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Orville Peck

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Well the punk influence I loved on Pony is completely gone.
  2. I hope there's more than just a black vinyl. Gold would be sublime.
  3. I... can't believe he's skipped Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Guess I'll be going to Michigan.

  4. There has to be a gold at some point. Considering all the variants for Pony I imagine there's a few planned.
  5. I...think I may just wait on the full album with this one. It's a busy release day and given the time he's spent away I can wait two more months. Excited to read the reception!
  6. C’mon Baby, Cry is glorious.
  7. Him spelling out Mississippi at the end of Daytona Sand might be the sexiest thing I've ever heard.
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  8. The video is gorgeous! Can't wait to listen to the other songs.
  9. I really like the new songs a lot.

    It almost seems like his voice is opening up more on these songs, the way he's using his falsetto (C'mon Baby Cry) and his upper belting register (Outta Time). And he's writing richer, broader melodies to suit the singing. The songs are almost poppier in a way.

    I also love how deliciously WARM C'mon Baby Cry is. I feel like it's the brightest, happiest, most inviting hug of a song he's yet to give us. Like some great rhythmic poppy song from the sixties.
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  10. I liked all of these new tracks immediately, but I adore them now. Especially Daytona Sand and C'mon, Baby Cry. But there's something special about all of them, really. Out of Time gives me 70s Americana road trip banger, and Any Turn just slaps. His voice is so strong and confident throughout, and I love how his sound has grown to include an even wider pool of influence. Most of all, it sounds like he's having a ton of fun on every song, so it's impossible not to smile and sing along. I can't wait for the full album.
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  11. Oh my god! I missed that he’s playing Melbourne in July. Just snatched tickets.
  12. Very late to the party, the Scream soundtrack brought me to Orville. Should’ve listened to my brother years ago.

    But wow.
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  13. Got my tickets for his Toronto show during the pre-sale today. Looking like this will be my first post(?)-pandemic concert and I couldn't be more excited. Also looks like he's teasing a Daytona Sand video!

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  14. Ooh good. I was worried that it would be one single per chapter and this is my fave from chapter 1.
  15. I've listened to a few tracks before but decided to give the EP a go and...whew! We need to be stanning on this one.
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  16. From tik tik. 4 videos filmed.

  17. Looks like chapter 2 is coming on Friday. Surprised it’s coming so soon.
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  18. And with Norman Reedus in the video. Someone got a budget!

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  19. The album is out in a month so this makes sense. I hope these are the last songs we get before the album, though, given that we'll have more than half of it.
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