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Orange Caramel Discography Rate: RESULTS! #9-8

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. When did you become my number 1 anti-fan??? First you slandered my prince Dowoon. And now, you're doing this to me.

    Be quiet, Qi-fanny.
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  2. I’d do a round-up for the top 20, but we’re not even halfway through lmao. So without further ado...



    Sour Grapes (すっぱい葡萄)

    Average score: 6.73

    10 – @send photo, @Slice of Life; 8.5 - @junglefish
    4 – @Mikl C, @SloMover

    Lizzy comes through with a pop rock jam. This sugar rush of a song (get it? because fruits are sweet? ddd) talks about motivating yourself to achieve your goals despite adversity, such as a metaphorical sour grape. Inspiring! The only criticism is that I feel they would've taken it further/quirkier (especially the instrumental) if it were a Korean song, since their original Japanese tracks have this monotone, almost robotic delivery in them which can come across a bit soulless. But we already covered all that. Nevertheless, it's still fun and I bop. Queen has proven she can take the lead on both ballads and uptempos, so where is her solo comeback @PLEDIS????? It's been three years since Not An Easy Girl!!

    @ryan_riot92: “Why are the solo track so much better than the group tracks though?? This is pretty good!”
    @GeiPanda: “Perfectly Lizzy.”
    @Slice of Life: “YATH LIZZY CAN DO NO WRONG AS A SOLO ARTIST. This is such a rush of a song. I'd like to call this Baby Bubble Pop. They both share that fresh energy that's perfect for the summer (or for any other season, really). Lemme choreograph a dance routine to this real quick.”
    @junglefish: “Who knew that Lizzy was actually Orange Caramel's solo force all this time?”

    Yas recognize

    @karmarisma: “This is more like the ending to a @Slice of Life anime but I appreciate the slight rock influence in this song.”
    @SloMover: “No ma'am.”
    @He: “Lizzy McGuire realness… but not as fun.”
    @Cotton Park: "Somehow I suspect Pristin has something to do with this. Learner's permits and all.”
    @Squashua: “The pop-rock isn't a bad thing but I wish they would have pushed it further. It does suit Lizzy though - "I'm a juicy fruuuuuit" is a lyric and a half.” ddd actually it's
    amai juicy fruits, meaning "sweet juicy fruits". I hope I didn't ruin it for you!

  3. Goodbye PMS is going to win this isn't it?
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  4. He


    The video is a career highlight.
  5. It wasn't exactly a spell-binding ultra-bop in the first place so we're good. But yes, I shall never listen to it again now you've pointed out my misheard flaws.
  6. 19.


    Goodbye PMS

    Average score: 6.76

    10 – @send photo, @Slice of Life, @Ceir
    1 – @Sanctuary

    Lizzy loses yet another solo just as we enter the top 20, the second one in a row. Raina’s revenge? "Goodbye PMS" is a collaboration with comedian Park Myung Soo and Duble Sidekick, in which Lizzy confesses her frustrations when the metaphorical monthly demon makes his appearance. The song by itself is a cute rock bop, but let's cut to the chase: it's the video that is the star of the show, and for good reason. It's an action packed epic where Myung Soo plays the literal personification of PMS (coincidentally, also his initials), wreaking havoc around the city and taunting Lizzy until she confronts him head-on. The opera music breakdown isn't actually part of the song, instead it was used to humorously contrast the cuter moments from the dramatic showdown between our protagonist and her demon, before finally squashing him with her foot. Just... iconic.


    @Squashua: “Wait. WAIT. So this is really a whole song/MV about actual female PMS? And it's actually a scream of a video and not a terrible rock pop song with operatic dub-step breakdown? I'm baffled but I'm bopping.”
    @Cotton Park: “I just wish his rap track was as good as the one he did in "Leon" with IU.”
    @ryan_riot92: “Sorry but I just can’t with this track”
    @GeiPanda: “Not sure why I love this song so much. Shame that this is the last song made by an Orange Caramel member (we don't mention Raina's solo here).”
    @Slice of Life: “Okay but why didn't this win the Academy Awards for Best Picture??? The audacity... Well, their loss because this is a modern-day classic. When will Gone With The Wind??? When will Citizen Kane? When will Silence of the Lambs??? Literally never. Lizzy is truly a K-Pop treasure and she deserves everything that her iljin heart desires. If I was to be honest, Park Myung-Soo's parts aren't up to my taste (which is trash btw). But I dunno. I feel like this deserves a 10. Yeah, just take this 10.”
    @SloMover: “Oh wow, Lizzy cured by menstrual cramps.”
    @He: “Amazing project and video. Attack on Titan could never…”
    @karmarisma: “Concept-wise and music video wise, this is an absolute 1000/10. This is a song that only legendary Lizzy would be able to pull off, with her naturally quirky and endearing personality. And the genius idea of making cranky Park Myungsoo the living equivalent of PMS was b r i l l i a n t. The song was nothing special, but that's pretty irrelevant when you're busy watching the epic battle scene between a girl and evil red devil PMS running around town (so so so relatable).”

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  7. Other girl groups had to sing about cell phones.
    Orange Caramel got the truly iconic product-placement songs.

  8. Breaking: Lizzy Graduates From After School

    Nana supposedly confirms at fansign that After School/Orange Caramel are done


    Results will resume next week in two weeks ♥
    Meanwhile watch this

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  9. 18.


    아잉♡ (A-ing ♡)

    Average score: 6.81

    10 – @send photo, @karmarisma; 9 - @Squashua, @ryan_riot92, @JuanJose, @Deja-Boo
    2 - @Cotton Park; 4 – @Slice of Life, @Ceir, @Dangerous Maknae

    If this rate were to have one shocking elimination, I suppose it is this one (...or is it?). Although considering the fact that we’re in the top 20 and the average hasn't even reached a measly 7, I don’t know if it’s that surprising. I had no idea how popular the early singles were over here when starting the rate, but I never thought A-ing ♡ would flop this bad dddd Their second proper single and first top 5 hit on Gaon being eliminated at #18? Whew, we love a controversial result. Honestly though, it deserved a lot better. From the evocative fairy tale strings opening the track, gear changing into an almost cheerleader like chant in the verses, and then the wistful chorus, A-ing ♡ never lets the sense of adventure dwindle, making an exciting listen from start to finish. It's quite a romantic track, really. *googles lyrics quickly* yes, romantic indeed.

    As for the music video... Well. At best you could say it’s uninspired - a straightforward fairy tale concept for a group that is supposed to be quirky and cute? Groundbreaking. I mean as much as I love the song, I only watched its video twice: once when I discovered it, and the second time just now so I have something to write in the elimination post. Sure it's cute that they are jumping between characters from different classical stories, but it's so... forgettable? Predictable? Downright boring even? To be fair, you could level the same criticism at their debut as well. The group was just starting out and hadn't yet managed to find a concept that fits their narrative within K-pop. Come to think of it, it wasn’t until Shanghai Romance that Orange Caramel developed a clear, distinct identity; which sort of shows with these results, even if the song itself is great. The question is, will Magic Girl do much better?


    @ryan_riot92: “Cute, quirky, and fun. Just the way an Orange Caramel song should be! It’s a spunky and sparkly piece of pop music. The shoddy green-screen parts of the video add to the charm of the song.”
    @Squashua: “Whilst I was in the States, I remember a bunch of Chinese girls going nuts for this track in the dorm common room & just being a bit baffled because my 2012/3 K-Pop tastes were more of the KARA Pandora end of the concept spectrum. It's definitely a bop now and the Latex fairy-tale concept is gloriously executed. CocoSori completely THIEVED the whole melody (and the PVC) from this for their Broccoli-lovers PSA Dark Circle.”
    @Sanctuary: “The cover to the project this is from is so weird to me. It looks like they’re supposed to be Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Red Riding Hood cause the costume is same in the video but like.. how is Red Riding Hood connected to the other two?? Why is Snow White blonde?? Why am I putting my thought into this than their creative team probably did?? It's not bad but it feels a little cheap.” Just like my rate hosting abilities
    @junglefish: “Probably deserves more than a 7, but it sounds too similar to Magic Girl. Still great in all its anime opening brilliance.”
    @He: “Too similar to Magic Girl, but I really like to chorus… I love them getting their Bangkok City wigs on at the barn.”
    @Cotton Park: "I have told people that the words "Orange Caramel" on my favorite purple t-shirt are a great Korean girl group only to then agonize that this would be the first thing they find when they google it."
    @GeiPanda: “I have the same feelings about the visuals for this as Magic Girl - it just weirds me out. Yes, the OC girls were relatively young back then, but it still just feels like grown women playing dress-up. Listening to the song alone though - it’s actually very reminiscent of some of the B-sides on OC’s later albums. Not bad.”
    @Slice of Life: "Iconic outfits and music video aside, I hate this. There's just something so tacky here that I just find uninteresting. It's like a bad song from a Crayon Pop tribute band from Kiribati Island."
    @SloMover: "This is just a lesser version of Magic Girl. Great intro, beautiful intro."
    Not @karmarisma being one of the few top scorers for the song and still shading it: “This song doesn't actually have a proper chorus or hook, but it's still amazing. It's like a fairytale coming to life.”

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  10. 17.


    One Love

    Average score: 7.34

    10 – @send photo; 9.5 - @Squashua; 9 - @karmarisma, @Slice of Life
    3 - @Ceir

    Ok but I’m actually shook at the second mini album’s B-side outlasting its title track. That almost never happens on this forum and its favoritism towards singles. We broke the 7.00 barrier too, and with quite the leap. Leave it to y’all to gag over a throwaway bop ddd. But having said that, and basic as it may be, it is a bop and the post-chorus is pretty fucking great actually. A lot of you compare it to an After School track, and I can definitely hear it, but it would need some good Jungah vocals in order to get anything more than a 7 from me, sorry!

    @karmarisma: “This is the mellow, less-banger ancestor to After School's best song 'Love Beat'.”
    @Squashua: “Xenomania realness to the point of being better than nearly every K-track of this genre from this time period. I didn't know they had this kind of electro-pop in their repertoire - god I miss AS & OC."
    @ryan_riot92: “YAASSS!! BAWP to KNOCK my SAWKZ OFF! That is all.” come_back.gif
    @GeiPanda: “Yes! The first signs of OC making waves with their music. Very mature compared to the title track on this album… very After School actually.”
    @Slice of Life: “COME ON, 2NE1 FIRST MINI ALBUM B-SIDE-SOUNDING HYMN!!! I weirdly like this. It's not the best song out there but this is totally up my alley.”
    @junglefish: “Wouldn't have been too out of place on After School's first Japanese album, with harder production and vocals. It's a bit on the cheap side but I bop anyway.”
    @SloMover: “Feeling my puss to this tibbs.”
    @He: “what is this bop?! Shame on me for not knowing it. That chorus is everything and that cheap but great beat… yas!”

  11. Dddd I thought we are in like top 40, had no idea we have reached the top 20.

    So happy this is back though.
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  12. The gag of them not even having 40 songs though

  13. Is this 2NE1 rate?
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  14. You when you do the BlackPink rate in 2028:

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  15. Re-reading my commentary for this and realizing my words might sound kind of misogynistic... I definitely didn't mean it in an "After School? More like After Retirement Home!" kind of way though. The "weirdness" for me is that they are selling sexy latex fantasy whilst also acting in a cute and coy oppa-pandering manner... just not a very progressive concept, in my opinion.

    So happy you're back @Deja-Boo ! Thanks for doing this xoxoxo.
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  16. Pope rate too. I know my limitations. There's a reason MIXX was the only rate I finished on time haha

    yeah I get what you mean, there are definitely times in the MV where this juxtaposition you mention gets a bit... uncomfortable.
  17. 16.


    Funny Hunny

    Average score: 7.50

    10 – @send photo, @ryan_riot92, @Slice of Life; 9 - @karmarisma, @LightningRider, @JuanJose, @Serg.
    1.5 - @Sanctuary

    Issa bop. Released as a digital single for Cho Young Soo's third All Star album, Funny Hunny proves that OC can deliver a great little pop package even for a side project. It could never compete with the titans, but its hooks are infectious and it serves as good palate cleanser between the hits. Featuring the classic OC mix of silliness and melancholy backed by dance beats, this time with a little inspiration from the 80s, Funny Hunny has me wishing that Pledis would have let them have more of these side projects before the sudden and, to this day, baffling end. Oh no wait, I forgot they aren't “officially” disbanded. There’s still hope guys!! *grins*

    Let’s start commentaries with these two shady binches:
    @junglefish: “Not up to their standards but it's catchy enough and since it's only a collaboration, I can let it slide. Raina looks gorgeous in the MV, love the fringe.”
    @He: “Bop… and I love that Raina got to star in the video.”


    @SloMover: “Loving the 80s synths on this. Serve me shoulder pads and perms, kweens!”
    @karmarisma: “This is sooooo 80s it hurts. But this is the good kind of pain. It's a quality 80s/Trot tribute in the modern era. Especially that pre-chorus gives me so many feels. Before there was Platonic Love, there was Funny Hunny.”
    @Squashua: “Will someone compare this to T-ara? Maybe I'll compare this to T-ara. It sounds a little bit like Lovey Dovey era T-ara (except I like this more whoops).”
    @ryan_riot92: “That retro 80s track that you never knew you needed or wanted from OC. It’s one of my favorites!”
    @GeiPanda: “It’s serviceable but lacking all of the usual nuance of their songs.”
    @Slice of Life: “Would you believe that this was actually one of the 3 songs that fought for my 11? dddddd No but seriously, this has been my jam for years. I discovered this through the Eat Your Kimchi blog (hey nasties dddd) and ever since, I haven't stopped being obsessed with this. If y'all tricks will do this dirty, I will personally visit you and caramelize your antique bodies. DO NOT TRY ME. XOXO”

  18. As an older KPop fan (and there are more and more of us everyday, I'm finding out) I'm a probably overly sensitive to little or obvious ageist comments that pop up here and there around here, but I get it, I do.

    I'm glad you brought it up and clarified it, actually. Opening up that KCon fund now...

    My sister age-shamed the fuck out of me the other day for liking Red Velvet. Still bristling... I don't think she realized she was doing it...
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  19. 15.


    Sleeping Forest (眠れる森)

    Average score: 7.52

    10 – @send photo, @Squashua, @Slice of Life @Sanctuary ; 8 - @karmarisma, @Cotton Park, @junglefish, @ryan_riot92
    4 - @Dangerous Maknae

    And so falls the highest rated Japanese track! Who says visuals can’t also be vocal kweens?? Granted, you don’t need a big range or any range for a song like Sleeping Forest, but you got to give points to Nana for playing to her strengths and delivering this dreamy affair. My biggest complaint is that it gets quite monotonous towards the end, despite the cool instrumental. The brass is a nice touch, but I don’t think it’s enough to save the song from sounding like a glorified intro extended into a full track. It needed more fleshing out. She sounds lovely, though.

    @SloMover: “Okay but Nana is serving it in this. Queen is being revolutionary by fusing drum and bass with bossa nova - when will your ugly faves?!”
    @karmarisma: “I really like this a lot. The vocals on this are awesome!”
    @Squashua: “YES, I knew I could trust Nana to finally deliver a great Japanese OC track. Her coo-ing with the brassy backing rolling over that almost drum n bass bottom line is quite intoxicating. Could be a wonderful anime intro or Mario Kart level backing. I love.”
    @ryan_riot92: “It’s a Nana solo track … of course it’s great! Seriously though, this is better than the majority of their Japanese output. It gives me slight Street Fighter EX vibes kii”
    @GeiPanda: “Wait… the intro of this sounds like Dreamcatcher’s “Sleepwalking”. Only a Nana solo song would set the bar for our favorite new girl group.” (legends inspiring legends *weeps*)
    @Slice of Life: “We live in a world where fucking Goo Hara has a solo album and Kween Nana does not have one??? I mean, Choco Chip Cookies is a masterpiece worthy of being in the Louvre but still, Nana deserves a solo album more than Sulli's right hand. From the first note, I just know that this is a special hymn and I wasn't wrong. I love this so much. This should've been a single and a number 1 Oricon single for decades.”
    @He: “Fun little bop from the visual Queen.”
    @junglefish: “It probably deserves a lower score but it really stands out in the middle of their Japanese discography. I'll probably never listen to it again though.”
    @Cotton Park: “Alright, who's idea was it to match that Nana coquette voice with muted trumpets and moog bass? A Nana stan essential!”
    @Sanctuary: “Yas at Nana providing one of the most interesting tracks for her solo track. Come through, iconic queen. In general, the solo tracks from this project from more well-produced than the group ones.” Agreed.

  20. KPop is just a teensy weensy bit shittier without Nana.
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