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One World: Together At Home Concert

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. It is interesting that it’s a US only donation numbers for WHO, yet the US (Trump) has stopped all funding for WHO... living for this mess!
  2. I saw her pretty much in HD.
    She did great.

    Jessie Reyez and Jennifer Hudson were my faves.

    NO SIS it was during one of those talky informative ad breaks on this depressing ass live show.
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  4. Now is the time for Kindness?

    The Kindness Punks, ha impacT
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  6. I really like seeing the rooms or houses of the celebs/artists.

    When Charlie Puth came on, I sorta imagined what he did on the bed behind him and then I remembered he was Charlie Puth. I-

    Zucherro’s house deco looks amazing.
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  7. Sometimes I forget that straight people unironically stan singers like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. What a wild wild world we live in.

    He lives in a huge farm in the Italian countryside and yes it looks amazing.
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  8. I love me some Jack. And I still would very much want him to make me his personal whore.
  9. Kesha’s back?!
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  10. The comments on here are more entertaining.
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  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The difference in tone between this and every live we've had from Brazilian artists these past couple of weeks is great to highlight cultural differences.
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  12. And here I was thinking Successie J was doing the most.

    Kesha cyst...
  13. I wonder if Gags is going to do Born This Way as well as her other performance because it’s on the Global Citizen Spotify playlist.
  14. At least Sofi Tukker brought the bops!
  15. Adam is bringing that bop from ha highly underrated album VELVET.
  16. Kesha's performance was a lot but I loved every second.
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  17. Becky G saying that Kesha is amazing. I said what Gaga did here with that segue. Hope Luke is tuned in.
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  18. SMG


    Is anyone else's stream super quiet?
  19. This hour has been painful.

    EDIT: Oh wait my Liam is back. I’ll take it.
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  20. LPT


    Praying is such a powerful song.
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