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Orkid - Only If You Want To

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 13, 2017.

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  2. Oh, I love this!
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  3. Me too - on my third listen already.

  4. Very pop-Banks. I.e pretty great.
  5. Yes! I’ve had this on repeat the past few days. Very Banks in parts
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  6. @Petty Mayonnaise @Slice of Life @Kuhleezi @DarkSacoura @Ferk ^^ Issa bop.
    It's that pitch effect on "We're better off when we're wasted", it's so quintessentially Banks that they sound practically identical.

    And the other singles are actually pretty fun too. We want an album.
  7. Oooooh thank you. I’ve needed some new music this week. This is nice.
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  8. You know me better than myself @LE0Night xx

    Let's see where she hails from...
  9. Me: I need to stop stanning album-release-challenged flop girls
    Me: *listens to wasted*
    Me: we have decided to stan
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  10. That’s literally me. I tell myself every single time I won’t start stanning another flop who will never release an album, and yet here I am. I’ve already bought some of her other tracks.
  11. @Oleander @constantino @Andy French @man.tis.shrimp @Island
    New Swedish up-and-comer throwing an A++ pop single into the ring, with noted similarities to one miss Jillian B.
    She could also probably open for someone like Tove Styrke without getting bottled.

    screech at Orkid being a fucking maxipad brand
  12. Wow, very good! Definitely getting Banks-does-pop.
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  13. This is so good! I can definitely hear Banks but her voice also reminds me of someone else but not sure who. Maybe a mix of Tove Lo and Dagny? Now to listen to more of her music.

    I was actually listening to Underdog by Miss Jillian earlier dddddddd.
  14. Vocally she gives me the slight rasp of Tove Lo with shades of Tinashe at times, teeb, especially during the ad libs toward the end.
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  15. Oh so the tags did work.

    But anyway, let's keep this train of forum fame and critical acclaim going.

    @Aries @ohnostalgia @digitalkaiser @TRAVVV @Noir

    See above, stan-making single alert.

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  16. Keeping the bops coming.

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  17. And it's another hit!
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  18. Pff this single run is just ridiculous at this point help. She's not even letting my hair grow back she's just snatching the skin now.

    @Andy French you're literally not allowed to miss these.


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  19. [​IMG]

    dd i got distracted and left the tab for half an hour before i hit post
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  20. Sis I noticed you were busy to snatch that @ohnostalgia FYC placement at 00:00 CEST


    By the way, hi sis, I know you stay up to date with the charts but check this out as well, it bops.
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