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Orville Peck (he gay n country)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. He confirmed August 14th as the date for the new EP. I can't wait. I've been getting a ton of plays out of No Glory and his fantastic Smalltown Boy cover.

  2. Just came to say this hit me like a ton of bricks this afternoon! His voice! I'm so excited for the EP!
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  3. Is the version he just released on iTunes any different to the Spotify singles version?
  4. Has anyone saved his IG live from last night? He did a cover of Love on the Brain
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  6. The vinyl EP is not a store exclusive right? I really don't wanna pay $40 with shipping for an EP.
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  7. It’s only just for me that this is out on Friday. Can’t wait.

    I wonder if he’ll keep using Pony in his titles and the next album will be Ode to a Shetland Pony.
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  8. Orville Peck and Paul Cauthen as the Unrighteous Brothers.

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  9. Video with Shania also drops tonight.
  10. I didn't know he produced as well. He really is my country king
  11. WHERE is it? Is he doing a Taylor and dropping it midnight HIS time?
  12. I love him in general but especially for making the Smalltown Boy cover available independent of Spotify. He gets it.
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  14. If Drive Me, Crazy isn't a big gay country-pop remix of (You Drive Me) Crazy! [The Stop Remix] I will be highly disappointed.
  15. Not available in the UK.

    But weirdly it shows it’s available on the itunes store but because I preordered it, it won’t show in my library. Sort it aht.
  16. The whole EP is pretty great with No Glory remaining a highlight, but fuck his cover of Fancy is so good - it's menacing and dramatic and we love the campery yes we do. The Shania track is good too, if nothing groundbreaking.
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  17. It's the Roses Are Falling of the EP, so big and gay at least.
  18. This man is a true gift. I adore his voice so much.
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