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Orville Peck (he gay n country)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. I mean, the mask is part of the persona.

    Anyway, he did an off the cuff cover of “Cellophane” on Instagram live the other day

  2. I love the hat/mask look. His lips on the album cover... OH. MY. GOD.
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  3. That lady coughing a lung up during the Cellophane cover is a mood. He turned into a country ballad akin to Johnny Cash, well done.
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  4. I love watching random clips from before his Orville Peck persona. He seems like such a goofball.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Buffalo Run is A BANGER. I really, really find him amazing - there’s no one around quite like him!
  6. That key change in Hope to Die, ascendiiiing.
  7. He's truly one of us.

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  8. Can we get some love for Nothing Fades Like the Light? It’s a wonderfully simmering, reflective closer.
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  9. Italian masked singer x American masked singer

    Attached Files:

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  10. Looks like we’re getting an eight (!?!?) minute video for Queen of the Rodeo on Monday! King stays delivering for one of 2019’s best albums.
  11. AAAAAAAA YAY. My favorite song on the album!
  12. I love an era that lasts for a year.
  13. Give me
    • ridiculous Ride-esque monologues
    • a 5 minute extended version of the track
    • drag queens
    • arms
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  14. Ugh it’s so close for me between Queen of the Rodeo and Roses Are Falling. We love an album with zero duds!
  15. I adore him but I am fuming that he never popped out for a meet and greet in Manchester.

    I know you can't expect it and I respect his privacy but when he did it at almost every other UK date it would have been nice.

    Now what coloured vinyl am I buying next??
  16. He played a very small venue in Cleveland and everybody got to meet with him, photos, sigs, etc. He's a really nice guy.
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  17. He's adorable. And the fact he said hi to most was great but sods law I'm the one he skipped.

  18. Seeing him play the basement of a pub in London for 45 ppl and the m&g being him chilling outside the front smoking after... wig.
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  19. I just listened to Hope to Die, my very first time listening to him, and I wasn’t expecting his voice to be that devastatingly beautiful???
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  20. Not you literally speaking most of this into existence

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