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Only Murders In The Building (Hulu comedy series) - Steve Martin, Selena Gomez

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. Finally caught up to the finale and thought it did a good job of wrapping things up, but the season was a bit messy overall. What I loved about the first season was that they set up a secondary mystery that was solved by ep 7, so I didn't feel like I got 9 episodes worth of red herrings like I did this season. My bf and I ended up thinking the reveals in ep 9 were more shocking than the killer reveal.
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  2. I’m about to show my neurosis but does it bother anyone else that the fantastic opening credits animation doesn’t align with the actual floors they live on? They’re shown out of order.

    I know, I know. I’ll see myself out.
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  3. Yes, it's bothered me since season 1, heh. I also don't get why Bunny is seemingly walking Oliver's dog.
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  4. ‘YES!!!! I’ll Google support groups for us.
  5. Cara's acting kind of ruined the season a bit for me. She was atrocious.
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  6. I don't understand why or how Cara was in the main cast. It feels more like a recurring role cause she was barely in it.
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  7. I enjoy this show so much. Season 2 was really good. There really is a comforting feeling with this show. Ready for the next season.
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  8. Rob


    The Amy Schumer storyline really kind of went nowhere and then was just dropped?
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  9. I forgot she was even in it by the end.
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  10. And we will be forever grateful for it!
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  11. I guess the idea is to have one episode a year dedicated to a guest star playing an over the top version of themselves to spice things up/show off the calibre of people they can attract? Last year it was Sting, this year Amy. I enjoyed both. Wouldn't have minded more Amy. Certainly would've been preferable to having Cara in more than one episode.
  12. Cara, Amy and Tina were not needed. The opposite actually. The second season was okay. Nowhere near the S1 highs but still nice. Selena really is a wood. The way she talks like she doesn't want to open her mouth... iconic.

    When the opening music starts is it just me who sings Wild Horses by Girls Aloud dd.
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  13. Rob


    The episode where the deaf guy was supposedly lip-reading her.

  14. I was avoiding this thread until I finished the season, but I loved it. Actually for me it felt more focused and enjoyable than S1. The reveals of the end were more predictable than last year, but that also made it fit better with the overall plot.

    I think they have done a good job building the Arconian as their own Stars Hollow, meaning a place with quirky characters you would like to move in.
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  15. I also finished last night and enjoyed it despite thinking it didn’t quite live up to the first season. It had the same cosy quality, interesting mystery & laugh out loud moments as season one but it was less focused which ultimately made it less fun. The paternal storyline? Pointless. Any scene involving Teddy? Not needed. The Coney Island episode? Boring. It just felt like there was a lot going on and some of the storylines weren’t as strong as others which made them stand out. The last few episodes of the season pulled it together for me, particularly the last episode which I thoroughly enjoyed - the slow motion part had me howling - and overall I’m excited for a third season. Please no more Cara Delvigne though.
  16. Hollywood boner for a British accent... enough.
  17. szfhd I forgot she was even in the season until this post.

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  18. Just finished season two, and the line-level writing was so much better than season one. I laughed out loud a heck of a lot more. The writers really know these characters (and the audience) so much more this time around.

    And Cara Delevigne aside, whew the side characters were fantastically developed. Howard! Bunny! Lester! Shirley Maclaine’s iconic cameo!

    Kind of weird to see people saying it wasn’t as good as season one - to me it felt like a step up.
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  19. I've finally gotten around to watching season 2. It was good. I think the first was a bit better, but I will definitely be tuning into season 3 (if it is made). I prefer Selena Gomez here than I do as a pop star.
  20. The theme of Selena getting snubbed while Steve & Martin get nominations seems to be letting up with season two. She scored noms at the Golden Globes and Satellite Awards.
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