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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate - THE END HAS COME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. What if we're just old together? Hehe.
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  2. Ohhhhh I didn't know this is what they're called. I still have one at my house, but that's because we live with my grandmother. I also don't hear it in the song, but you do you.

    Anyways, we lose another single, and hopefully another album track today. Any guess to what they are?
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  3. #9 - Eyes Wide Open: 8.11
    Eyes Wide Open Single Cover.png

    Highest: 5x10 (Me, @aniraz @soratami @pop3blow2 @DJHazey) 1x9 (@Lila)
    Lowest: 2x5 (@Empty Shoebox @abael)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: This dream burns inside of me.
    (Such a simple sentiment, but I think we can all relate to having a dream that you never let go of and are determined to see come true.)

    The second single, and the title track, as well as the last song left from her debut finally leaves. This should've been top 5, straight up. It is absolutely one of her best songs, and really showed where she might end up going after this album. Her vocals are on point throughout this song, and she serves completely with that anthemic chorus. Considering how the rest of the album did, I'm really happy this at least made top 10, and is the song that has recieved the most 10s so far. But stil. This should;ve been top 5.

    What did our low scorers have to say for themselves? Nothing. Cause they didn't submit commentary. I only got positive commentary for this, which I'm thankful for. So let's start with @livefrommelbs (7) The chorus is the strongest part, but the whole track's a nice little introduction to Sabrina if you're playing the first album from the first track. Pretty much. It is a perfect opener. And how about @savilizabeths (8)?
    The instrumentation on the verses is incredibly pretty. I think the main thing that brings this song down for me is her vocals on the chorus which sound a little grating to me? Yeah, it's gorgeous isn't it? And I still don't hear how those vocals could be grating. And @iheartpoptarts (8) mentions another member: Hazey sent this to PJSC way back when. It’s not my fave thing he’s ever done (there’s a LOT of competition for that) but we can always use more Disney pop over there! Hazey is the Straight Disney King of PopJustice.
    Before we get to him, let's check in with @Lila (9) who loves the lyrics: Old souls represent! The lyrics here are really sweet. Yes. Yes they are.

    Finally, we have our 10s, only to of which submitted commentary. First we have @pop3blow2 (10) wjo once again mentions how perfect an opener this is: What a fantastic opening song for a new artist’s first album. It really is perfect. And finally we have OG stan @DJHazey (10) Entered this in PJSC a long time ago and had it in my Disney Queens rate...why? Because I love it so much that's why. Country-tinged pop at its finest and the chorus is such a stormer. Special to me because it marks how I was a fan of her music looong before anyone on the forum checked for her or even knew who she was in some cases. *puts feather in cap*

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  4. Seems more or less about right!
  5. Team Eyes Wide Open Falls
    Members: @soratami @pop3blow2
    Average: 6.72
    Elimination Order:

    #47 - Seamless: 5.39
    #45 - Darling, I'm A Mess: 5.54
    #43 - Right Now: 5.94
    #39 - Best Thing I Got: 6.21
    #34 - Can't Blame A Girl For Trying: 6.62
    #33 - Too Young: 6.66
    #31 - Two Young Hearts: 6.76
    #27 - Your Love's Like: 7.21
    #24 - We'll Be The Stars: 7.37
    #23 - The Middle Of Starting Over: 7.39
    #20 - White Flag: 7.42
    #09 - Eyes Wide Open: 8.11

    Highest Scorers:

    @Music Is Life: 9.125
    @pop3blow2: 8.87
    @soratami: 8.25
    @DJHazey: 7.92
    @savilizabeths: 7.83
    Lowest Scorers:
    @Ana Raquel: 4.08
    @Empty Shoebox: 4.92
    @iheartpoptarts: 5.5
    @Fascination: 5.83
    @OspreyQueen: 5.875
  6. Well, at least Team Eyes Wide Open squeaked one song into the top 10! I might personally like a couple of songs a tad more on the the album, but if one song had to rep that album in the top 10, this was likely the right choice.
  7. #8 - No Words: 8.2
    No Words Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x10 (@Fascination) 1x9.5 (Me) 4x9 (@aniraz @DJHazey @abael @iheartpoptarts)
    Lowest: 4.5 (@Lila)
    My Score: 9.5
    Favorite Lyric: Ribs are a cage of a wild heart, I can your heart beatin' on the bars.
    (This is another example of a really creepy couplet that just really works for her. Plus that hook is undeniable.)

    And ƎVO⅃UTION loses it's first song in the top 10. Of the four of them here, it is absolutely the first one that should leave, so thank you all for getting that right. What y'all got wrong though, was the fact that it's in the top 10 at all. I mean it's a great song and a total BOP but it is not top 10 worthy. But since most of you really liked or loved this, and only one of you didn't like it, it was sent into the top 10. In fact, if @Lila hadn't given this such a low score, or didn't submit her votes, this would've made top 5. So thank you @Lila for making sure that didn't happen. All of this said, I will say I've had this on repeat for like 45 minutes, and have been getting my life to it, especially that pre-chorus/chorus combo. So it's still a great song.

    So what does @Lila (4.5) think about this: A lot of the production on this album definitely feels of it’s time, and it’s most obvious on this one. It’s just so 2016. And what's wrong with that? It bops all the way off. Our next lowest scorer is @savilizabeths (7.25) and from here on out it's all happy words about this one: This chorus has me bopping along. It’s not my favourite track on the album, but it’s nice enough. The “no words, no words, no words” bit is very pretty and starts the song off beautifully. I don’t know. This just doesn’t stick with me as much as other tracks on the album. Yeah I really love her voice on this. And then we have @OspreyQueen (7.5) who pretty much sums up my feelings about this: Appropriately, I don’t have a lot to say about this one. It’s a nice well-produced bop, that’s it. I laughed at the first part of this, thank you for that. @livefrommelbs (8) just brings up the album: Another track that highlights the diversity of EVOLution. This is very true. And @pop3blow2 (8.5) also gives a summary of the song: Pretty solid little bop, here. Yup.

    Hmmmm @iheartpoptarts (9) thinks this should've been a single: Could’ve been a single. (You know which one I'd replace...) When that's revealed, you'll have a storm coming. And @DJHazey (9) has one small issue with this: The only thing holding this one back is how slightly abrasive the "no-no-no words" hook is when I'd rather everything continue to glide along effortlessly. The wave-like sound structure is such a pleasant experience sonically. I agree with everything about this. It grates on me too, but doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the song for me. And yessss wave-like is the perfect description, thank you. Finally, we have @Fascination (10) who might not agree with mine and Hazey's opinions: NO-O-O WORDS. This song is an absolute bussy slapper and has remained as such since it’s release two and a half years ago. The layers of vocals during the chorus just hits me in all the right places - easily one of her best.

  8. What the actual FUCK at me being the only 10?! No Words was a standout from the time of release. I mean, I’m glad it lasted as long as it did, but I’m surprised more people didn’t consider it one of her best.
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  9. I didn't exactly torpedo it like I did in the Disney girls rate, and even then nobody seemed to mind much!
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  10. My last 9 falls. Thumbs, Almost Love or Lie for Love have to win this thing or it's a write-off.
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  11. I knew Eyes Wide Open would go soon, I guessed it the last we were to guess the single. It's special to me, but not write in my Top 3 of the remaining songs which we've dodged eliminating so far so I can rest a bit easy. Sue Me going any further would be puzzling.
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  12. Well that might be because there were better songs by other artists in that rate. And true, but you're one of the few low scores for it.
    I'm sorry this isn't going well for you, but I can't guarantee any of these win.

    Um I probably won't be able to get out another song today, as I'm pretty busy with my grandma, but I will be able to get out two more tomorrow which will send us into the top 5.
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  13. While y'all wait for the next elimination, here's Sabrina's new BOP to keep you company:
  14. I hope you're happy.

    #7 - Sue Me: 8.27
    Sue Me Single Cover.jpg
    Highest: 2x11 (Me, @Fascination) 2x10 (@savilizabeths @Lila) 1x9.3 (@pop3blow2) 2x9 (@aniraz @Ana Raquel)
    Lowest: 1x5 (@Empty Shoebox) 1x6 (@abael)
    My Score: 11
    Favorite Lyric: THAT ENTIRE CHORUS. But especially Sue Me...for moving on, doing everything right. Because it is such a moment in the song, and so relatable.

    One of the absolute best songs in this rate finally falls. My 11. Before I say anymore, I must point out that this is only one of two songs in here that recieved more than one 11. Talent. Sue Me was released as the second official single from Singular: Act I on November 9, 2018, and the music video was released on November 16, 2018. That day was when I finally realized she was truly a pop star to pay attention to. This song/video combo was so perfect that it immediatly became one of my favorite songs. It's just a perfect R&B/pop song. The production, done by Oak Felder, who has done some of my favorite songs on Demi's most recent album Tell Me You Love Me, which as you all know is my favorite album by her, as well as Trevor Brown and Zaire Koalo, is immaculate. And Sabrina serves confidence, vocals, charisma, sass, and truth throughout the whole 3 minutes. It makes me feel like I can do anything, have anyone, and not give it a shit about any of it the next day. This is what it feels to be completely owning and loving who you are after a breakup. After my relationship fell apart with my ex, I went with this as my 11 cause it perfectly captured how I felt afterwards: free to do anythong I wanted. Free to move on, and do everything right in my life. Sabrina said in an interview with Zach Sang that Singular: Act I was about making you feel comfortable with yourself, and this song does exactly that. And the song always makes me feel like it, that I'm comfortable with who I am, and where my life is at right now.. I can't be mad, not really, cause a #7 placement is pretty great, as is an 8+ average, but I would have loved it if this made top 5. But I love the top 5 we have (except for one song) so I'm okay. But this is absolutely one of her best songs and I'm really happy most of you recognized that.

    Now let's see what those of you who didn't have to say for themselves. Now the lowest score/commentary package I got from you guys was 7, so let's start with @DJHazey (7), who has been calling for this long enough to make me mad: Literally the definition of a solid pop song these days, but nothing really exciting either. Nothing really exciting? NOTHING REALLY EXCITING?! Read my opening paragraph again, then try saying that to me. And how about @iheartpoptarts (7) who likes the clear influence of another artist: I mean, somebody might as well pick up where Ariana left off early in her career. It’s cute. Thankfully Sabrina is not at all (at least so far) problematic. And the song is sexy, not cute. But you get points for the compliment. And then we have @OspreyQueen (7) who thinks it should be more: It’s a solid bop, but doesn’t do anything special. It doesn't need to do anything special. It does exactly what it sets out to do. And for the last comment of this section, we turn to @livefrommelbs (7.5) who also references Ari: This 'thank u, next'-type of R'n'B-pop just isn't as much of my jam as pop with an electronic edge, but I can't deny this is a good song. No one can deny that, so I'm glad you admitted it.

    Now on to the beautiful people who are feeling themselves tonight. @pop3blow2 (9.3) gives a shout out to another version of the song: Sassy & catchy. Some nice little production flourishes, too. (Just discovered the A Cappella version and added a few decimal points.) Yessss the A Cappella version is everything. And @Lila (10) just has 4 (I guess technically 6) words for this: [Aretha voice] Great chorus, beautiful chorus. A.) I love you and B.) you are speaking the truth. And as always, @savilizabeths (10) is on my side where it counts. An iconic bop! THE WAY SHE SAYS “NONCHALANTLY”!! THE CONFIDENCE! This song makes me feel powerful and less insecure, which is a very rare occurrence for me. It makes me want to feel myself more, and I feel like that was her goal with this. And her vocals on the bridge. Those runs! The high notes! She absolutely kills this song. It’s a true pop moment that anyone would be lucky to have in their discography.
    This gif also applies to our final commentator, the amazing @Fascination who also gave this his 11 and speaks the truth abut this iconic song: Here’s a fun fact that is by no means an exaggeration: Sue Me makes me feel sexy. The attitude of the song, her vocals, the lyrics, it legitimately makes me feel like a boss bitch when I’m listening to it (and fine, when I’m strutting down the street blasting it). An incredible song that brings me the sort of joy I so desperately seek from pop music - and those AD-LIBS! Genuinely iconic.

    How about some videos of this amazing song for you to enjoy?
    The beautifully amazing, Legally Blonde inspired, music video:

    Her recent live performance on GMA:

    The gorgeous A Cappella version:

    And a live acoustic version, that really brings an extra elemnt to the song:

    And here's the Sach Sang interview, which is more about Singular: Act II but it's a great watch:

    I have to say, while writing this up, I listened to the song 22 times, and got my life to it every single time.
  15. Hey I'm glad it puts you in full stan-mode, but nothing comes off the surface when I listen to it. It's just there as a decent song. I am happy and you should be thrilled it lasted this long as it has. Eyes Wide Open definitely should have been ranked over it for starters.
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  16. I am thrilled, but what kind of host would I be if I didn't drag you?
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  17. Oh drag away, I wasn't being salty. Just give me the chance to get revenge when I host my Sweden/Norway Dance-Pop Queens rate this fall.
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  18. In what fucking world is SPACE a better fucking song than fucking SUE ME?!?!?
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  19. 6. Space
    5. Almost Love
    4. On Purpose
    3. Thumbs
    2./1. Paris/Lie For Love
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  20. I'll try to give you that chance, I promise. And I didn't think you were being salty.
    Ummmm...apperantly this one.
    Will Hazey be right? Find out soon, as we lose another single.
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