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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - The Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate #48: Enjoy The Highs & Lows

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. There is one song I'd no problem with winning the whole thing, I'd actually say it's already Top 3 Sabrina for me.
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  2. I thought I'd said I would join this rate, but anyway I'm all done and will be sending mine through.
  3. What time is the deadline? 23:59 tomorrow night US Eastern?
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  4. About the deadline, @RainOnFire due to unforeseen circumstances I won't have access to my laptop and internet until Wednesday, so could I possibly extend voting until then?
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  5. Get your votes to me by Wednesday, May 15, at 11:59 P.M. New York time please!
  6. Voting officially closes tonight, but if you send a ballot while I sleep, I won't be mad and I'll input your scores, cause the first elimination is going up tomorrow morning! What does everyone think it'll be? Also, if at any point in time throughout the rate, you want to send commentary, feel free. Love you all and goodnight.
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  7. I'm sending mine in the next ~30 minutes! Love you back!
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  8. Sign of the Times is so going first. That cover is like Popjustuce poison.
  9. Oh thank God, I was worried about you.
    Is it though? Hmmmmm...
  10. Don't worry, I've been listening to Sabrina all day! I just have to put it all in a ballot that makes sense. It's happening.
  11. Not on my watch!
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  12. Singular: Act II: 9.5
    Pushing 20 Single Cover.jpg

    The lead single for Singular Act II, is a song about how as we get older, we don't want to waste time with people who try to control us, or change who we are. As someone who is literally Pushing 20 (or at least, 19) and doesn't like being told what to think or do, the song is very relatable to me, and it bops, so naturally it gets a 10. There is a good chance that the next song released this era won't actually be on the album, but I included it here cause I know I'll be adding it on. On My Way is a mix between dance pop, folk pop, and Latin pop and it weirdly works really well. Sabrina's voice on the chorus and she brings a lot here, so it gets a 9 from me. The last song we have so far from this era is another gorgeous ballad, about needing to slow down and breathe after working too hard. Exhale really gives insight into Sabrina's mind, as someone who is young, but in charge of her music, while balancing what the world/her label wants. Her heartfelt voice gives the song some serious weight and helps bring it to a 9.5.

    In my opinion, Singular Act II is shaping up to be another very strong collection of songs from this young artist. But how well will they do here?
  13. Extras: 8.5

    The first extra, and Sabrina's first ever song is Fall Apart. Released when she was just 12 years old, she obviously sounds very young here. This is really cute, and her voice is actually quite nice for someone so young, so this gets a nice 8 from me. The next extra and first cover is of Taylor Swift's Safe & Sound. Obviously, this was already a great song, and Sabrina doesn't need to add much here, but despite her age, (13), her voice is pretty great, and she manages to keep the atmosphere of the original in my opinion, so this gets a 9.5 from me. The next song, Smile, is a cute little ditty from a Tinker Bell movie. I feel like the production is kinda loud on this, but it's nice enough so it gets 7.5 from me. Our next extra is a cute Christmas song, about spending Silver Nights with that special someone. I know not everyone loves Christmas songs in May, but this one is nice, and at least it's an original, so it gets a 7.5 from me. Take On The World was used as the theme song for Girl Meets World, and is a duet with Rowan Blanchard, the other star of the show. These two work really well together, and I wouldn't have hated it if Rowan pursued music. I love the show, so I already had a lot of love for this song, but I recognize there have been better Disney theme songs (nothing beats Best Of Both Worlds) so this gets a 9 from me.

    The next song is an uplifting bop about being yourself and how you should Stand Out. I'm a sucker for songs like these, so it's probably no surprise I gave this an 8. It'd probably be higher if it was a little less generic, but I still love the production. The next song is a cute acoustic ditty similar to Seamless from Teen Beach 2, which I still haven't seen despite loving the first one. It does have a very summer beach vibe to it, but that's pretty much it, so it gets a 7.5 from me. The next song comes out of nowhere for your wigs. Smoke & Fire is a fun mix of electro pop and pop rock, and is about how rumors can hurt a relationship. I'm honestly upset it didn't get included on EVOLUTION. THIS is one of my favorite songs by her, and was a serious 11 contender at first, so please let it do well. I'm helping that with my 10. The next cover, collab, and Christmas song is a version of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, with Lindsey Sterling. This honestly goes off, and is so much fun and I love her voice, so this gets an 8.5 from me cause I seriously love it, it somehow works so well. Another cover and duet comes with Sign Of The Times. Now, I love Harry, and his version is perfect. The two girls do well enough with this, they sound great together, but for some reason I'm just not as invested in this as I am in the original, so this just got a 7 from me, which I will note is my lowest score in the rate. Sorry @pop3blow2.

    Ooh look another capital b-Bop with the next song. Wildside is from the Disney remake of Adventures In Babysitting, which I also haven't seen, and is a mix of like marching drums and slightly more mature pop rock then her debut. Sabrina and Sofia is a great idea on paper and in real life and this goes off, so it gets a 9 from me. A collaboration with The Vamps and Mike Perry comes next with Hands, and low-key I love this. The guys voices are good, and Sabrina's part is a serious highlight, so this gets a 9 from me. I don't know anything about the Lost Kings, besides the fact they added Sabrina to the totally basic but fun bop that is First Love, and I won't lie I dance my ass off anytime I listen to this. It helps that Sabrina sounds great here, so it naturally gets a 9.5 from me. Tomorrow Starts Today is the penultimate extra here, and was used as the Andi Mack theme song (the show is notable for having the first gay character on Disney Channel.) The song itself is fine. It's cute. I like it, so it gets an 8 from me, mostly cause of how catchy and fun it is. Love the backing vocals as well. Oh look, it's another 11 contender in the extras with Lie For Love, from Sierra Burgess is a Loser, which I also haven't seen. But I don't need to, cause this song is amazing, and should have been used for one of her albums. I love everything about it, and I had to give it a 10.

    So she has some nice enough extras, and a few amazing ones. Which ones did you love? Which did you hate? You'll find out soon.
  14. Rescue Me, Hands and First Love should be the bottom 3.
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  15. Oh good @Empty Shoebox voted, I didn't have the heart to throw Sabrina any 0s but I'm sure she came through with one for Sign of the Times!
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  16. #50 - Sign Of The Times: 4.54
    Sign Of The Times Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x9.1 (@pop3blow2) 1x8 (@savilizabeths)
    Lowest: 2x0 (@Ana Raquel @OspreyQueen) 2x2 (@DJHazey @Empty Shoebox )
    My Score: 7
    Favorite Lyric: We don't talk enough, we should open up.
    (I love this lyric, because I really believe it. Nobody ever really talks when they need to anymore, and we need to change that.)

    Okay, to probably no one's surprise, this is the first song out. Listening to it again, I don't have much to say. It's nice enough, a cute piano ballad cover of a great song, and they harmonize well. That's pretty much it. I will say they really do sound gorgeous together. But this turn this over to you guys.

    What do our low scorers have to say for themeselves? @Ana Raquel (0) I LOATHE when people do ballad covers of songs that aren't ballads!!!!!! Please stop This is fair, but I also feel like the original is a ballad? Or at least a mid-tempo song. @OspreyQueen (0) From the first note to the last I was just begging for this to end. The original’s boring enough, but this is literally insufferable. Okay, this is a bit much. I mean, at least they sound good! @DJHazey (2) Well I didn't want to go below a 5 in this rate because everything has been at least passable, but this was a life test to get through. I applaud you willingness to stay above 5, and I'm glad that this is the only song that broke that. @iheartpoptarts (3) Not even One Direction stans like this song. (Hi.) Okay, but clearly some of us do. I mean, I love the original. But I'm not surprised you don't.

    There were quite a few middle of the road scores for this which brought it down, but only a couple of you submitted commentary. @Lila (5.5) The original is a 10 but I feel like this takes most of the things I love about that song away. Honestly, I completely agree with this, even if I sort of enjoy the cover. @livefrommelbs (7) I don't love Sign Of The Times the way I love Safe and Sound, so this cover isn't as impactful - but hers and Jasmine's voices work together beautifully. Harmonies, yas! This is all true for me as well.

    And finally, your high scorers: @pop3blow2 I just love this song. Just about anyone could do a version & I’d at least 9 it. That said, this version is understated & nice. I try to avoid doing stuff like this, cause not all covers work, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. And let's close out with @savilizabeths (8) This has what her cover of ‘Safe and Sound’ doesn’t have for me. Dynamic, harmony and atmosphere. Both girls have beautiful, delicate and emotional vocals and play off each other beautifully. I didn’t really want to rate a cover over 8, but this version really does earn it’s score. Okay, I feel like I hear of this when i listen to it, but it doesn't hit me that hard. Commentary like this makes me want to re-evaluate my thoughts though, so thank you.

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  17. [Smiles innocently]
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  18. Easily my lowest score, which is obvious now, so let's move on to those 5s. The Safe & Sound cover sounds like a nice one to eliminate next.
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  19. No it doesn't, don't say that.
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