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Orville Peck

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

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  2. Couldn't quite get into the vocals on first listen. He's intriguing, so I'll definitely give it another shot.
  3. This is really good. Roses Are Falling is a lovely Elvis pastiche.
  4. There’s some very lovely soundscapes in this. My only criticism is his delivery is a bit same-y which makes it drag for me a little bit.

    But some of these songs are really quite beautiful. Big Sky, Buffalo Run, Dead Of The Night are all absolutely stunning to me.

    It’s a vibe I’m not exposed to very often, and I’m very pleased to have listened to this.

    He sounds hot too when his deepest register meets a really pronounced bass.
  5. Yes, I checked and yes, I'm into it... every inch.
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  6. Um, is there a link?
  7. Queen of the Rodeo is The One™.
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  8. This is surprisingly nice background music. I'm not sure if I mean that as praise or insult yet.
  9. Also Hope to Die. The Whitney AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII gets me every time. I hope it was intentional.
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  10. I love his image, but I'm half way through the album and quite bored.
  11. This album is very much a "vibe" (issa mood etc.). It's basically the atmosphere of Chris Isaak's Wicked Games extended to a full-length record, which I'm personally very much here for
  12. I missed your tag over a booze filled weekend but you bet your ass I’ve been enjoying this guy.
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  13. Okay wig at MN icons Husker Du making an appearance in this thread.

    Gay rights!
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  14. I wasn't really moved by any of the songs I've heard, but I'll try again.
  15. I rather like what I've heard, it's very Lana and also very gay. He looks kinda sexy too and I'm not into masks at all. Orville could be one to watch.
  16. Big Sky followed by Roses Are Falling is decimating me. Whew!
  17. Ooft who woulda thought I needed a male country Lana counterpart?

    This is fab.
  18. litterally google butt magazine daniel pitout ddd

    I'm loving the album and I checked if he was coming to the UK/Europe anytime soon.
    He already did. Last month.

  19. I like everything about this, except his voice. Sigh.
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  20. woof
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