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Orville Peck

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. I googled and clicked on google image.

    No wonder his hanky code is mustard.
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  2. I went to one of his 40-people-capacity London shows and it was really fucking good. The intimacy yas.

    He's said he plans to come back to Europe twice later this year.
  3. I would keep trying. There’s definitely a theatrical bent to his voice that takes a bit of getting used to but once it clicks, it’s great.
  4. Oh, he is gay.

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  5. Rina found jealous.

    I imagine it's gonna be in the second half of the year, which sucks for moi because I won't be living in the UK anymore.

  6. Omg I love this. It has that 80s flavour that I love and his voice is sexy as hell. The guitar in Dead Of Night reminds of something by The Cure or The Smiths I think?
  7. I'm obsessed

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  8. I've been listening non stop for 2 hours. Help.
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  9. The songwriting, production and visuals are all great. Still getting used to his voice as well... I actually expected something more traditionally country dd. It sort of hovers between Elvis and Anohni cosplay.
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  10. He better serve a music video wearing a cowboy hat, jockstrap and chaps or else ...

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  11. Something something mask4mask
  12. Apparently, he likes to go on Livejournal and Reddit, too! Maybe he's on Popjustice.
  14. His voice is very rich and lovely. So far from what I've heard, it's not that annoying twang crap that's so popular in pop-country today. I love that his songs reference male for male love affairs within the context of country music. The fact that he's good looking with that voice adds to the appeal.
  15. The butt interview is entertaining and confirms I'm not the only guy with a twisted sense of humor on dating apps. "My Grindr profile used to have a picture of me drumming that was really horrific. I was making a really scary twisted face. And when guys would ask me to send them a photo of my dick, I would send them a picture of my thumb where a blister from drumming had come up. It looked all gnarly and fucked up."
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  16. I’m honestly LIVING for this masked Gay Orbison fantasy with the way he serves that angelic falsetto. Fuck me up, iamnotwhoisfancy!

    Ohhh and his Peck is also huge nn
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  17. I listened to this yesterday on Spotify because of this thread and picked up a copy of this in my recordstore today. Amazing.
  18. Hi Orville @BikeThief
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  19. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I stan!
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  20. I listened to the album yesterday and it's nice. Nothing really had me stanning but I will listen to it until I do purely because I need more gay country music.
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