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Orville Peck (he gay n country)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. I'm super late to this party but oh my god I'm obsessed with this album. His vocals give me Roy Orbison/Ian Curtis and the music is so dreamy and cinematic.
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  2. I’ve only listened to one song so far and immediately thought of Roy Orbison as well.
  3. I'm glad he's had a slow rise in success over the past few months, it seemed for a minute like the album was just gonna collect dust and fade.
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  4. Wow.

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  5. I haven't taken this album off repeat for the last 24 hours. Winds of Change, Turn to Hate, Roses Are Falling, Queen of the Rodeo, Dead of Night, Nothing Fades Like The Night... the whole thing is amazing. AND his fucking visuals!? The videos are great, his photoshoots are fantastic. And he's so endearing in interviews.

    Plus I saw his dick on Google, it's very nice.

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  6. Orville had his TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It's on Hulu now. Nothing amazing tbh but his voice was great.
  7. This... isn't a very good performance is it. He sounds off.
  8. I thought he sounded good. He needs some uptempo songs to perform live or something. This performance wouldn't make me want to hear/see more if I wasn't already into him.
  9. He certainly doesnt sound as strong as he did when I saw him live.
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  10. I thought he sounded fine. Maybe not his best performance ever, but it was also his first time performing on television. There could have been some nerves involved.
  11. rdp


    The heavy tone he uses live kinda reminds of when Lana used to make her voice lower in early performances... Like I know it's part of the aesthetics and the whole package but it feels kinda taxing on his voice
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  12. It's pretty wild how much his voice has evolved. Some of his old music is pretty great. I love the 90s alt throwback vibe of this kind of stuff. It sounds like it belongs in an early episode of Buffy.

  13. I love Johnny Cash infliction from the Kimmel performance. He was a blast last May when he was in Cleveland.
  14. Honestly, if the voice was lower, this could have easily been on the Orville LP

    In other news, he has multiple songs with Diplo for that project

  15. Just dropping here to say that I loved his cock pics and I'm gonna be checking out his album. Xoxo.
  16. I cant listen this properly as I am out but sounds much better.

  17. Also representing

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