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Orville Peck

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Ma'am...
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  2. Pitchfork can die!

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  3. And here I was thinking he sounded great across the album...
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  4. I love this album! Let Me Drown is one of my favourites from Chapter 3, that Pitchfork review is… too much.
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  5. He does sound great. Always take pitchfork reviews as satirical.
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  6. I could see commentary on the affectation being impression-y at times...but saying he can't sing? C'mon now.
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  7. Having seen him up close and singing live he is phenomenal. Yes he does adapt a certain twang but it's part of the charm. I feel like sometimes these reviews deliberately try to get a rise out of fans.
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  8. Yes, I was a fan prior to seeing him live, but hearing the vocals in person took the stanning to a whole new level. He's an insane performer and the talent is real.

    Saying he's not a good singer is irresponsible!
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  9. That review reads like something P4k is definitely gonna try to retcon positively in about ten years
  10. I would like to see the person from pitchfork who reviewed Bronco sing "Queen of the Rodeo" for name one song wich needs from certain vocal skills
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  11. That review is mean spirited for no reason. He has a gorgeous voice.

    Loving the album.
  12. jtm


    His voice is so good. That‘s just all bullshit. And late Johnny Cash (as was mentioned in other places) is also fantastic.

    I know I might get crucified but I kind of wonder what he could do with his voice, his songwriting skills and a slight electronic production. I‘d be wet.
  13. As I said before I love him but I'd love a killer remix or a feature on a dance track. I half expected one with Diplo to turn up.
  14. So we don't think we're gonna get a CD of this?
  15. Orville Peck is no worse (probably better) a singer than Bruce Springsteen, who I'm almost certain Pitchfork loves (at least his classic work).

    Everybody should have stopped taking Pitchfork seriously after the Madame X fiasco. Like, it's fine to give any album a low score since reviewing is subjective but a publication that rigs a bad review has no integrity.

    The Bronco review is actually well written until they just have to get in the snarky jab. I hate music journalism snark. It's embarrassingly juvenile.
  16. I usually never complain about getting a lot of songs but this is definitely a little overstuffed & somewhat homogenous. It might reveal itself over time but it’s no Pony.
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  17. Listened to the whole album. Pitchfork needs to lay off the crack. Peck sings powerfully and with dexterity. I was incredibly impressed with his voice. And the album is great too. Not something I'll come back to often because I don't emotionally connect to it and it's slightly gimmicky but the arrangements and melodies are superb ear candy.
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  18. R92


    Just popping in to say “Hexie Mountains” is The One. What an achingly gorgeous song.
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  19. jtm


    And I‘ve been getting my life to that one, Lafayette, Kalahari Down and of course Let Me Drown.
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