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One January Evening....every #1 from EG's personal Top 40 (1984-2010)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Eric Generic, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. It is still a terrific record, and although their sound was changing by that point it’s a worthy single.

    Unlike some songs artists make ‘for the greatest hits’ that sound cobbled together
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  2. I think I preferred Shake The Disease; the band weren't happy with the mixing of that, it was done in a hurry while they were abroad, but it's a much more interesting song. I forget what kept it off my top spot at the time. The presence of Fly On The Windscreen is mainly why It's Called A Heart managed to get to #1. I still like it as a track, it's by no means the worst single they ever made (hello Meaning Of Love!).
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  3. Time to take on another #1...

    Number ones: #57
    • a-ha Take On Me (Warner Bros.)
    • Week Ending 26th October 1985
    • 2 Weeks At #1

    It would be easy with hindsight to claim that, when this slice of slightly rinky-dink synth pop from Norway snuck into the UK Top 40 at #36 on an early Autumn Tuesday, I had found my future favourite band (at least until 1989).

    Along with most people, I thought Take On Me was very catchy and was swayed by the then-groundbreaking video that mixed live action with pencil-effect animation.

    Did I like it enough to buy the single? Eventually, yes.

    Did I like it enough to think about buying the album which followed a few weeks later? No, not even remotely.

    Did I ever imagine that the album – Hunting High & Low – might actually contain music which would provide an all-too-vivid soundtrack to the next few, tumultuous years of my life? Nope, but soon I would be making that discovery…..
  4. It took ‘The Sun Always Shines on T.V.’ to actually nudge me toward getting the album. And even then only as an ‘ahem’ copy on cassette from a friend.

    That video was one of those that set a new standard for me as young un - prior to this, I think only a few Duran and Cure videos had really been memorable but after ‘Take on Me’ it was a method of music consumption I appreciated... and complained profusely about in the future when no mark videos of bands doing nothing of interest would pick up Smash Hits best video awards when the clever innovative ones didn’t.
  5. It was so random, the way I made album purchases back then. Limited money (obviously), and then I'd be swayed by a cassette with bonus tracks/mixes, or a low price for something, or just an impulse buy during a trip to London's record shops. Around the time of a-ha's album originally coming out (October 21 1985), I'd be getting Madness' Mad Not Mad on tape (after the single made about #15 on my chart), ABC's Zillionaire on tape (after not liking either Be Near Me or Vanity Kills all that much) and the one album I'd been waiting for and knew I wanted, ZZ Top's Afterburner (having got to love Eliminator via a friend's copy).
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  6. So "The Power of Love" didn't do the double for you @Eric Generic ? or even the treble?
    Frankie goes to Hollywood
    Huey Lewis and the News
    Jennifer Rush
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  7. I think @phoenix123 will be upset over the Jennifer Rush one.....Maybe Whitney will make up for it at Christmas 1985?
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  8. The Frankie single only making #2 on my chart in 1984 was a bit of a shock (the Thompson Twins were probably at fault), as nearly every Frankie single made #1 for me (there was another which didn't, peaking at #2 in 1987).

    Never much of a fan of the Jennifer/Laura/Celine song, it's a ballad after all.
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  9. I wasn't a die hard fan of the Jennifer Rush version, although it was one of my earliest singles. I was a massive Celine fan 1991-96 so her cover is my favourite version but I've never expected @Eric Generic to rate any version of it.

    Out of interest what are your favourite ballads? Woman In Chains must be one surely?
  10. Yep, without doubt. Looking at my "Top 100 Singles Of All-Time" playlist, which I did some years ago, ballads I love would include

    I'm Not In Love
    Just The Way You Are
    Forbidden Colours
    Hide & Seek
    My Secret Place
    Woman In Chains
    Praying For Time
    Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

    ...some of which are slow, moody songs rather than traditional ballads!
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  11. I was completely in love with Jennifer Rush and Frankie. I am not a fan of covers, sometimes when they add something to a song, yes - but not in this case. Sorry Celine.
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  12. 80's female ballads that I love:

    Together we're beautiful
    Saving all my love for you
    Live to tell
    Eternal Flame
    Let's wait a while
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  13. Most of these underperformed on my chart, compared to the usual success by those acts. Live To Tell's #14 peaks sadly sums up what I thought of ballads as a youngster!
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  14. Oh my god yes! Best ballad ever!
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  15. Speaking of ballads, there is one actually coming up #soon on my's #61.
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  16. Take on me these Broken Wings?
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  17. I love a good ballad, especially by a diva. Off the top of my head some more of mine from 80s/early 90s:

    Only You Yazoo
    An Innocent Man Billy Joel
    Crazy For You Madonna
    Stay On These Roads A-Ha
    Let Me Be Yours Five Star
    Superwoman Karyn White
    Don't Wanna Lose You Now Gloria Estefan
    Don't Ask Me Why Eurythmics
    It Must Have Been Love Roxette
    All The Man I Need Whitney Houston
    Rush Rush Paula Abdul
    The World Is Stone Cyndi Lauper
    Love… Thy Will Be Done Martika
    The Show Must Go On Queen
    Half The World Belinda Carlisle
    Can't Let Go Mariah Carey
    Stay Shakespear's Sister
    Hazard Richard Marx
    I Will Remember You Amy Grant

    I'll stop at 1992!
  18. Oh, if I were doing my charts now, yes that would have been a #1. Beautiful song. But that band might still be featuring #soon...
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  19. I love When Doves Cry, does it count as a ballad?
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  20. Quite a few of these did well on my charts (Eurythmics, Queen, Paula, Shakespears Sister, Richard Marx). Oh, and I guess Alone by Heart counts as a ballad!
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