Orville Peck


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This is an album of the year contender, it’s giving me the same sort of timeless feel and ability to stop me in my tracks that Born to Die did back in the day, everything feels well crafted and nothing staggers above the rest of the album so it all hangs together really well.
Just saw the second date in DC. His live show is one of the best I've seen. His band is perfect and there is so much natural stage presence and theatricality. If you have the chance to see them, you really should go. I have a crush on Bria.
I just saw him in Melbourne and it was such a great show. Really shone some light on a few Bronco tracks I had been sleeping (Blush for example).

In general I found that every song popped off live. His vocals were really strong and he has such great stage presence too.

His little audience interactions were cute too. I was gagged when he said he grew up in South Africa, was this common knowledge? Also, THE DRUMMER!
He was so, so good last night in Toronto. Bronco has grown on me a ton over the summer and Pony was a huge part of my early lockdown listening, so finally seeing him live was a bit surreal. His entire band was fantastic and he's so charamasmtic and charming on stage. His vocals were fantastic, too. I'm low-key tempted to go again tonight but I've kind of been spending too much on concerts lately ddd.