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Originals Vs Cover Vs Dance Versions (Which Do You Prefer ?)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Another chance to dig out tracks that you may love and others have never heard of. You may also want to say put Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On and along with that you might personally prefer one of the dance mixes. But down below are 2 examples of what I mean.
  2. Original Version 1974 Sparks Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth. I adore this track and Sparks but there is another version which I prefer and will be listed below.
    Cover Version 1989 Martin Gore Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth. Taken from the 1989 Counterfeit EP. Martin's vocals on this are really to the point and I love this version

    Original Version 1983 Romantics Talking In Your Sleep American Rock/New Wave band with a track that although Ok doesn't set the world on fire.

    Cover Version 1984 Bucks Fizz Talking In Your Sleep. This cover version is far superior to the original in my opinion, much tighter vocally and just seems to be put together better than the Romantics version
  3. Agree about Talking In Your Sleep, although I love both. The 'Fizz version just nails it so much better.
  4. Always really disliked Gore's version of that song to be honest, though saying that, it was probably one of the better moments on Counterfeit EP1.

    So, do we have to find a cover version we prefer to an original?
  5. Everything by Clock!!! Or any AATW release circa 2002-2005!!!

    I always found with covers that if I hear them before the original then I tend to prefer them as they probably have production that is more akin to the music I am currently listening to - that make sense?
  6. Celine Dion's version of It's All Coming Back To Me Now.


    Which I think sounds better than the original version from Pandora's Box....

  7. No it doesn't need to be a cover version that you think better than the original just to give people a chance to listen to versions of tracks they may never have heard before.
    Such as this 1992 version of Donna Summer Carry On, already a great track, which once again I really like.
    This is just one of the mixes on the Almighty CD of remixes from 1998. I personally prefer the definitive version but here is the Euro Edit mix.
  8. The only way Harriet Sunday was ever going to get into the UK Top 10 Singles Chart was having this "obvious smash" from the Sundays...


    ...covered by these folks (see also: Edie Brickell vs Emma Bunton with What I Am)

  9. I prefer the Sundays version of Here Where The Story Ends. Infact I know I have it somewhere so must try to dig it out.
    As for It's All Coming Back To Me Now, Celines version is OK but on this occasion I much prefer Pandoras Box.
  10. The Sundays' original remains peerless for me too, everything they did still sounds gorgeous now. But it was still nice to have a slightly poppier approximation of the song break into the top 10. Wasn't quite so keen on their What I Am, I think in that case both the original was too superior and the vocalist on the cover version didn't capture what made the song special.
  11. Oh, I think I get it now. You mean like this one -

    and this one -
    (obviously, I prefer the Erasure one)

    and this one -

    or this one -
    (obviously, I prefer the Scissor Sisters)
  12. Two excellent 00s covers of 70s prog-pop, gayed up beautifully for the new century.
  13. Haha. I didn't actually give that much thought to the content of my post but now you come to mention it...

    oh, here's a trickier one -

    or this one -

  14. Heads you win, Heads you lose....
  15. I'm not sure I've got the jist of this thread properly but here's a great version of 'Til Tuesday -Voices Carry the original is a decent song but this is epic!

    I need to find this but I think it's some kind of exclusive dj remix.
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  16. I always thought Laura Branigan nailed The Power of Love in a way Jennifer or CĂ©line never even came close to.


    3:20 and onwards... this probably contains some of my favorite recorded notes ever.
  17. This time I bring you Billy Royal with Down In The Boondocks

    Back in 1989 whilst recording his Counterfeit LP Depeche Mode's Martin Gore recorded a version of the track but in the end the track didn't make the final tracklisting
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