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Orville Peck (he gay n country)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. I was not expecting this to be as good as it is! Shania's voice is kinda back??
  2. Yeah, Shania sounds more like herself here compared to other recent performances (live and studio) I've heard in the last couple years.
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  3. Great song! And I love seeing Shania in a music video with a budget again! (or at least a budget put to good use) I can't wait to dig into the EP.
  4. This all serves to prove how misguided the Now era was. Produce an entire album for her, Orville!
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  5. This is fantastic. The song and video both feel like a real moment. I was a bit skeptical of how a Shania duet would turn out, but they really had fun with it and the song is ridiculously catchy.
  6. OK, holy shit at Shania sounding fantastic on this?!

    Still not a big fan of Orville's voice but it's a great track.
  7. I'm going to absolutely run this EP into the ground for the rest of the year. Kids is beautiful. Drive Me, Crazy is a massive gay ballad that I want to drink, smoke, fuck, cry, hoedown, and die to. His version of Fancy is the dramatic barn burner that it needed to be. A king.

  8. I was expecting “Fancy” to be the cover so colour me pleasantly surprised that it’s this great big JT Leroy story epic. Chills!
  9. Swoon!

    I clicked like when I read part one but then swiftly removed it!
  10. This is fantastic!
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  11. Hmm, this is really good. Shania just needs to stay away from whoever produced her vocals for Now.
  12. Jaida Essence Hall! Shania! Armpits! A video.
  13. Not feeling the Fancy cover to be honest, his voice just doesn’t really suit it. Legends Never Die is great! I’m trying to think of who his voice reminds me of, think it’s Kenny Chesney.
    Playing the rest of the EP now.
  14. My first thought was Johnny Cash, but maybe I’m alone in that!
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  15. I mean. LOOK AT THEM!

    20200814_133839.jpg 20200814_133804.jpg
  16. Now you say it, I can hear that.

    I’m annoyed at myself cause I just don’t like his voice unfortunately.
  17. I’m rather partial to the trucker love song, “Drive me, crazy”.
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  18. I like some of his songs, that Shania Twain video is fire though. His voice reminds me of Roy Orbison.
  19. LTG


    Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call) sounds like a lost Cash bop.
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