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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate - THE END HAS COME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. Since Space isn't a single, I know I'm wrong.
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  2. I don’t even dislike Space - it’s a great song - but it isn’t top five. This rate is just so, so wrong.
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  3. Yeah but the other four songs were shoe-ins.
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  4. I'm not sad to see Sue me go, but its definitely upped the ante on the countdown with scores of 3, 4, 7, and 3x8 left, this could end well or horribly, no middle ground left here. The fact that one of the my two three rated tracks is still in is astounding, the other left at a (still overrated) 41. Its not like I'm handing these out like dollar bills.
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  5. Crap for some reason, I thought you had Almost Love at 6 cause of the way it looked in my reply text box thing. Oh well. You were wrong.

    #6 - Thumbs: 8.3
    Thumbs Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x11 (@Lila) 4x10 (@pop3blow2 @DJHazey @savilizabeths @Empty Shoebox) 1x9.75 (Me) 2x9 (@Ana Raquel @livefrommelbs)
    Lowest: 1x1 (@Fascination) 1x4 (@iheartpoptarts)
    My Score: 9.75
    Favorite Lyric: The bank robbed the people, so the people robbed the bank.
    (Cause it's the truth. Banks rob people.)

    The quirky second single from her second album falls next. This is a really great song, and I'm actually kind of kicking myself cause I would give it a 10 now. But I was only .25 behind it so it's not like it really matters. Honestly, I'm kinda sad this isn't top 5 over Almost Love because this is clearly the better song. The production is just so bonkers and amazing, and makes me wanna dance like a crazy person. And the lyrics are hilarious in the best way possible. I do love the message of "don't sit around and do what everyone else does." I'm a sucker for messages like that. And then there's the "skiddily-dee-da-dum" that's just perfection. But I will say the next highest score after @iheartpoptarts is several 8s, so this was loved by 12 of the 14 of us.

    Let's see what our low scorers have to say, starting with @Fascination (1) who's probably pretty happy right now, after the loss of our 11: Really quite a garbage song. I hate the lyrics, I hate the opening... violins? Is that what they are? I hate the chorus. It’s just a really weak song. I know I’ve seen praise for it in her thread but I just don’t hear what everyone else does. Um well, I'm just going to let everyone else say what they're going to say, but I hope you're able to celebrate this. (Good luck.) And then we have @iheartpoptarts (4) who just CANNOT with this song: Oh, I do NOT go for this one. I had it even lower in the Disney girl rate but here it’s competing with ukulele album tracks and stuff, so, you know, scaling. Interesting scale you got there. Obviously all those songs left pretty early, so I'll bet you're a little annoyed this lasted so long.

    From here on out it's all positive comments. Let's start with @OspreyQueen (8) who had a little trouble with this: This is a difficult one to rate. The production is so wonderfully dramatic and weird, and I like that it takes a stance which isn’t especially common in pop music (in fact, this was the first song that made me notice that Sabrina wasn’t just another ex-act). But the lyrics themselves are the weak link. They’re just awkward and clunky. While I disagree, I can see wh someone would think that, but glad this song made you take real notice of her. And how about @livefrommelbs (9) who was introduced to Sabrina through this: Full disclosure, this is the first Sabrina song I ever heard. It got some radio play in Australia early 2017 - and while I knew OF her I'd never really bothered to listen to her music in full. WELL DIDN'T THIS JUST CHANGE EVERYTHING. It's relentlessly catchy in the best way, and I love some of the lyrics. Still a bop. Scream that this is the first song you heard, glad it didn't turn you off of her. And amazing that it got radio play down under. P!nk who?

    And moving on to our 10s, we'll start with @DJHazey (10) who will probably be a little disappointed, but happy it made it this far: Always been one of my favorites, no matter what anyone has to say about the strange lyrics. I was mesmerized by the whole thing from day one and I don't know if I'd ever be able to explain why. It seems to have a larger social application being applied to it, much like something Marina would try to tackle in one her songs, so maybe that's the appeal right there. Of course you would bring up your fave somewhere in your commentary. I think you're right about the social implication in this. Turning over to @pop3blow2 (10) who also hears the social implications: Sabrina dropping a socio-political bop. Ignite the class war, queen! You're amazing, you know that? I can't see her starting a class war though. And of course we have @savilizabeths (10) who understands why this might not be loved: Yeah, I can see this not sitting with some people. Twiddling them thumbs? Who puts such a bizarre lyric in a song and gets away with it? Sabrina, apparently. This song grabs me immediately when the opening strings start. The verses are so fun and unique. That’s the best description of this song. Unique. It’s a gut punch of a track, and goddamn does Sabrina sell the whole thing. I really debated between giving this a 9.75 or a 10, but my optimism and ridiculous love won out in the end. Maybe I can’t entirely explain this, but this song has grown with every listen over the years since I first heard it. We could've been score twins, but glad you gave it a 10!

    And last but absolutely not least, we have the beautiful @Lila who gave this song her 11, after some trouble picking which song to give it too: If someone did a house remix of this it would go down so well in clubs where I’m from. Complete bop. Later edit: Picking my 11 was difficult here because it’s all so new for me and I tend to prefer choosing something I have an emotional connection with. Out of everything though, this is the song I kept coming back to. It’s so delightfully weird and sonically interesting. I love that she was willing to do something so strange so soon after a fairly straightforward Disney album. I'm really glad you found something to love here. And if I don't get my Girls Like Us scores in on time, feel free to punch me.

    On Purpose
    Almost Love
    Lie For Love
  7. I’d convinced myself this was going to make top 5 on a sneaking suspicion it was @DJHazey ’s 11 too, but oh well! It’s still been such an amazing discovery for me.

    And you still have nine days @Music Is Life! I know you can do it!
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  8. I promise I'll get it done!
    And Hazey's 11 is...a surprise.
    Don't you dare reveal it Hazey cause I have plans.
    In fact, no one reveal your 11s.
    Oh and of the songs in the top 5, only one of them did not get an 11.
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  9. I was literally just listening to Thumbs about 20 minutes ago & open PJ to see this. I'd been ok with it winning the whole thing, honestly.
  10. Welp, one eight down.
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  11. I think I'm alone with my 11, but I'd absolutely love to be wrong!
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  12. I'm going to be sending out number 5 today, soon. Any guesses?
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  13. #5 – On Purpose: 8.39
    On Purpose Single Cover.jpg
    Highest: 1x11 (@livefrommelbs) 6x10 (Me, @aniraz @DJHazey @Fascination @Empty Shoebox @iheartpoptarts) 1x9.5 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest: 2x4 (@Ana Raquel @abael) 1x5.5 (@savilizabeths)
    My Score: 10
    Favorite Lyric: You’re scared, I’m nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.
    (Cause it's just a perfect chorus lyrics.)

    Okay. Let’s get one thing straight right now: This is her best lead single so far. It is absolutely perfect. And I’m extremely upset it didn’t make top 3/4 over the other lead single that’s left in here. I really really like that song, you could even say I almost love it, but I LOVE this song with a fiery passion, and it is my second favorite Sabrina song so far. The way it starts off as a piano ballad then builds into a moody electro pop banger with that post-chorus is amazing and perfect. The production is gorgeous and immaculate. And her voice, especially on the adlibs in the final chorus is perfect. I mean, “Oh you’re SCAARRED, I’m ner-vus,” is probably my favorite part in the entire song. But it’s those lyrics. Those lyrics. I mentioned earlier in the thread that if my relationship survived. It didn’t, and I gave my 11 to Sue Me. So this is basically my pseudo-11. Because those lyrics, they always made me think of him. Because I was scared and I could tell he was nervous about falling in love again. But we did anyway, and we did it on purpose. So I’m ecstatic this made top 5, but I really thought it was a contender to win. But most of you have taste, so I’m not upset it didn’t, I just wish it beat Almost Love.

    So clearly there were a couple people who didn't like this that much. But only one of you submitted commentary as to why, so let's see what she has to say. @savilizabeths (5.5) Am I the only one who doesn’t love this? The production is gorgeous, and I quite like the verses but I’ve never been sold on that chorus. I honestly just….this is such a strong album that this feels like the weakest track for me. The lyrics aren’t as strong as other tracks, and it just falls a little flat for me. Okay well, that chorus is the best chorus on the album (or one of them anyway) and the lyrics are great so I don't know what you're hearing, cause this is not the weakest song on the album.

    Now, show me some positivity.mp3. @OspreyQueen probably doesn't like the build-up: Takes a while to get going, but once it does, whew. Wig flew to Paris. Oh please tell me you did that On Purpose. And yes, wigs fly everywhere with this song. And @pop3blow2 (9.5) prefers the verses over the chorus: Disney girl going moody pop ALERT! Bye-bye ukuleles from the debut, hello drops. It works though. Amazing verses & per-choruses… that are actually better than the chorus & drop. That's a great opinion, because any love for this song is welcome. And I feel like Smoke & Fire probably hinted she was going into a more direct pop sound, but this was probably very unexpected at the time. And of course, @DJHazey (10) gave this a 10, it's the lead single for his favorite album: Ah, and we begin what is easiest Sabrina's most fully realized piece of art. I remember hearing this for the first time and being proud of my girl because I just knew she was about to make herself a home in many PJer's libraries. Love the emotional verses that eventually power into that gliding chorus, the transition is always so fun to ride along to. I still feel like she isn't in enough PJer's libraries, but we're getting there. And yess that transition makes my heart soar every time. And @iheartpoptarts (10) hears a winner: The obvious winner if y’all don’t get it wrong! (Or pick my 11 instead, but we know that never happens.) The song that had us all like, OK, this girl is gonna be a popstar. Yes. Yes it did. As for your 11, well I'm sure you're happy it's holding on for this long.

    Finally we have @livefrommelbs who just couldn't help giving this his 11, and provides wonderfully perfect commentary as to why: There were a few contenders for my 11 in this rate, but I can't go past On Purpose. The glow-up from Eyes Wide Open to this? PHEW. The production is beautifully-done, and I love the way it builds and swells the whole way through. We stan a long game. And Sabrina's voice is arguably the best its ever been - particularly when it really hits its strides with the almighty cry of "OH YOU'RE SCARED!" Such a wonderful, mature slice of teen-pop.

    Quck sidenote: I love this music video. It's so fucking good, in the most simple way.

  14. That 1 for Thumbs is a hate crime if I've ever seen one! I actually prefer slightly to On Purpose despite giving both a 10. Both should have beaten Almost Love and Space. Like Space beating her two biggest singles is such a head scratcher.
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  15. How is Space still in this?!
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  16. Guess you'll have to wait and find out.

    I can't believe it took Thumbs deserved place in the top 5
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  18. Hey! a four falls! Two eights, one 7 and one 3 remain... Paris must burn.
  19. I wish I’d ranked On Purpose now.
  20. Oh wow.

    Oh wow wow wow.

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