the ‘It Takes Two’ guy shouting in the background? You mean like, the Carly Target song? Wait, you're right it does sound like him.

    Okay, where my aliens at? @Lila (8) wants to dance: So many of these songs just make me want to dance but this in particular is so much fun. Yesss as I said, dance my ass off every time. And @OspreyQueen (8) unlike me, is familiar with the producer: I really like Jonas Blue, and I feel like his reputation as a trend-chasing rent-a-producer is a bit unfair. The dude knows how to craft a quality bop that sticks in your head, and this is one of them. It’s catchy, it’s satisfying, and that’s good enough for me. Maybe I should check out other songs by him. And @livefrommelbs (8.25) made a bit of a discovery with this: I kinda slept on this one a bitsy, didn't I? The chorus is lush. Glad you realized it's greatness. @pop3blow2 is upset this didn't make the album. This is one of the best songs of the Singular Act 1 era. Why was this not on the album? I...don't know. I just don't know. And @Fascination has a couple gripes, but overall loves this: I feel like the “YAH!” that’s shouted for the duration of the song is a tad infuriating, and I don’t love that somewhat-horn sound but everything else about the song is brilliant. I honestly did not notice those shouts until I read this for the first time, and now I'm a bit upset with you. And I love the horns. But glad you gave it the 10 it deserved.

    And finally we have Queen Alien @Ana Raquel who provides me with some of her rare commentary that confuses me with comparisons I don't understand: Not gonna lie, the beginning of the video reminded me of Poppy because of the aesthetic, so I was expecting something similar to her songs. Even though it isn't similar, Alien is just THAT bop. I was torn between two songs for my 11, but this got it for being slightly more memorable.

    Eyes Wide Open

    01. Eyes Wide Open
    01. On Purpose
    03. Thumbs
    04. No Words
    09. Space
    Singular: Act I
    01. Almost Love
    02. Paris
    04. Sue Me
    10. Why
    15. Lie For Love
  5. I’m surprised Space lasted as long as it did compared to the other EVOLution non-single tracks. It’s a really good song, but Run & Hide alone is just... levels above it.
  6. is this my punishment for tanking a lot of tracks? dddddd poor alien
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  7. Still pretty happy with these elims. No Words for the win, Paris and On Purpose out next.
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  8. I'm shocked that Run and Hide didn't make the top 10! It's so beautiful.
  9. You're all cancelled for letting On Purpose rank higher than Run and Hide.
  10. His album is a good place to start, it's basically a greatest hits with a few extra songs.

    These are great too.

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  11. Ddd I will be surprised if some of you are still on speaking terms with me after this rate.
  12. Um Space absolutely deserves being in the top 10, but so does Run & Hide so...
    I wish I could say yes, but I didn't want it gone either, so I guess we were both punished.
    Um, no, no, and Hell No.
    I love Run & Hide, but On Purpose is definitely the better song. I'll go to war with you on this.
    THANKS! Added to my every growing list.

    Just for fun, this is what I want out next:
    Will I get my wish? Wait and see.

    I will warn that we are losing a single next, but no one gave it an 11.
  13. #10 - Why: 8.1
    Why Single Cover.jpg
    Highest: 2x10 (@pop3blow2 @Fascination) 1x9.5 (Me) 1x9 (@aniraz)
    Lowest: 1x5.5 (@Lila)
    My Score: 9.5
    Favorite Lyric: I have cold blood even in a sweater.
    (This line is just so me. I'm almost always cold.)

    I did get one of my wishes! Why is the other pre-release track from the Singular era that ended up as a Japan Bonus Track. Now this is a great song, with a great melody, and I perfectly support it making top 20/15. But Alien or Run & Hide should've beat it into top 10. I love the lyrics, especially since they show me that Sabrina and I have a lot in common, solidifying my feeling we'd be great friends. The whole "opposite's attract" thing has been done before, but I think Sabrina does a great job of finding a new way to express that. I love her voice on this, and I think this should've been a big hit for her. It just isn't a 10/10 for me.

    I'm going to start with the high-scorers this time. @pop3blow2 (10) has the same question for this as Alien: This is my favorite song of the Singular Act 1 era. Why wasn’t this on the proper album? — i_have_questions.mp3 — I really have no idea why. Sorry. And @Fascination (10) has an issue with the lyrics, but loves this anyway: The lyrics and general sentiment of the song is tragic (let’s be real, “opposites attract” never works out in real life) but everything else about the song is so amazing that I can easily look past it. Her vocals, the choppy post-chorus bits, it’s brilliant. Plus I am almost entirely the guy she’s singing about and I like how it relates to me ddd. Yeah I don't think I've ever heard of it working. And I guess I'm Sabrina and you're the boyfriend! Ddddd. Overall reception to this was pretty positive. This continues (I assume) to grow on @savilizabeths (8.75) I like this song more every time I hear it. It’s so freaking cute and made a great bridge between EVOLution and Singular. Some of the production effects aren’t my favorite choices. It’s a very relatable song to a lot of people. Also, the video is actually really hecking cute so I recommend watching it if you haven’t. It made a cute bridge but I still don't understand why it's not on the album. And also, hecking? That's adorable. And @iheartpoptarts (8) just continues to confuse me: More touch-tone phones in pop songs pretty please. Am I missing something? Or is that one of the production choices in this? And @livefrommelbs (8) makes an...interesting reference. A song of fire and ice, indeed! Jon and Daenerys getting the teen-pop anthem they deserve. I'm not totally caught up on the show, but I'm pretty sure this isn't something we want to happen anymore.

    The rest of y'all liked it but we're "eh" about it. @DJHazey (7) makes it clear he really didn't like this album: Well, I hope this does better than many of the songs that came before it, but still it's all very vanilla to my ears. To quote Queen Miley: I say this because I care about you: GET SOME HELP! And @OspreyQueen (7) was overall unimpressed: It’s a cute bop, that’s about it. The whole “opposites attract” sentiment has been done far better by other writers and the plink-plonk production is a bit stale, especially in 2019 when there’s a new white girl debuting with a near-identical song every week. And finally we have @Lila (5) with her rather confusing, comparison making, commentary: The lyrics in the first verse are serving me Life - Des’ree a bit but it does get better ddd.

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  14. I hope you're planning to participate in that Little Mix Rate because we're bound to bump heads on numerous occasions there. I have...opinions on a lot of their songs, some very popular ones included and I use the entire scale of points throughout. That'll be fun!

    I'm assuming "hecking" is a New Zealand thing. I believe I heard it from one of my favorites gamer girl streamers on Twitch and she's from Auckland, Lorii Pops.
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  15. Oh I absolutely am. I look forward to more fighting with you, especially since we agree on most of the top 10 here, I think.
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  16. 9. Sue Me (Oops)
    8. Space
    7. No Words
    6. Almost Love

    Perfect Top 5
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  17. I don't like the order you put those songs in, and as much as I want Sue Me in there, I want the other 5 songs in the top 5 as well so we mostly agree. But will you be right?
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  18. So once upon a time before touchscreens and stuff we had these phones with buttons on them that would beep when you press them. It sounds like that in parts!


    ...Am I old now?
  19. Nope that was my phone in high school but beige colored. I remember my girlfriend and I falling asleep while talking on that phone, more than once ddd.
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  20. I don’t even know if ‘hecking’ is a thing from around here but I say it so I’ll take the adorable comment.

    Okay, I like ‘Why’ but not more than ‘Run and Hide’, I’m going to fight you all!
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