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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MrJames, May 19, 2015.

  1. Yupp. It's happening.

    @OTYOfficial · 5s 6 seconds ago
    DELIGHTED to announce that this summer we will be releasing our debut single with Warner Music Group - Can't wait!

  2. The last time I saw that logo so prominent was when Bellefire were still around.

    I wish them well, there is a gap for them if they do proper pop music.
  3. RJF


    You know when you can plot both an act's next six months, and the next sixty pages of their Popjustice thread?

    This is one of those times.
  4. And yes, I was waiting to copy their Twitter announcement and post a thread straight away on here, what can I say?
  5. MrJames refreshing that twitter feed since 8pm. God, I hope this single is good.
  6. Five tabs open. All bases covered.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why can't the two girls just be an amazing duo, the guys are, dare I say it, dull.
  8. No way, Charlie is the best thing about Only The Young. I actually found the boys to be better performers than the girls.
  9. I gasped. The boys are great!
  10. Debut single - 3 Strokes.
  11. Really glad they got signed. I wanted to go to their Glasgow gig last weekend but nobody would go with me. Quite glad in the end as I walked past the venue right before the doors opened and there wasn't a single person over the age of 16 in the queue.
  12. I'm so pleased for them! Really glad they got signed, hopefully they can deliver some really good pop music. They've definitely got the potential!
  13. They need a 'King'.
  14. Yeah, the boys are the much better performers, it's the girls who were dull for me. I'm actually shocked they got signed to a major, but I'm pleased for them.
  15. They were really consistent on X Factor. They consistently disappointed until I realised they were actually just a bit crap.
  16. I wound up with a soft spot for them even though a lot of their XF performances didn't quite click, so I'm glad to hear they're getting a shot!
  17. Well that's a bit unfortunate.
  18. Well good luck.
  19. Good for them I guess.

    They had a bit of potential but Louis ruined them. We'll see how this goes. They'd suit a song like 'Boom Clap'.
  20. I was hoping they would get signed, very happy and excited for them.
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