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OneRepublic - Oh My My

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. Yeah the new track this week is pretty good. Stood out to me as I was cycling through the new releases this week. Hopefully a significant chunk of the population will agree.
  2. Island

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    It leaked.
  3. Yes, it leaked. I listened to it and it is great, I like it even more than their last album. There are so many great tracks - Oh My My, Dream, Choke A.I. Human, Lift Me Up... They have changed slightly but for the better, they are getting better and better with each release.
  4. I would very much so like to listen to this, let me find!
  5. This is hands down their best album yet. "Dream" NEEDS to be a single.
  6. 20 bucks Ryan saw Stressed Out at the top of the charts one day and wrote Better that afternoon.
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  7. I'm really liking Oh My My, the song, something a bit different for them, love the disco like production.

    I've also ditched that ugly cover and have the brightly coloured one posted a while back....just don't tell my OCD.
  8. Excellent album. One cracking tune after another.
  9. Really good album. There's not a bad song on it, and Kids remains incredible.
  10. The back half of this album is stronger. It just keeps getting better. Human, Choke, Fingertips are all the fucking shit. Lift Me Up should be the next single, it's brilliant. Super catchy.
  11. I've only managed to get through the first four tracks so far and got so bored so I'll have to give it another go. Their last album was fantastic but haven't liked the singles so far from this one. From what Ryan has been saying I feel like they're trying too hard to sound chartworthy when I just want them to sound OneRepublic.
  12. Does Born remind anyone s little bit of Coldplay music?

    I don't say this like it is a bad thing of course, Better is among my favorite tracks from the album.
  13. AI is so basic but it's so amazing.

    Europopstar realness.
  14. Dream is fire
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  15. Human is so fucking gorgeous. I love Ryan's higher register.
  16. Lift me up is that bop right now. I love the verses, already lodged in my head.

    Great album, beautiful album.
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  17. I agree. I think Dream, A.I. and Lift Me Up deserve to be singles at some point.
  18. I'll take Oh My My, Dream and A.I. and run. The Santigold track doesn't sound very good.
  19. I loved most of what I heard..but seriously, what the hell is going on with the censorship?! Is "$#!t" censored on 'Dream' for everyone? Cos it isn't censored on 'Future Looks Good'. I know this is barely an issue but it really bothers me. Is this only on the iTunes files or does the CD have the same problem too?
  20. Surprisingly a really good album. Had it on in the background, had to keep going back to check what track it was so I knew which to listen to next time around.
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