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Oscar Bait 2013

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Lupita just seems like such a lovely human being. I'm very happy for her and excited for her future.

    Also, this is the first awards show in a long time that I haven't hated a single outfit. Maybe I just didn't see enough dresses or something? Everyone looked phenomenal.
  2. The speeches were excellent last night. Jared's was heartwarming and Lupita was so thrilled, it made me happy to see her so excited.
  3. It will be interesting to see how Lupita's career pans out. Most black actresses who have won an Oscar haven't been able to sustain successful movie careers unlike their male counterparts. Halle Berry's currently filming her new CBS sci-fi series, Mo'Nique only gained a now cancelled talkshow, Octavia Spencer just joined a Fox pilot after her Murder She Wrote reboot didn't happen, Jennifer Hudson did Smash and a Lifetime movie, and Whoopi Goldberg's film career peaked long ago.

    Of course, Lupita was completely unknown until now, so her situation is a little different. Everyone loves an underdog and she's been so well-received by the media. She could very well buck the trend.
  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    The only one who is similar to Lupita in my mind based on a lot of different factors is Halle Berry, who unfortunately revealed herself to not have great taste in picking projects post-Oscar. It's been more than ten years since she won as well, so a CBS show isn't the worse place to be.

    If Lupita is as smart as she seems, she'll be fine. Every actor has a franchise these days so I'd love to see her cast in either the upcoming Star Wars films or maybe a new Tomb Raider series?
  5. Halle has only done about 15 films over the last twelve years, while Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman have both done several more than that since they won. I guess after her first couple of missteps, she fell out of favour and subsequently hasn't exactly been inundated with offers.

    You're right about the franchise thing. If Halle hadn't done X-Men, her post-Oscars CV would be much sadder. I just wish Hollywood weren't so snooty about TV, it would be amazing if great actors like Lupita were free to explore roles on both film and TV at a time like this rather than only doing TV when the film offers dry up. Although it does feel like things are changing slightly with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson doing True Detective, Kevin Spacey on House of Cards, and Kevin Bacon on The Following. James Franco recently said he did General Hospital to partly challenge the hierarchy of entertainment. Wouldn't it be amazing if Jennifer Lawrence followed in his footsteps and guest starred on Orange Is the New Black or something? Obviously that's never going to happen, but hopefully one day it won't just be male actors of a certain age who are able to flit between both mediums.
  6. The difference with Lupita is she isn't American, she doesn't have to persue Hollywood, she's an international actress who speaks several languages she can make art house films, films in Spanish, films in Kenya, i really hope she doesn't go down the Hollywood blockbuster role. I want to see her in high quality, art house films with great scripts and only deign to do Hollywood when it has something more to offer her than money

    (and i want her an Leo to fall in love in a film together)
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  7. KAG


    I think Steve McQueen will take Lupita under his wing the same way David O'Russell has done with Jennifer Lawrence. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in a leading role in his next film.

    I can also see her doing critically acclaimed independent films and BBC/HBO dramas. If acting doesn't work out, she could always go down the fashion route. She's stunning and stylish. I'm even surprised she hasn't bagged an American Vogue cover yet. Blake Lively managed to get TWO and she was the star of a low rated CW drama. Lupita on the other hand was in a critically acclaimed box office hit and has won several awards.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    This has to be the most talked about Oscar night in years.
  9. I've thought the same thing. It's interesting about this discussion surrounding black actresses who have won Oscars. There have been quite a few that have won the Best Supporting Actress over the last decade. I really wanted Jennifer Hudson to do great things, it's just a shame she picked a project like Winnie. I know Viola Davis hasn't won an Oscar, only been nominated, but she didn't even register to me in Prisoners.
  10. What was wrong with "Winnie"? Even if it was a dud (haven't seen it), she could still do other movies.
  11. I don't think that there's any real precedent for Lupita -

    Whoopi - still Hollywood royalty and a great actress (lest we forget she was a bonafide MOVIE STAR in the late 80s and early 90s). That she's not acting these days is unquestionably her choice and probably more to do with the types of roles offered to her because of age than a racial barrier (I'd love an auteur to tempt her back with a killer role...)

    Halle - there were question marks over her as an actress before her win, which weren't helped by her atrocious choices after the win - that said, The Call was an unexpected hit in the USA, so I suspect that her stock has risen considerably in the past year)

    Jennifer - she wasn't much of an actress in Dreamgirls, let alone in her roles since then - the part (and to a lesser extent, her 'journey') secured the win. Unless she's fully committed to acting and to improving, I can't envision her maintaining an acting career. She certainly seems to be a singer at heart, anyway...

    Mo'nique - a weird one, she's not of the age where she's going to have her choice of roles, but no acting whatsoever since the win? Definitely her decision...

    Octavia - carving out a solid career in supporting roles... considering her size and her look (and that's before we even consider race), she's not doing badly...

    Lupita stands apart from all of these actresses - she's a trained actress, stunningly beautiful, young, adept at the PR side of things... I completely agree with Mump - she should unquestionably be at the top of any high-quality, art-house director's wishlist!
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Whoopi has been in Glee recently, of course.
  13. The issue with Winnie is that no one spoke to Winnie about the film, no research was done, and then Mandela came along not long afterwards. Although a real niche, The Black Nativity she did with Angela Bassett was a good decision for her career.

    I'm not worried for Lupita, I actually said not far back in this thread that too much effort has been put into her for her to become a waste. I just think that Supporting Actress category has been quite interesting. I do agree with your comments - particularly with Halle Berry, she's been foolish and while The Call was a box office smash, it's a terrible film with very poor reviews.
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  14. Whoopi's also in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

    I don't think it's their limited acting ability that has kept Jennifer Hudson or Halle Berry from maintaining a success film career. Jennifer Lawrence is hardly the most gifted actress (though, obviously she is quite good), her continued success is primarily down to David O. Russell giving her great parts and a huge amount of support from Hollywood in general. Hollywood just doesn't support black actresses in the same way.

    Speaking of Viola Davis, I hope her pilot gets picked up. A Shonda Rhimes-produced legal thriller has to be good.
  15. I don't disagree with this - however, I'd be reluctant to say that Hollywood supports actresses at all... the problem is that it's not like white actresses get a super easy ride in the first place - non-white actresses therefore get the roughest ride of all! It's very difficult to separate race, age and gender because they're all disadvantages in Hollywood!

    The reason I mention Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry in terms of 'acting ability' is that for a black actress to truly succeed in Hollywood, she'll need to not only be as good as her white contemporaries but much better. A sad truth. Obviously, once the barrier has been broken and it's been proven that the public will accept 1) An actress carrying a mainstream film and 2) A black actress carrying a mainstream film (though you'd think that Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock alone had proved point 1, while the success of Will Smith is hardly alien to point 2) then we'll start to see more and more non-white actresses headlining movies.

    Until, yes, we may one day have a non-white Kate Hudson and a non-white Jennifer Aniston! PROGRESS!

    And yes, I agree that Jennifer Lawrence's success is absolutely grounded in goodwill from the industry, though she's been lucky enough to be in high-profile hits with critics AND the public... of course she has goodwill, she's making people money! What about when she has a flop movie or one with a bad performance? Will Hollywood protect her then? History tells us not... if she were an actor, though? Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks - they've all headlined flops and remain constantly employed. Plus, considering that Mel Gibson still finds employment there, it seems that there are different rules for males... Cate Blanchett's speech was amazing and was bang on the money...
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Kerry Washington? (I'm kind of joking, but also kind of serious?)
  17. I first saw her in Spike Lee's She Hate Me and she was about 5 million times better than the film. A ridiculous character that she made believable and I subsequently fell in love with her. I was convinced that she needed more opportunities to showcase how great she was.

    Then I saw her in underwritten roles in Ray, Lakeview Terrace and Django Unchained and in each one she added nothing, was bland, never elevating the script she was working with... so, yes, I'll give you that one!

    That said, to play devil's advocate, the Kate Hudsons of this world could quite easily have their agent call Lars Von Trier (as an actress-centric director, for example) and request to be in his next film, working for scale to demonstrate their craft... I very much doubt that Kerry has that luxury, so it's unfair to criticize her - I imagine that she takes what she can get in the way of work...

    Finally, a black actress like Kerry Washington (beautiful, a star, not necessarily Judi Dench in terms of ability) would probably find her greatest success in romantic comedies. Except Hollywood hates interracial pairings in marquee releases (and obviously thinks that two black leads won't appeal to a white audience, despite The Best Man Holiday and Think Like A Man Too recently demonstrating otherwise). So she's again limited by the Hollywood system.

    I'll shut up now (I could babble on about this all day!)
  18. duckface

    duckface Guest

    A bit late, but Halle's inability to capitalize on her Oscar is mostly due to the fact that she is black. Black actors in general have a hard time getting lead roles because in Hollywood's eyes those films immediately become 'black movies'. I remember her discussing how hard it was for her to get her role in Things We Lost In The Fire.

    I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Lupita, but she'll have to be very careful. Unless she finds a main role in a couple of acclaimed/money-making films immediately, she could very well end up doing inconsequential bit parts in indie movies for the rest of her career.
  19. Halle is a strange case. She's a proper Hollywood star, if ever there was one - I feel like her lack of 'credibility' as an actress is what stalled her career. Remember her topless scene in Swordfish and how every straight male in the world went crazy for her? Didn't she even win FHM's Sexiest Woman at one point? Hollywood knew that she was a bankable star. Her problem was that her performance in Monster's Ball was seen as a 'fluke' by many and so (with hindsight) she needed to reinforce her credentials as a capable actress immediately after... it took 6 years for Things We Lost In The Fire and I suspect that part of the reason Susanne Bier was initially resistant is due to Halle's films since her win? It was an indie film anyway, so surely her name attached was always going to be a bonus to the production?

    Halle was breaking all kinds of barriers at that time (black woman headlining a comic book movie, 'colour-blind' roles in most of her films). It's just a shame that it had to happen with unsuccessful films...

    Of course, I have no doubt that the number of scripts arriving for her to read even then is less than half those sent to Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon... and the reason for that? Yes, the fact that she's black...

    Which pretty much reinforces that a black actress needs to be superhuman to truly succeed...
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