Orville Peck

I like this a lot because it has no many good reference points, from the music to the imagery (so much so that it almost comes across contrived dd). His voice is good but comes across a bit affected.

The whole album is quite good but I'll have to sit with for a bit more.
Does anyone know who makes his masks or where I can purchase a few? I’d really like to buy some.
Just bought my ticket

I’m pressed that I missed his date in my city, but good for him on selling it out.

This is my album of the year thus far, by the way. It felt a touch too insular at first but it’s gradually unfurled into an album of great word building and some exceptional vocals. Roses Are Falling is probably the one, but Queen of the Rodeo and Nothing Fades Like the Night are right behind it. Thank you queen @that boy is a monster for getting Ms. Peck on my radar.
Orville played a sold out show in Seattle last night and he had Lavender Country open up for him...I am new to the band but for those who do not know- they were the first openly gay country band way back in 1972. Their album, when it was released, was originally a bootleg and was later then distributed with support from gay organizations. Hearing his story about how he was able to be release the music he did was solely because his father said he could; I was with my older gay friend I call "grandma" and we both teared up because, like many others, our fathers are not supportive or as present in our lives due to our sexuality (or "lifestyle" as they say). Then his husband worked through the crowd to give him a drink and hearing their love story was also a very tender moment. Lead singer, Patrick, is the gay grandpa people need!

Orville was good and I enjoyed hearing my favorite, "Roses are Falling" live; "Take You Back" was also fun to hear as well.

Here's a picture of Orville and Patrick of Lavender Country performing together:
Been playing this album this morning after seeing him featured on Pitchfork. I'm not completely sold on it yet but I like a lot of it. Dead of Night, Roses Are Falling and Winds Change are my standouts so far.
AC: You asked via Twitter if you should do a cowboy cover version of “Lady Marmalade.” And yes, you must. So, who would be on it? And will you take over Christina’s part?

OP: I definitely want Xtina’s part. Kacey Musgraves can do Mya, Babeo Baggins can do P!nk and Azealia Banks should replace Lil’ Kim’s rap verse―I mean, she’s pretty problematic but fuck it, she’s a cowboy! Trixie Mattel can stand on the side and hype us like Missy Elliot.
Second time he's mentioned her, the Liquorice singer's impact!
Mini UK tour in October:

27th in Brighton, Green Door Store
28th in London, Scala
30th in Manchester, Yes
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