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OneRepublic - Oh My My

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. I can't believe Kids has bombed. It passed the "but my friends love it!" test a million times.
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  2. I am anticipating this so much! Wherever I Go and Kids are definitely two of my favorite singles this year.

    OH MY MY, indeed.
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  3. There's been zero buzz around this comeback for some reason. Perhaps because there's no grist for social media conversation, which is a depressing thought. Kids is a really pleasant track but not something that forcefully invades your brain.
  4. I feel like....they've never had a lot of buzz about them after the first album until they perform on The Voice and people hear the single properly and remember "Oh yeah, OneRepublic".
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  5. OneRepublic songs take months to build. From Wikipedia:
    Also Love Runs Out was released in May 2014 and peaked in August that year.
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  6. By the way, the new song is great.
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  7. OK but as I was glancing through the news on the front page, I legit misread the title as "Dummy" so kudos to the graphic designer for their use of typography.
  8. Ok but where is the Ari feature?

  9. Written and produced by Ryan Tedder.

    Doesn't sound like the next Why Try, does it? Sigh.
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  10. An acceptable fanmade album cover
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  11. SO much better! It's in the spirit of the official one (band shot low on layout, big OH MY MY) so I think my OCD will allow it, so thanks for posting!
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Fuck, that fanmade cover is amazing.

    I've always been such a stickler for using official covers in my iTunes, but given the level-100 disasters we've gotten from Usher, Britney, and now them...I might have to reconsider for once.
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  13. I was completely sleeping on their comeback so far, but my oh my, "Kids" is one hell of a song. It reminds me of a St. Lucia song in the best way possible.
  14. New song:

    It's okay.
  15. I like that song, I think it's the first that I've really liked.
  16. Is Kids number 1 yet? It's seriously brilliant.
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  17. "Kids" reminds me of M83 older stuff (Kim & Jessie / Graveyard Girl). You canĀ“t go wrong with this sound though.
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  18. Only a week until Oh My My drops!

  19. They did a 360 degree video for Kids, check it out on your phone:

  20. Wait. They're reeling me back in, I love this.
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