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Orville Peck

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by that boy is a monster, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Booked for Manchester.
  2. Very excited about to see him in Madrid
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  3. @Orville come to Minneapolis I have converted several hipster hets!
  4. Pony is Top 5 of 2019 for me. I need a drink after the one-two of Hope to Die and Nothing Fades Like the Light.
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  5. I wish the album had some more instant songs and stronger hooks. But it’s still a really good album and I love the whole depressed gay cowboy style he has going on. I can imagine his next album being solid gold.
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  6. His creative direction is so consistently fresh. I haven’t even listened to the album and I want this poster.

  7. I love this.
    It’s fast working it’s way to being an album of the year.
  8. Trust me to discover this country kween literally as he’s wrapping up his UK tour.

    What an album.
  9. R92


    Looking forward to catching him tonight! This seems like the type of album that’ll translate really well live.
  10. Saw him live last night. His speaking voice is ridiculously gorgeous, like melt your loins gorgeous. Obviously, he put on an incredible show too - did two amazing covers which brought all the yee-has.
    Met him afterwards and he was really sweet and signed my record. Definitely one of the albums of the year
  11. LTG


    Omfg Norman Fucking Rockwell! What a choice. King was iconic.
  12. So glad someone is touring her new material. Honestly he was incredible tonight and v thankful for him justifying the fact I made this Pony vs Norman Fucking Rockwell playlist. You're welcome!

  13. R92


    His energy as a performer is incredible. Excellent vocals, great crowd work, and you can tell just how much he and his band enjoy to play. It’s incredibly infectious.

    Also, WHEW to those leather pants...
  14. Stanning Patti, Whitney and X? I love my dad!
  15. WAIT he’s amazing. I loved Dead of Night!
    Gonna check out the album.
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  16. Finally got the gold edition of the album on vinyl for a decent price woo
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  17. This is so under the radar it's not even funny. It's been in my Top 5 Albums of 2019 since I first heard it.
  18. I can just agree with everybody praising him live. His concert last night was ridiculously good. Stunning vocals, he moves on stage like he was born for it, incredible band and they obviously love doing this.

    And that ass...
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