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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Orla Gartland is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Ireland.
    So far, she's released two EP's. The first one, titled "Roots", was more folk driven (Nina Nesbitt/Gabrielle Aplin/Hudson Taylor sort of sounds), while her new EP, "Lonely People" is a more pop effort and I think will appeal to a lot of people here.

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  2. Nice chill track with Great Good Fine OK

  3. Right, so I'm gonna be the one that drags a years old page (Thanks @Tiger Suit for starting it) back from the dead, because frankly she deserves it.

    Here's the EP from 2015:

    Here's the EP from the start of this year:

    And here's the two songs released so far from the upcoming EP Freckle Season, due February 2020:

    She's indie-popjustice catnip and deserves more than two (now three nn) posts.
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  4. Orla really is one of those pop gurls who keep on releasing good to great pop songs but still cannot get a following after all these years. I appreciate the hustle.
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  5. aux


    Lemme give ha a listen
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  6. Did It To Myself, Figure It Out and Heavy are 10s. Freckle Season is a fantastic EP
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