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Orange Caramel Discography Rate: TOP 5

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 16, 2017.

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. A worthy winner!!!
    Oh and I gave Slicé a -1.
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  4. We all assume Catallena won, right?

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  5. 25.


    Meteor and Piercing (流星とピアス)

    Average score: 6.05

    10 – @send photo 8.5 – @Slice of Life 8 - @Squashua
    3 – @Serg.

    Oop. I guess the twinkling of the instrumental intro promised a kind of musical adventurousness that the rest of the song just couldn't deliver. Instead, it settles into a monotone mid-tempo which, while perfectly pleasant, is a bit disappointing and quite predictable for Raina. Hence the average set of scores it attracted. Girl is now three solos down, will she be able to hang on enough to crack the top 20?

    @karmarisma: “This ballad is pretty alright.”
    @ryan_riot92: “The instrumental is quite nice … not too shabby.”
    @GeiPanda: “Kind of a snoozefest.”
    @Slice of Life: “WAIT I JUST REALIZED THAT ORANGE CARAMEL ARE THE TRUE KWEENS OF SCIENCE. Marie Curie who??? Flop, that's who. I also kinda dig this. It reminds me of track 5 of an Oh My Girl mini album. And if you know me, you'll know that I love Oh My Girl so I naturally really like this as well.”
    @SloMover: “I was ready to give Raina my wig with that intro but then it turns into a mid-tempo. It's actually not bad but meh it's not what I come to Orange Caramel for.”
    @He: “OST dross…”
    @Squashua: “Such an interesting instrumental that's both 'music box on the moon' and occasionally hints at a heavier, almost trip-hop leaning. I wish the latter featured more but at least it's anything but dull.”




    Average score: 6.18

    10 – @send photo; 9 – @GeiPanda @Slice of Life
    3 – @Sanctuary

    Guess not. Having none of your solos come close to the top 20 in a rate with only 35 songs isn't... a great showing, but at least she went out with her best track. It's nothing groundbreaking nor too out there, but for Raina it's actually adventurous (*shade sound effect*). She finally gets to showcase some personality in "Superwoman" instead of just hiding behind technically proficient vocals. The narrative of the track is pretty great, as she is becoming more confident as the song progresses, culminating in a cute rap which I never would've expected in one of her solos. A nice bop overall. If only she hadn't followed this up with coffee shop background music over and over again, huh.

    @karmarisma: “What I appreciate about a lot of OC's ballads is that they actually have a beat behind them instead of some boring piano chords. But this still didn't really do it for me. They have nice voices though.”
    @Squashua: “Nah. I just had to sit through a number of these in the Sistar rate - it's not what I want from OC.”
    @ryan_riot92: “A cute little bop!”
    @Slice of Life: “OMFG DADDY COUPS!!!!!!!1!1!11!1 A bop though. This is the type of motivational bops that I'm here for. Katy Perry should learn from OC.”
    @junglefish: “Way too bland for an Orange Caramel song. On the other hand, it introduced us to Seungcheol so it gets points for that.”
    @SloMover: “I like this a lot but I don't come to Orange Caramel for 2NE1 cast offs.”
    @He: “Decent collab. Doesn’t fit the album as much though, nor the group…”
    @GeiPanda: “Wow… an amazing… Raina solo? Oxymorons do happen it seems. So glad they didn’t go with an expected ballad. And Raina - sort of - raps in this? Song is uplifting and motivational, I love it.”

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  6. I'm so glad you're back, hope you're doing good!
  7. 23.


    My Sweet Devil (やさしい悪魔)

    Average score: 6.39

    10 – @send photo, @Mikl C; 8 – @Serg., @Deja-Boo
    3 – @Alouder98

    Since this was the last standing group Japanese track, let's sum things up and safely conclude that Avex didn't have a clue how to translate the Orange Caramel charm into J-pop. As one of the highest scorers for "My Sweet Devil", even I can admit that it sounds like they had a demo lying around and OC just so happened to be the first to pick it up. It literally could've been released by any other K-pop group trying to make quick cash in Japan, and nobody would've batted an eyelid. Not only does it come across as faceless, but if you stack it up against titans such as Shanghai Romance, Magic Girl or Catallena, its shortcomings become shamefully obvious. Is it because the girls might not be as comfortable singing in a foreign language? Perhaps. Is it because they are trying to emulate a certain style of J-pop that was already popular and overdone? Perhaps. But then, why come and copy something already perfected by others without trying to stand out in any way? And for their debut as well? And with the MV this dreadfully cheap and uninspired? They had no chance.

    Having said all that... I love it? ddd I just think it's fun, catchy, and the blips in the production remind me of an arcade video game, which is always a bonus. I don't know, it wasn't the right song for OC at that particular time, but I'm glad it exists. I can always go back to it and bop, and given the state of their careers, I'm thankful we still got this rather than nothing. Not the highest praise, I know.


    Scream at y'all echoing each other in the comments though.

    @junglefish: “Japan really didn't give them the best material to work with, did it? Catchy but mostly annoying. The Dollar Store-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu MV doesn't help.”
    @SloMover: “Avex really didn't know what they were doing with Orange Caramel did they? They gave them Orange Caramel-esque sounding songs without any of the sparkle or originality. Bye.”

    @karmarisma: “Another anime opening song, but with a little more sass. It still lacks a lot of the spunk that their Korean material has.”
    @Slice of Life: “Okay but what's with the unnatural pink skin??? Are they feverish? Did their allergies flare up??? I need em answers! As for the song, it's okay. I'm suddenly just realizing that their Japanese stuff just doesn't stack up to the Korean ones. Poor it.”
    @Squashua: “This sounds really familiar to something, especially in the verses and the post-chorus. WG's Be My Baby but pitched down? I think I like this a shade more than the other Japanese songs so far but it's still way below their Korean releases.”
    @ryan_riot92: “It’s pretty decent and probably the best of their Japanese material.”
    @GeiPanda: “Hmm, kind of pedestrian and safe.”
    @He: “This is a bit more interesting, but sounds like a SNSD reject… though it flatlined fast.”
    @Cotton Park: “The crisp harmonies in the opening are a nice revelation, but the song really fails to maintain any momentum despite all the efforts of a creepy completely, unexplicably methed-out American production crew in the video.”

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  8. Months later and Superwoman is kind of a generic bop.
    Oops at me underscoring.
  9. I was under the assumption at the time that the only reason Avex chose After School as their Kpop crossover attempt was to get their hands on Orange Caramel because it shouldn’t have been all that hard to translate their style to J-Pop but like everyone has said, Avex just didn’t get it at all. Which is weird because they did an amazing job with After School.

    Maybe they knew what they were doing with AS better because they were essentially an 8-headed Namie Amuro?
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  10. 22.


    클라라의 꿈 (Clara's Dream)

    Average score: 6.44

    10 – @send photo, @Squashua, @junglefish; 9 – @JuanJose
    0 – @Sanctuary

    Let me start by confessing that Lizzy is my favourite vocalist of the group, and while y’all know I love ballads, to be honest I’m not completely sold on this one. On the positive side, my girl sounds amazing, projecting the somber intensity of the song’s melody with restrained emotion, the marching drums evoking the funeral of a past flame, climaxing with a middle 8 which ceremoniously brings the affair to a melodramatic end, captioned simply by “Clara’s dream”. Beautiful, poetic. On the other side, while I’m gagged (but not really) by @Sanctuary's extreme score, I sort of agree with his comments below. The instrumental tries to do too much at the same time and it sounds like it’s competing with Lizzy’s voice instead of complimenting it.

    Personally, I think everything until the first accordion break is perfect and that the song should’ve continued in this subdued manner before finally hamming it up for the middle 8. I mean, it’s still gorgeous, but it threw me off at first. I had to listen to this several times before figuring out why it didn’t quite click.

    @Sanctuary: "I see this is meant to be Lizzy’s solo so maybe she wanted this sound, but girl…. choices. I just don’t get it. It’s such a mismatch. I feel like I’m sitting at an Italian cafe? But the drums sound like a funeral march? My taste is too low-brow for this."
    @karmarisma: “This ballad is pretty good.”
    @ryan_riot92: “It's decent for a slow track. There's something about it that kept me intrigued ... Must have been the accordion.”
    @GeiPanda: “What kind of dreamy song with hints of pirate influence? It takes some time to build, but the song pays off in the later third. OC ballads are truly innovative.”
    @Slice of Life: “KWEEN OF ANCIENT KOREAN MUSIC. DAE JANG GEUM WHO??? HWANG JINYI NUGUSEYO??? I know Jang Geum and Hwang Jinyi aren't singers but I don't know any ancient Korean singer so shut your trap, Vanessa!”
    @He: “nice guitar”
    @SloMover: “I like the fairytale march sound it had.”
    @Squashua: “Magical - weave that ye olde Parisian fairytale with a tragic love story at the centre and exceptional Waltz meets tango rhythms over my fragile, half-sleeping mind queens.”
    @junglefish: “One of their best ballads and the most unique, for sure. The accordion, the waltz inspired production, Lizzy sounding the best she ever has... everything about it is brilliant. I doubt anyone is going to give its 11 to a ballad in this rate, but it deserves nothing less than a 10.”

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  11. Ah ah debil
    My sweet little debil
    Oo oo oo
    Yasashii akuma
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  12. I just listened again and screamed when the accordion started ddd. Yeah, it's a no for me.
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  13. Yay this is back.

    I was just checking my scores to see what changes would I made if we were rating the songs now and noticed that I only gave a 6.5 to Abing Abing. Literally me to myself rn :

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  14. He


    Why do you always do this?
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  15. Lizzy/Kim Lip/Everyone else who I trashed in a rate but then later changed my mind about them to me:

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  16. 21.


    이곳에 서서 (The Day You Went Away)

    Average score: 6.63

    10 – @send photo, @Slice of Life, @Sanctuary, @JuanJose
    1 – @PopZeitgeist

    Whew, what a stunning ballad. Wistful, melancholic, epic. There isn't much to say here, it's a straightforward cover that doesn't deviate much from the M2M song, and it helps that OC's vocal tones are similar to those of the original singers. They also released a version in Chinese for the Shanghai Romance single. Nice! I could listen to this all day.

    @GeiPanda: “What a random song to cover… but the girls sound so great here.”
    @junglefish: “What a random song to cover. Loved it in English, still love it in Korean.”


    @karmarisma: “International Queens can even sing in Chinese. But unfortunately it's one of those songs you hear over the speakers at an Asian supermarket.”
    @Squashua: “I'm a sucker for that latin acoustic guitar vibe in the verses but the chorus is painfully dull. It's an early Britney album track basically.”
    @ryan_riot92: “Eh … It’s A’ight.”
    @SloMover: “I don't get Kpop's obsession with those OST sounding ballads when this cover of a decade old song sounds so much better and modern. This is really cute.”
    @He: “OMG QUEENS OF TASTE. M2M were so good! And this cover is perfect and gorgeous… if identical to the original, haha. But still, let me overscore it a tad. “

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  18. "the English person" tho? Slice of Freudian Slip White Supremist
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  19. I mean @Slice of Life stans Taylor Swift so
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