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Only Murders In The Building (Hulu comedy series) - Steve Martin, Selena Gomez

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. I just finished episode 8 of the second season and I still have no idea who did it, despite figuring out who it was around the same time in the first season. I'm still having a blast with the show (Howard's plot is everything), but the pacing seems off this season. Like, in episode 5 we found out that
    Oliver may not be Will's daddy
    , but 3 episodes later they still haven't resolved that.

    There's a lot of dangling plot threads that they have to resolve in the last two episodes and I'm not sure how they can do it satisfactorily, which makes me wonder if some of the more ancillary plots are just for setting up season 3. After all, season 1 literally started with a season 2 tease.
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  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I just finished the finale and the more I sit and think about it, the more confused I am. I really don't know about this season as a whole y'all. There is controlled chaos and then there's just mess, and this went into the latter for me.

    I have so many questions but the biggest one is why anyone thought the paternity storyline was a good idea. Literally what was the point?
  3. Just finished the final episode, it was cute but less gag-worthy than the previous season finale. I enjoyed the Killer Reveal Party stuff, that made me laugh.

    It was always a risk doing a season two with a show that felt like it had a stand-alone premise. I’m hoping season 3 can be a bit tighter with the writing and overall storyline and do less with the storylines that have no stakes. I was it all to be high stakes!!
  4. There was a little too much twisting, turning and tumbling in the finale for my liking, but I still enjoyed it.
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  5. Embrace the mess.
    That's where the good stuff lives.
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  6. 'You've gotta be f***ing kidding me.'

    Hell yeah, Mabel.
  7. My thoughts, exactly.
  8. I think this is what makes the show. Personally I am a big fan and I would happily watch it if each season was 20+ episodes like they used to. And can't wait for season 3.

    (I mean it would be over the top if the next murder would be in the building so it made sense it happened in the theatre where 2/3 main stars work which is sort of like their space/building).

    By the way I guess it is not only me who has a new appreciation of Selena Gomez after the show, right? I always loved her music but now I love her as an actor and person, too. She is so cute.
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  9. Rob


    I enjoyed Season 2 but feel they should really wrap it up before the quality takes a hit.

    And Selena is a terrible, terrible actress in this.
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  10. I loved it, it is very much comfort viewing for me and I felt they managed to keep the quality very high for a premise that is wearing thin. It was the opposite of The Flight Attendant that had a similar tone but completely fell of a cliff in its second season. I am very much here for a third go round if they keep the quality up this high.
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  11. I agree the mystery didn't end as well this season, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the episodes as much as Season 1. I will say the conclusion didn't leave me that excited for Season 3, but I'll remain optimistic they can maintain this level of quality.
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  12. I definitely thought that the finale out-twisted itself and tried to be too clever. Also didn't love some of the overly-zany stuff (like the slow motion bit). But on the whole I thought this season was pretty on par with the first? A first season of any show is hard to top but I think there's enough chemistry between the 3 leads and fun supporting characters to wring a quality third series out of everybody.

    But no more Cara Delevingne please.
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  13. I enjoyed the finale. I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the last but it was still entertaining. I also enjoyed the more zanier bits, I am not sure why you’d expect nothing less when Martin Short is one of the leads.
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  14. I was worried Tina Fey was going to make it All About Her again, so I appreciated the twist ultimately.
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  15. I've noticed that Selena never gets involved with the "silly" stuff. She didn't do the slow-mo section despite the rest of the room doing it and didn't do the bunny impressions. I guess they put it down to character choices, but it would be fun to see her do some of the comedy stuff a bit more.
  16. I love pretty much the whole cast but, Jesus, Selena Gomez is so wooden. I get that she’s there to ground the two ridiculous men but she’s just so…boring. I can’t help but think a better actress would make the character so much more intriguing.
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  17. When Martin and Steve complained about her not getting an emmy nomination

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  18. Screenshot_20220826-182911_Diptic.jpg

    Ruprecht lives on.

    I LOVE Steve and Martin.

    What a cosy hug of a show this is. Roll on season 3... might have to rewarch s1 & 2 In October for the fall vibes.
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  19. Binged both seasons the last couple of weeks and loved both. I did guess the killer way before the reveal, maybe by episode 8?
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  20. Selena (of whose music, I'd like to point out, I'm not a fan) is the best among many good things about that show, but the second season couldn't hold a candle to the first one. It's still a somewhat enjoyable watch, but nowhere near as funny or gripping as it was last year.
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