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OneRepublic - Oh My My

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. What a great surprise this has been. Been listening to it all day and it's a fantastic album. Dream, Choke and A.I. are all superb. Not to mention the amazing Kids - I still can't believe that song was not a hit.
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  2. Any links to a higher resolution version of this cover? Looks stunning.
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  3. I'll get to this on Monday.
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  4. Had multiple spiritual experiences listening to this album last night. While drunk I must say.
  5. Sadly no, thats the one from the artist I found. And you can't use smileys on the forum.
  6. He sure knows his way about a GIANT stonkin chorus, I'll give him that.
    Heaven is it today. Lots to like in this album.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I didn't actually think there'd be a thread for this album, so I suppose 6 pages isn't bad. Listened to this album in full this eve, I still struggle to understand why they aren't Coldplay levels of huge.

    Better coming for song title of the year (I know everyone hates Meghan but I love hers so bite me). Future Looks Good could use a climax or two but I love it. A.I is too long but definitely top 5. Let's Hurt Tonight is a misfire and a terrible album-opener. Oh My My is very Maroon 5 and I love it.

    I wonder if Kids will be the classic OneRepublic sleeper hit, but I'm feeling that they have a long road planned for this album, considering how Native panned out. They're sending it to top 40 radio on November 1st so I guess they'll have some classic The Voice promo and in May it'll be number 1.
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  9. If you're a big fan, feel free to check out the rate I ran for Ryan Tedder songs:

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  10. This is fantastic and completely took me by surprise. This slightly synthy, euphoric, majestic pop fits them like a glove. The album does bear a resemblance to Coldplay, but considering that A Head Full of Stars was underwhelming, it's great to have someone actually using Coldplay's formula for great music. And they do put their own spin on it. The album could probably be trimmed down a little, but that's what playlists are for.

    Future Looks Good, Oh My My, Kids, Dream, Born, Human and Wherever I Go are the ones.
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  11. It's weird that this and Future Looks Good are the opening duo because they're nothing like the rest of the album and the songwriting is a bit clunky on both. Although there is some lovely swirly synth action on Future Looks Good.
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  12. I thought this very thing! I honestly skip the first two tracks entirely and just go right from 'Oh My My' which is a great opener to the end! They don't sound like they really fit this project.

    Heaven is such a slice of goodness, I still stand by this from yesterday's post. I hope people cave and check this album because it deserves some success. Lots of single choices, good variety, and chorus' for days!
  13. AI is actually spectacular.
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  14. I agree that the album starts terribly but second half is amazing.

    Choke, Better, Fingertips, Heaven - all brilliant.

    I want them/Ryan to do two things one day - either their own This Is Acting, or a concept album where each song is performed by a different artist.

    They're a good band but I can't help but wonder how massive some of these songs would be if sold to stars.
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  15. That complete and utter shameless feature/ode to Peter Gabriel at the end just DESTORYS me.
  16. I'm so sad I missed out on this. So Good coming in at #64 is a miscarriage of justice, I adore Neon Lights so #57 was sad, Got 2 Luv U is a banger (and I didn't quite understand the drama around it and would like to be better informed), both Ellie's tracks characteristically underperformed, XO coming so high is a travesty as it's the worst song on BEYONCÉ, and I was very satisfied that Already Gone trumped Halo. Fantastic rate! It seems like the biggest effort in the world to put together though, and the second biggest to participate.

  17. Not these being the biggest duds for me.
  18. [​IMG]


    Too bad you missed it, sounds like you would've had some fun opinions! I would say "maybe next time" but I don't ever want to run a rate again!
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  19. Reworked the tracklist a bit and I reckon it flows better now.

    1. Wherever I Go
    2. Oh My My
    3. Dream
    4. A.I.
    5. Born
    6. Lift Me Up
    7. Choke
    8. Better
    9. Let's Hurt Tonight
    10. All These Things
    11. Future Looks Good
    12. Kids
    13. Fingertips
    14. Human
    15. Heaven
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  20. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were doing an album release week show in Chicago today, the same day I was in town for a job interview. I bought a ticket instantly, of course.

    Edit: the venue is tiny. I'm three rows of people from the stage.
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