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Orange Caramel Discography Rate: TOP 5

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 16, 2017.

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  2. Take out I Don't Care reggae, Can't Nobody english & Come Back Home unplugged and we got 39 ddd
  3. 14.



    Average score: 7.60
    10 – @send photo, @karmarisma; 9.5 - @PopZeitgeist; 9 - @ryan_riot92
    5 - @Dangerous Maknae, @Sanctuary

    “Tonight” served as one of the OSTs for television drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, and rather depressingly it is also the last ever musical release from Orange Caramel as a group: September 2014, almost 4 years ago. Let that sink in for a moment. Speaking of 2014, this is only the first song from the many releases that year to get eliminated, which only further proves that the group was at its creative and commercial peak, before the sudden and abrupt ending. Well, I say "ending" because nobody believes this "officially still active!! just waiting for the right song!" PR spin the company tried to put on it. How can somebody graduate from an abandoned school? Couldn’t Pledis have milked a couple more singles out of its most successful group (at the time)? A goodbye single? A "thank you for supporting us" single? What happened?! But more on that discussion for My Copycat’s write-up, let’s get back to Tonight! It’s so basic, but it’s so right. That goofy, low-key Crayon Pop-esque drop, the transcendental Nana bridge, culminating in that kitchen sink final chorus with ad-libs galore? Yas, pander to this bop hungry forum a bit. It's not one of their best, but it's good fun. And what more can you ask for from a K-drama OST?

    Not that the standards for such a thing are very high either way, but most of you seem impressed as well:
    @Slice of Life: “Dddddddd expect Orange Caramel to NOT give us a ballad for an OST. I mean, do I use this? No, of course not. I actually like my OSTs forlorn ddddddd. I can't imagine this for It's Okay, It's Love. But this is fun to listen to once in a while.”
    @SloMover: “I'm boppin' I like how the build ups makes you expect a lame EDM but you get whatever that is instead”
    @He: “Bop! A bit on the Psy noisy vein but the girls work their charms.”
    @Squashua: “That drop though - what kind of Crash Bandicoot EDM descent into hell? I like it.”
    @Cotton Park: “Another priceless track the "Bubble Bath" or "Abing Abing" style.”
    @ryan_riot92: “Not only was this drama fantastic but the OST was as well. This track is no exception! Look at OC being the queens of not only the charts but of the CF and the OST world!”
    @GeiPanda: “Wow, not sure why I was expecting a typical OST ballad when Orange Caramel blessed us with “Abing Abing” for a CF earlier. It’s fun.”
    @karmarisma: “I usually run from Korean OSTs because they're some sort of bland ballad. I was NOT expecting a banger. Bless.”

    You know what other OSTs are bops and not at all bland ballads? The Pope’s C’mon C’mon and Hey Mister, of course! Listen to them immediately and repeatedly please~

    Next up, we lose our first 11/10!
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  4. ~interlude because I don't like double posting with eliminations~

  5. 13.


    밀크쉐이크 (Milkshake)

    Average score: 7.63
    11@Serg.; 10 – @send photo, @GeiPanda; 8.5 - @LightningRider, @Deja-Boo
    5 - @Sanctuary; 6 - @Mikl C, @Cotton Park, @Dangerous Maknae, @SloMover

    #13, unlucky for some. @Serg. sis, I’m so sorry! Milkshake is one of the B-sides on the LIPSTICK album, and briefly promoted alongside the title track on music shows. Orange Caramel pretty much perfected the mix between silliness and wistfulness on their songs, and this one is no exception. The dramatic piano segueing into a cheerleader chant about milkshakes, before going back into a romantic serenade but with food metaphors? The fact that they can pull off such a move in a song backed by otherwise straightforward dance beats is the one of the reasons I love K-pop. I also never thought I would enjoy a track with this much falsetto on it teebs.
    The lyric “a zero calorie drink for my love!” made me scream, literally how many groups would include something like that in their love songs? Amazing. Thinking about it, they do have a lot of food imagery in their discography, be it in their lyrics, their outfits, or MV concepts. Oh my god, it’s in their name too! ...sorry, I am clearly in the middle of a writer’s block here. So I’ll just leave you with this:

    Pink Milk Shake Kiss!

    Let’s kick things off with @karmarisma: “OC has so many mellow club songs. I can get behind this. The beat is popping but I felt like the song could've done without the falsetto sections.” Meanwhile, @junglefish dislikes other parts of the song: “I love everything about this, except the horrendous "rap" parts.” Feeling very attacked right now.gif. Aaaand @Squashua yet another, albeit more positive overall: “Was not expecting that switcheroo right from the off-set. Something very J-Pop about the delivery in this one (albeit straying into the whiny vocal area), another high quality electro-pop album track nonetheless.” I’ll leave @Cotton Park to sum up this paragraph: “A little disjointed. Some parts sublime, others cheesy. Not horrible.” But enough about my write-ups.

    Wait, did @Slice of Life just call OC “nugus”?? She says: “CUTIE PATOOTIE. This is very Red Velvet but with a nugu edge. The verses in particular are gorge. It's something I didn't expect to work with the more traditional Orange Caramel chorus.” *conveniently ignores the compliments for this transition* Well that clearly won’t fly with @GeiPanda: “Funny story: years ago, I played this song for my (now) ex-boyfriend and he looked at me like I was insane. I kept shaking it like a milkshake, and he demanded that I turn it off. Answer this: WHO’S THE INSANE ONE??? Thankfully I kicked that little turd out of my life. Now he’s listening to boring non-Orange Caramel music, shacked-up with his new Asian boyfriend, and still pretending that he’s not a rice queen… ok, I’m getting way too personal here. Anyway, the fact that he hated this song makes me like it even more dddddd. The moral of the story is: if you disrespect Orange Caramel, then you’re disrespecting me.” Yasss I love this level of stanning. Get ha!!

    @He is only half convinced: “Nice album track, I love the verses and rap. The chorus is a bit too saccharine.” and @SloMover... a quarter convinced? “I was so excited when I heard that they worked with Daishi Dance for the album but this is just cheap sounding. Lightning couldn't strike twice for them, but it would've been hard considering the utter perfection that is Shampoo.” Shampoo is the best song of all time, don’t @ me. @ryan_riot92 is a lot more positive: “Another bop of an album track. Not as bangin’ as “Bubble Bath” is but it’s still pretty freakin’ great.” We’ll finish things off with @Serg., who loses his precious 11. Take it away, sis! “This is exquisite, beautiful breezy bop that wakes nostalgic memories in my mind and whenever a song does that I know it's very special.”

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  6. ddddd at least my 5's are higher than my 4's in previous rates.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]



    미친 듯이 울었어 (Cried Uncontrollably)

    Average score: 7.81
    10 – @send photo, @Ceir, @Slice of Life; 9.5 - @Deja-Boo
    5 - @Dangerous Maknae; 5.5 - @Mikl C

    Happy New Year! While waiting for the alcohol to clear from our systems so we can start drinking again, why don’t I pump out another elimination to open the new year with a bang. And that bang is Slayed Uncontrollably. Whew, what a song. Not Orange Caramel anticipating this forum’s bizarre disdain for ballads by taking theirs and EDM’ing it up. The production is very basic dance bop #564984, but that doesn’t even matter, because the strength of Cried Uncontrollably rests almost entirely on the girls’ voices, on the melancholy and conviction in their delivery. And deliver they most definitely do. Those operatic vocals closing the song? WIG. We must give credit where credit is due, Raina really did that. Chills, shivers, and sometimes quivers!

    Let's open commentaries with one of the few voters who are still active on the forum! @Slice of Life says: “This is so 2009 and I love it naturally ddddd. Why am I stanning for their ballads so much though??? This is so weird. When will Davichi???” I mean, at least Davichi are still active. Imma need ghost of forum past @karmarisma to tell me exactly which club plays Orange Caramel and are they hiring today; “You can also have a song about crying and not make it an absolute snoozefest. Perfect for one of this 'crying in the club' moments.” I fear it's only wishful thinking on her part, though.

    @He writes what 99% of the forum has written at one point, much to my disdain: “Give me that melancholy dancey beat instead a boring ballad, yes!” But I do agree in this case, ha! @Squashua also writes what every K-pop stan has thought about their flop faves at some point: “CLUB BANGER. I was not expecting a song with that title to knock so hard. Would never have sold in Korea as a single but sounds glorious now.” Since when has @GeiPanda been all about subtlety and toning down? “Damn… what an overdramatic title. It’s good though,” he adds. Meanwhile @SloMover greets us with leftover festive cheer: “Basic but really cute. Considered deducting points because it's a Raina solo but I'm feeling nice today.” And arguably the biggest stan on the forum, @Cotton Park tells us: “One of their more underrated tracks. Sounding a little like AS.”

    We'll end it with @ryan_riot92, who sums it up nicely: “Fantastic!” True.

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    마법소녀 (Magic Girl)

    Average score: 8.13
    10 – @send photo, @karmarisma, @LightningRider, @junglefish, @Sanctuary
    4 - @Cotton Park; 5 - @Ceir

    The song that started it all falls just before the top ten, in a twist shocking elimination. Is it shocking? It's not the first (or second, or third) thing that comes to mind when people think of Orange Caramel, but damn if it ain't a catchy bop. The chorus features a beast of a hook, probably one of their best, musically speaking. But I'm not a classically trained musician, so what do I know. Anyway, looking at the leaderboard, this should be our last surprise until we reach the top two, when... well, you'll just have to wait and see! *giggles* The instrumentation backing Magic Girl is also very well done, it sounds like a timeless classic and the little piano bits between verses are a nice touch. The single was accompanied by a music video featuring questionable styling that most people probably have forgotten about. God, K-pop was so tacky in 2010. It still is, in a way. The recognizable Orange Caramel brand was yet to kick in but I guess it’s only their debut. We will have to wait until Shanghai Romance for the group to move into a lane of their own, but I’ve already covered all of this in previous write-ups so let’s just bop a bit because after this elimination we’re only left with iconic killers representing the top 10.

    @karmarisma: “From that iconic drum roll at the start to twinkling beats, this song is another F L A W L E S S debut. The back and forth hand movement is I C O N I C. This song was covered by literally everyone that year. 'Nan molla nan molla' is THE most relatable chant. I wish my friends were into Kpop so that I could just 'nanmolla' in their faces everytime they ask me to make dinner decisions.”

    @Squashua: “I know I should comment on the song first and foremost but oh Raina honey, what did they do to your hair? That bob with the fascinators AND cowboy hat moment is... unfortunate. The instrumental to this is super 80's Korean TV drama (THAT DISCO BREAKDOWN) and I'm kinda here for that but it's a sound I think they did better further down the line. The occasional Mawaru Penguindrum cartoon set explosions in the video are glorious.”

    @Cotton Park: “I can't give the debut of one of the greatest girl groups ever less than a four, but it was kind of a shock to the system considering the powerhouse of a group they came from.”

    @ryan_riot92: “Spectacular! I can still do the mime choreography to a T.”

    @GeiPanda: “I was so ready to give this a scathing review but honestly, if I listen to this song without any of the accompanying visuals… it’s actually very tolerable. It’s got some of the ingredients of a classic Orange Caramel song, but I’m really happy they moved on from this uncomfortably-aegyo concept. For that very reason, I can’t make it through the MV or any live performances of this song… the costumes… the overall concept… I find it rather creepy.”

    @Slice of Life: “Screaming at this OST-sounding song that they somehow managed to sound interesting. A fairly successful debut, no doubt.”

    @junglefish: “Who would have thought that a cute sub-unit of one of the most mature and sexy girl group could work so well? I've fallen in love with Orange Caramel since the first notes of Magic Girl and I don't even care that the chorus sounds a little bit too similar to Hare no Platinum Doori.”

    @SloMover: “I didn't like this at the time it was released and was really perplexed when it took off with the Korean public but I like it now. Not my fave but a good signpost of things that were to come.”

    @Sanctuary: “I know it’s probably on purpose cause the title but yas at this sounding like Sailor Moon’s theme song. **** my gay childhood a bit. Also, who’s the guy in the video *eye emoji*?”

    @He: “Love this… so cute but so the opposite of bland! mola molaaaaa I love Raina’s old face.”

  12. T O P 1 0


    in chronological order, our top ten is...

    방콕시티 (Bangkok City)
    Shanghai Romance (上海之戀)
    Bubble Bath
    립스틱 (LIPSTICK)
    까탈레나 (Catallena)
    So Sorry
    아빙아빙 (Abing Abing)
    나처럼 해봐요 (My Copycat)
    강남거리 (Gangnam Avenue)
    Not an Easy Girl (쉬운 여자 아니에요)

    Seven singles, two album tracks and one solo. Iconic? Yes.
    But which song could possibly be the winner?


    Stay tuned!
  13. "Love is not like a supermarket"




    Not an Easy Girl (쉬운 여자 아니에요)

    Average score: 8.157
    10 – @send photo, @Ceir, @Slice of Life, @JuanJose, @Deja-Boo
    6 – @Mikl C; 7 – @Cotton Park, @Dangerous Maknae, @SloMover, @He

    Whew, the sheer excitement in here as we take our first step into the top 10! Deafening. And who should greet us but Lizzy, who went and did that and much more with her solo debut. Even though she had stiff competition to get this far, the good sis held her own and is now officially the Solo Queen of the group. Not an Easy Girl is a trot BOP and Lizzy sells the song brilliantly. Her vocal twang is perfect for this type of music, and Jung Hyung Don featuring on a comical verse just completes the concept. I never actively sought trot songs beyond Not an Easy Girl, and I assume this is a more pop-friendly take on the genre, but it does make me wish more idols would try and put their spin on it. It sounds really fun!

    But we can't talk about the single without mentioning the music video attached to it, which I would confidently guess that it played a major role in getting the song into the top ten. I... I'm going to have to admit that at first my dumb ass didn't realize that Lizzy was green screened in scenes of an old Korean classic movie – namely, Seong Chunhyang (1961). I just saw it and thought, "wow Pledis really gave her a budget" ddddd. The editing is so obvious to me now, but yeah. Moving on. Did I overscore the song because of the concept it came packaged with? Perhaps. Do I regret it outlasting other amazing, arguably more musically accomplished pieces of music in this rate? Hell no. Not an Easy Girl is iconic and people are still loving it.


    If you wish to learn more about the song and also watch eight minutes of Lizzy being amazing in general, please look no further:


    @karmarisma: “This MV is actually genius though.”
    @Squashua: “This video is ICONIC. So good in fact that it completely eclipses the kinda mediocre song (that also rips generously from A-ing ♡) but still means I end up listening to the whole thing.”
    @Cotton Park: “Adorable return to Rizzy's trot roots.”
    @ryan_riot92: “I remember watching Lizzy on episodes of Running Man and hearing her sing trot. She has such a skill that is impeccable and that makes Raina wish she didn’t release the same sappy solo tracks in which she keeps doing! ANYWAY, this track is so fantastic and the video is a work of comical art! We need another trot banger from her!! Heck just give OC a trot song for their next comeback and I’m sure it’ll be amazing!”
    @He: “I love the video; queen of SFX.”
    @GeiPanda: “In a dream world, Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop would have duetted on this.”
    @junglefish: “I love my Trot Queen.”
    @SloMover: “I'm not here for trot but the entire package for this release is so cool. The song is ok but the video is a work of art and really sells it all.”

    @Slice of Life: “What can't Lizzy do??? This unnie is just... ugh. I hate her. She's literally perfect. How could she end Hong Jinyoung's career just like that? Rude iljin sly fox unnie. I need her and Soyul to release a trot duet and end worldwide famine and destruction of ozone layer.”

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  14. while we're on the subject of trot:

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  15. All of OC's Immortal Songs appearances are priceless. This is my personal favorite:

    Nana sings.
  16. Catallena has to win, right?
  17. It's what she deserves, we will know for sure in the equinox of the year 2896, when all the planets align.
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  18. I personally want Bangkok City to win but I know there are binches (*cough* @Slice of Life *cough*) who did it dirty so maybe one result post per year is actually a good plan.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Can't wait to be dragged for my commentary dddddd.
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  20. 9.


    강남거리 (Gangnam Avenue)

    Average score: 8.31
    10 – @send photo, @karmarisma, @ryan_riot92, @Mikl C, @Serg.
    5 – @Dangerous Maknae; 6 – @SloMover

    Gangnam Avenue is the B-side to My Copycat that ended up having its own music video, although it wasn’t promoted on any music shows (nor could I find any live performances at all). The song is backed by a fairly generic beat, but delivered with enough pathos to rise into something great. I believe we call that "a bop" around these parts, and with a classic Orange Caramel hook on top. I’m still... not completely sure what is going on in the music video but they made it work, considering they were obviously on a budget. It’s entertaining for sure. Apparently they are supposed to be portraying Cinderellas? There’s an elephant in the room, namely that this is not only their last video and concept but, with the exception of OST Tonight, also their last music release ever. How do we feel about that?

    @karmarisma: "This was Orange Caramel's response to 'Flashback'. The meme-club banger version. The MV was really budget but it still blows most of them out of the water."
    @Squashua: "Out of the three place name singles this is very much the middle ground in terms of sound. It reminds me of all the EDM clublandia compilations with squeaky voiced pumping club numbers released in the UK back in the early 00's, although admittedly better than those. The "bye bye bye" line is the best bit."
    @Cotton Park: "One of my favorite "fuck you" songs."
    @ryan_riot92: "EPIC night on the town banger!"
    @Slice of Life: "KWEENS OF THE WORKING CLASS! ICONS OF THE KOREAN REVOLUTION!!! This is actually the first time I'm hearing this which is weird because I was so sure I was a stan since the Lipstick era ddddd. This is also very good. I'm expectng to go a little (undeservingly) far but I won't be mad because it's truly cute."
    @junglefish: "The better Gangnam song. Not doing a Para Para choreo to that chorus was a real missed opportunity though."
    @SloMover: "This is a bit too Dance Dance Revolution for my liking. It's not bad, but I'll doubt I'll ever return to it"
    @He: "Another solid b-side bop (though it had a video, right?). I miss them!"
    @GeiPanda: "Love the cheap MV. Despite probably being made on a 5000 won budget, it perfectly captures the spirit of the song’s lyrics and tempo."

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