Orville Peck

I enjoy the Twin Peaks-vibe "Dead of Night" carries but haven't given the album much of a listen yet. His voice also reminds me of Adam Klopp of Choir Boy and Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras for some reason...and maybe a little Roy Orbison?

I am in love.

My obsession of the month.

Those eyes... Seeing the mouth was an extra treat in the Dead of Night video.

I think the Sia mask gimmick is a bit extra but I’m surprised he’s already signed to Sub Pop. He’s gonna blow up.
I thought more Prince... much sexier, but I recall Sia with a cowboy hat. Barf.
Yes: Super warm, resonant voice in a surprisingly wonderful musical template, like a mellow Roy Orbison meets a quaalude Chris Isaak?

No: The Cousin It/Sia Furler cosplay.

Conclusion: Fuck it, lemme follow this.

oh wait i've met him before I forgot lol oops
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"Roses are Falling" is the tune I keep going back to, bar the singles. The part where he talks is a bit cringe (I think Devendra Banhart does it quite well in "Shabop Shalom") but I like his voice backed with that melody.

I was planning to see him play at a small venue in Seattle but tickets just sold out!
I posted on his Instagram that I’d love to see him play in some stark hollow town at the Carson City line and he “liked it”. Swoon...

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This is his old band by the way:

Something completely different tho.