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Orville Peck (he gay n country)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Real or fake its brilliant music and one of the best gigs I went to last year.

    Ah I remember gigs.

  2. I've also always taken the mask as a nod to kink culture rather than an intentional "teehee I'm hot underneath I promise" tease.
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  3. Sis this...reads like crusty boomer dismissiveness. Orville is actually talented and is clearly passionate about country music. The reaction by a bunch of internet twinks is hardly something I'd pin on him.
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  4. Its funny cause me and my fiance are super split on the mask. I adore it and think it brings a fun edge of camp to the whole package but he thinks it cheapens everything and makes him into a caricature. I'm more or less obsessed with Orville and his music while he just dismisses him as "that guy who wears a mask" I know its what got him a lot of attention at the get go but i feel like it might be getting in the way of bringing in new fans (?) even if I strongly disagree with them.
  5. Your fiance sounds like a boomer nn
  6. I can tell you something. He appeals to a David Lynch style crowd. I know loads of people from the twin peaks UK festival and most of them went to Orvilles gigs across the country.

    So he definitely has appeal outside the gays.
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  7. I know more straights that like him than gays oop. Maybe the bpm are too low.
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  8. I mean, his favorite artists are Tracy Chapman and Alison Krauss....
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  9. This is the tea, I tried to get a few of my hunties into him and Roses Are Falling is literally the only thing that would stick.
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  10. If the music was shit, the mask would seem like a cheap gimmick. But the music is great and he's having fun with all the camp in his videos and photoshoots, so I really don't see the problem.
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  11. I think Sub Pop got him a good core audience that wasn’t hung up on ‘the mask thing’ or how hot he was. Gay twitter is just annoying.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The mask is his USP - it helps that his voice is incredible and he has the songs to match.
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  13. Also the fact that country music as an institution is very exclusive in the "good ol' boys club" mentality and an openly queer artist is going to need some sort of USP to gain any sort of visibility outside of said internet twinks.

    But no, let's have a white guy with a guitar and no gimmicks!1! Doesn't this sound familiar?
  14. To be clear, my joke was about the fact a masked person is considered some kind of irresistible object of desire and pictures of his lean, white, faceless body very appealing and hot. My firmly second-hand knowledge of him stops there. I'm not familiar with his output, backstory and eventual merits, which is why my joke offered zero comments about the quality or importance of his music and simply made fun of the lust he seems to provoke.

    The truth is some of you just felt attacked about their taste in men but that's okay because, to be honest, you do deserve to be read for it.

  15. "A high-budget social experiment" and "any generic white boy" read very much as value judgments regarding Orville Peck the artist but let me go ahead and let this one go.
  16. Soooo you came onto a forum full of queer people talking about music, went to the thread of an out queer artist you've never listened to, just to drag said gays for their taste in men and now you're taking the moral high ground? I mean, if you did that in the Liam Payne thread (or even the Harry Styles thread) I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like you don't like having your poor take called out and being read for it. Now go stream Pony
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  17. Yeah, I love the mask. Ironically it and the whole “Orville” act is a tribute to when country music (and I suppose the industry in general back then) was made up of artists essentially playing superhero or caricature versions of themselves. That element of camp so many refuse to play into now for the sake of relatability. I think, looks aside, that’s a big draw as well – people enjoy the mythology around someone like Orville. It’s not that far off from gravitating towards a Lana Del Rey or Lady Gaga, except it’s a man playing with this idea, which is most certainly welcome.
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  18. Oh my fucking god

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  19. Jeez you are really better than this nonsense.
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  20. Rupaul:
    - You should have padded
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