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Only Murders In The Building (Hulu comedy series) - Steve Martin, Selena Gomez

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. I bet that Mabel finds the knife in the vent in Bunny's apartment.
  2. Oh wow

    They handled that excellently - rounding off the obvious ending without it feeling dull (and a fair bit of Steve Martin as king of physical comedy). And then setting the cliffhanger for season 2 to get me excited already!
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  3. No
    I might have been right!
  4. Loved the finale! Can't wait to see what happens next season. This seriously has been one of the best new shows that I've seen in awhile.
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  5. Oh fuck that finale!
    And ending!!!
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  6. Yeah this was a really fantastic show & the finale did not disappoint. I’ll be perched for Season 2.
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  7. What a show! I loved every second of it.
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  8. This was a truly exceptionally crafted series. Everything was perfect. If this was on Netflix it'd be one of the biggest shows of the year and I hope it sweeps up at award season.

    The nicest thing about it was seeing how a mixed-age cast of actors can completely slay when given a brilliant story and script. Two of the leads are in their 70s, and then a bunch of the ensemble in their 50s and 60s and a smattering of younger actors – basically unheard of for a hit comedy/drama show nowadays. (Also Selena was surprisingly brilliant!)
  9. This was such a lovely fun little force of a show. The whole cast seemed to be just having a lot of fun and happened to make a great show as well. Excited for a second.

    Martin Short is a favourite ever since he stole Get Over It, a seminal teen classic
  10. Well you're frightening me!
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  11. Rob


    Some of the writing in the final episode was dire, especially the random neighbour coming out of his apartment to say he thinks there's gas coming from the basement???
  12. Just caught up on the final two episodes. Gosh, it was all so good! This show has been the biggest pleasant surprise for me. Everyone acted their entire faces off in every episode and I couldn’t wait for each new instalment. Just superb TV all round. Definitely in my Top 5 shows of 2021.

    Side note, I suggested my mum watch this and she started today and is HOOKED!
  13. I feel like we haven’t talked about Jane Lynch enough.

    She was a DELIGHT amongst delights.
  14. I just thought it was odd to have her pop up in one episode randomly and then that was it. Her appearance didn't really do anything much for the overall plot and mystery, right?

    But I did enjoy her!
    Hopefully she returns in season 2, I'd love for them to use the "doppelganger" method to trick the killer or cause a dramatic turn of events.
  15. This was so good I can’t wait for the next season. I really love the opening of this show and have never skipped it.
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  16. It's a little twee and pleased with itself at times, but out of all the one-location pandemic shows (*coughs* Ten Perfect Strangers), this is the one. Being set in New York plays a big part in its charm, 100% would not work had it been based in LA.
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  17. Also you can’t smell carbon monoxide ddd but the show is so good I’ll let it slide.
  18. Mercaptan.

    What a delight this show was. One of the most consistently entertaining shows I've seen in ages. And... a reminder that it's a crime that Steve & Marty haven't jointly hosted the Oscars yet.
  19. Why, when scanning the thread list, do I keep reading 'Only Murders' as Olly Murs?
  20. This is such a fun watch. It straddles the perfect blend of campy humour and genuinely intriguing mystery - a bit like the first couple of seasons of Desperate Housewives. I really can’t wait to finish it and watch the mystery unravel.

    One thing that’s really sticking out (and I’m unsure how to say this without sounding super prudish) is the language. Is it just me who finds them dropping the f-bomb in most scenes a little jarring? It just seems really out of place. Maybe I’m just not used to hearing it much in American shows…
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