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Orange Caramel Discography Rate: RESULTS! unlucky #13

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. He


    The end of an era.
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    The Angel's Wink (天使のウィンク)

    Average score: 5.81

    10 – @send photo; 8.5 – @Slice of Life
    3 – @Alouder98

    Lmao when I was preparing for this rate, I put their entire discography on shuffle and only halfway through The Angel’s Wink did I realize that this isn’t actually Dashing Through the Snow in Misleading Titles. Normally I’d easily clock the differences between Korean and Japanese, and then the obvious lack of male vocals, but the song didn’t grab my attention enough for me to notice these things tbh. Which probably says it all, really. I will note that it has grown on me somewhat and that the end of the chorus is as close as the track comes to greatness, even if just for a moment.

    If there was any doubt that @karmarisma belongs on PopJustice, look no further than her comment here: “I was hating this and then the beat dropped which made it a little better.” Welcome home, sis. @Squashua has already set up tent and hopefully she has an empty frame for when I win KPSC next round. Watch out! “A plod until the EDM kicks in and even then I'm not sure if I like this much. The 'throwing-something-into-a-sink' synth sound is kinda grating.” Agreed. And speaking of tents, @GeiPanda has set a @junglefish shaped bear trap in front of his; but anyway: “I’m pleasantly surprised by this. Maybe their most interesting Japanese song for me?” Tight competition, huh.

    kii @He shares my initial confusion, “Christmas again?… I like the beat but it falls flat again.” And @SloMover makes three, “Is this a Christmas song because it sounds like one?” Sorry girls, I'm already taken! Meanwhile, @ryan_riot92, curb your enthusiasm a bit: “Not bad.” But guess who comes to pick up the slack? “YATH I'M HERE FOR THIS ANIME OST SOUNDING BOP. There's something so angelic about it. And the drums (???) on the pre-chorus is a nice little touch.” Yep, it’s @Slice of Life. As for the final comment, yas @Cotton Park, backhand that compliment a bit; “The OC sounding like a watered down Perfume. Definitely not terrible.” Why is this making me scream so much.

  3. He


    Can't we eliminate all Japanese tracks in one post? Ha.
  4. No because AHHH DEBEEL. MAI SWEET LEETIL DEBEEL is iconic.
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    아직… (Not Yet...)

    Average score: 5.84

    10 – @send photo; 9 – @Squashua, @Alouder98, @JuanJose
    0 – @PopZeitgeist Joslyn_fox_gasp.gif

    You know what? I had a completely different write-up in my mind for Not Yet, but then I discovered the live group performances for it and the song just revealed itself in the most beautiful way. Give me those feels, yas. Not the most exciting example of balladry, no, but I do however think that the studio version would’ve benefitted from being a group effort. This is not shade towards Raina, who gives good vocal, but the back and forth between the members in the live performance gives the song that dynamic element that elevates it above standard OST-esque K-pop ballad. Even if their vocal tones aren’t wildly different from each other, it changes things up a bit. Still, not bad.

    To kick things off, let's see what two word commentary @ryan_riot92 has in store for us! “I’ll pass”. @karmarisma expands on that thought: “Raina has a beautiful voice, but this is a cookie-cutter ballad.” Basically the gist of it, yeah. @Slice of Life is a bit more passionate about it, though. “Say what you want about Visual Kween Rania but she is an absolute beast of a vocalist. She elevates this to a place that Lizzy and Nana just can't even in their wildest dreams.” I mean sure, but watch the live performances hun.

    @GeiPanda know what I’m talking about. But she's also a self-proclaimed hater when in fact she has the fourth highest average for Raina’s solos? So what is the truth hun. “This is a Raina solo right? I like that for the live performances, they sang it as a trio - makes it more tolerable ddddddd. Nah, but watching this back then (yes, I’m an ahjussi) made me realize that all the members are very good singers - especially my bias Nana, who up to this point showcased rather mediocre vocals. She sounds amazing belting out the chorus in the live version. When will your other visuals?” Let's pray she returns to music, yas. @SloMover is cynical, “I hate these overblown and overwrought Kpop ballads. Next.” while @He decides to be charitable: “a ballad… points for not being too boring and good vocal performance”. What more could we ask for.

    We’ll end on a dramatic note with @Squashua, who weeps and sobs like a second lead in a television drama, and who gave both this and Hug Song a 9, yet likes posts calling Day6 their slower songs “beige”. I fucking see you! “Yes it ticks all the overwrought Broadway power ballad boxes but my word if it isn't delivered at a scalp-shreddingly glorious level. Let me just sob in the corner of a grand royal ball to this please...”. Can I be your +1?


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  7. [​IMG]
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    Cookies, Cream & Mint

    Average score: 5.89

    10 – @send photo; 9 – @Serg.
    3.5 – @LightningRider

    Their Japanese discography isn’t bad by any means, but Cookies, Cream and Mint is the answer to the question nobody had thought of asking: what if Orange Caramel lost its soul? It’s such an obvious, cynical attempt from avex to distill the Orange Caramel brand into a single, easily-marketable song, that it’s hard for me to find much value in it beyond an admittedly catchy melody. Again, it’s not bad, but even the damn title sounds like a parody. “Cookies! Ice creams! Pastels! We can dress them as food! Quirky!”, but somewhere along the way they forgot to actually have fun with it. I don’t buy it, and after doing some chart-related research, it looks like Japan didn’t either. And I mean it doesn’t help that it has the cheapest looking, least imaginative MV ever.

    Back me up, @junglefish; “Mmmm I'm not sure about this one. It has all the elements of a great Orange Caramel song, but somehow it doesn't work. I love the chorus though and their outfits are great, so it's not all bad.” Yeah, it was reverse engineered to sound like a OC song, wasn't it. @SloMover adds, “It's acceptable but it feels like dumbed down Orange Caramel. You would've thought that they would be a good fit for the Japanese sound but Avex didn't get it right at all.” Oh at all.

    Meanwhile, @Squashua is back from the ball, “If they were aiming for J-Pop a la Perfume like I feel they were then this is a bit of a miss. Not bad but kinda lacking their usual energy, especially in the dance video and the vocals.” Girl I don’t know what they were aiming for, but it’s insulting regardless. @Cotton Park says what I say every time I look in the mirror, “I want to like this. But...” Do you really though? @ryan_riot92 takes up a spot next to us on the fence, “I like most of it but I really … don’t like that chorus …” and @GeiPanda simply wants more; “Admittedly, a bit of a disappoint after the perfection of the “Lipstick” campaign. Just a bit too subdued for me, at least in regards to my expectations for an OC song.”

    You know it's bad when even @Slice of Life has to reach for something to compliment, “The girls look ridiculously pretty here. Like, I'm shqqk. It's so simple (at least the hairstyle is) but it's so refreshing. K-Pop artists need to make an homage to this kii. As for the song, hmm, it's fine. Maybe it's just my copy but the production is a little on the cheap side. I love the little flourishes here and there but I feel like this could be improved tremendously. Still a strong track though.” @He seems to do a great job of summing up the write-ups, so without further ado: “Hmm… it’s boppable but at the same time I don’t want to go back to it.” Yep.

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  9. He


    Ugh, I resent their Japanese output, it just brings down their discography so much.
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  10. You are all doing too much ( and by all I mean @He)

    But he is super cute so he gets a free pass
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  11. But what about that Nana solo???
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  12. The Nana solo almost makes the Japanese discography worthwhile. Almost.
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  13. Still waiting for the Top 15-20 to actually get to their good songs...
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  14. I love Lizzy's Japanese solo.
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    Red Shoes (赤いくつ)

    Average score: 5.97

    10 – @send photo; 9.5 – @Serg. 9 – @Slice of Life
    1 – @PopZeitgeist

    Some of our voters are really heartless, huh. RIP Red Shoes, you were too pure for this world. If you weren't disarmed by that angelic "Loving you" chorus then I don't want to know you, get away from me. Nah but tbh I’m not really that invested in this song, in fact I’m much more upset about the song that's about to follow it, so let’s get to that one real quick.

    In which part of this rate does @ryan_riot92 start giving a fuck, I wonder. “Sorry but no.” I guess. @Squashua's schtick is all about random comparisons, but this is just... “The days of the week pre-chorus was an interesting choice but then all I could think of was Rebecca Black. It's fine? Nothing too memorable.” Girl what? Moving on, @Cotton Park is more grounded in reality, “One of their better ballads. Would love to hear a Korean version.” That’s not really saying much, but yes, agreed. @GeiPanda comments “Solid ballad.” and @junglefish simply says “Cute” and like, thank you sis, but what about the song? @SloMover is not impressed SHOCKER, “It's a bit of a tragedy that the best of their Japanese material is a ballad that isn't really that good...” And @He complains: “zzzz (the japanese material is testing me)”. Anything down tempo seems to be testing you, sis.

    Not much commentary for this one, so we'll end with @Slice of Life, who had a premonition while doing his write-ups; “YATH THEY CAME THROUGH WITH ANOTHER GREAT BALLAD. This is like the twin sister to Girls' Generation's weirdly underrated All My Love Is For You. I love both songs. I'm ready for these flops to do this very wrong though.” Can you do a tarot card reading for me hun, maybe some numbers for my lottery ticket? Would be appreciated x

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  16. 26.


    Lamu no Love Song (ラムのラブソング)

    Average score: 6.00

    10 – @send photo; 8.5 – @Sanctuary
    2.5 – @LightningRider

    WHY do y’all hate fun and happiness? No, this isn't re-inventing the wheel of quirky pop (in fact, I only learned today that it's actually a cover of an 80s anime opening theme song ddd oops), but it doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is - a simple, light-hearted, infectiously charming pop song that you can also conveniently use as a ringtone ten years ago. What's not to love?

    @Cotton Park is a little confused, “There's something to be said about this little K-Bub thing. I don't know what it is. Anybody?” Maybe @karmarisma has an answer for you: “This sounds like one of those @Slice of Life anime openings where the characters are all overexaggerated baby-faced high school kids. It sounds really adorable.” Speaking of, @Slice of Life, care to add anything? “Uhh this is rather limp. Like a kimchi left to rot. The vocals have an airy quality that really doesn't work with the production.” Well that was unexpected, but I'm howling at that analogy so we're cool... for now.

    At this point I already know what @ryan_riot92 comments before even Ctrl+F-ing this Word document: “Not a fan …” Girl no shit. @GeiPanda says, “It actually reminds me of T-ara’s (unreleased) bop Round + Round.” and I’ll take that as a compliment! @junglefish isn't impressed though: “Yeah no. I've never read or watched Urusei Yatsura so maybe I'm missing something, but it's just not a good song.” I don't think it needs any explanation sis, it's not that deep. @SloMover makes me wish I kept the original deadline, one which he missed. “This is really cute but yeah I wouldn't ever choose to listen to this.” And @He as well for that matter, “I do not enjoy this “dumbed down” Orange Caramel. But I guess they were after that Yen.” Pledis really needed it, to be fair.

    I don’t even have any positive comments left to close the write-up with for fucks sake, so I guess @Squashua will do the honors: “Such promise in the opening - I figured this would be everything Cookies, Cream and Mint was aiming for - but then it kinda doesn't go anywhere? Even the video becomes a bit of a shrug. The Gameboy colour instrumental was fun though.” Good enough.

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  17. I know these songs are so underwhelming but even still, Nana, Lizzy and Raina are the most watchable trio I think I've ever seen.
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  18. They should have been one of the easiest groups to translate for Japan but their Japanese discography is just so lifeless. There's none of the charm of their Korean singles.
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  19. He


    @Deja-Boo, are you mad at us for slagging their Japanese releases? Come back, unnnie!
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  20. So I guess we can assume the iconic bop Goodbye PMS won in the end?

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