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OneRepublic - Oh My My

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. Congrats! Did you get photos?
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This album is surprisingly eclectic. Love their Santigold collaboration, Ryan's vocals have just improved over time.
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  3. Born is a song of supreme beauty. One of their best.

    I think I'll be spinning this album for ages. Only complaint is there's no banger as high energy as I Lived.
  4. Immediately replayed the whole album after my first listen. Good lord! Bops, themes, vocals and tons of watery melodyne! But I'll take it all, with second helpings of Oh My My, A.I., and Dream. And here I was thinking yesterday would be all about Mad Love!
  5. Kids is 17 on UK iTunes. Please let this happen.
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    Amazing song!
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  7. This album really is great, I would say it's their most accessible, their others have taken time to stick, but this has taken just a couple of listens to find great.
  8. I'm going to listen to this later. I liked the sound of their singles so far. I'm not really a fan of them but I do enjoy Ryan's songwriting for others.
  9. I keep on going back to this. Didn't expect that to happen at all after I had listened to it for the first time, but it's really becoming one of my 2016 favourites. I didn't like "Native", however, they've won be back with "My Oh My".
  10. I hope "Let's Hurt Tonight" becomes a hit for them

  11. I have no idea why they picked "Let's Hurt Tonight" as a single, i think its one of the weaker songs on the album and i love the album - Its their best by far.

    On the previous albums i found i was bored of half of the songs after one listen where as this one is pretty solid. But "Let's Hurt Tonight" is the only song i skip and not a great opening song for the album, i moved it to track 18 and have Future Looks Good as Track 1.

    Future Looks Good, Dream or Oh My My would of been a better choice.
  12. Let's Hurt Tonight and Choke are the best songs on the album and LHT is the only obvious hit.
  13. It lowkey makes me laugh that they just released a normal sized/priced version of the album in prep for the single potentially doing well.
  14. They removed Dream, Human, Lift Me Up and All These Things, all of which are amazing. Lift Me Up actually sounds like a hit so I dunno what the logic is.
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  15. That movie looks shit.

    Does anyone else think Better is a slam-dunk single in waiting?
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  16. I think they have picked perfect single choices so far. I've loved all three.
  17. The album is pretty good indeed.


    are my current faves.
  18. It really is a great album, nice bit of diversity of sound spread across it when I've found their previous albums a bit samey
  19. Absolutely - I love the lyrics. Always make a shit day turn "better" :-)
  20. This record almost cracked up in my top ten album list this year.
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