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Oscar Bait 2013

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Part of me will always, always feel a bit cheated when I go to the cinema to see a film where there's no fantasy element whatsoever. I'm not saying every movie I go and see is about magic or aliens or super heroes, but if there isn't at least a slightly twisted or exaggerated version of the real world represented on screen then I just feel odd. The worst offenders are British films that offer nothing that you wouldn't see on a few episodes of Eastenders.
    Obviously period dramas are the exception, as they depict the world in a time I've never know.

    Guess I'm just a big kid. Haha.
  2. Emma Watson must be seething, Hollywood was ready for a new It Girl and it could have been her, but Jennifer swooped in and took it all. I really like Jennifer, but I don't completely buy her schtick. I don't think she's as socially awkward as she makes out and and all that talk about loving fast food and never exercising has to be bullshit. She talks like a Tumblr blogger, but someone with the personality of a Tumblr blogger could never be a A-list Hollywood star.

    I completely understand that. Those British movies (usually written and starring Noel Clarke, it seems) are the worst. Why are so many of British movies about gangs and urban crime?
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  3. duckface

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    For real, Liam? I can't imagine not liking movies that depict 'the real world'. I find I learn a lot more about myself watching non-fantasy films.
  4. I probably phrased that wrongly but to me a film has to have something unique about it to draw me in. It can be set in the real world as long as there's a larger than life character or two, or it's beautifully shot, or in somewhere exotic. I've always felt a bit of disconnect with reality anyway so anything like that usually strikes a chord.
  5. I love drama (especially independent/arthouse), but I do agree with British drama and you can include horror in this too, there is too much urban stuff, like a towerblock is going to somehow make something credible. I tend to lean towards depressing and dark things though, I rarely enjoy jolly happy films.
  6. Really? Aside from X-Men and The Hunger Games, I don't think that any of her films have been guaranteed to be Box Office hits - Serena got such a lukewarm reaction at festivals (and is pretty much an art house film, it seems) that it's blatantly only getting a release because she and Bradley Cooper are movie stars... I think she's the perfect example of a 'one for me, one for them' attitude to Hollywood and as long as people want to see Jennifer Lawrence in movies, the 'one for me' films like her David O'Russell movies will make money and lead to more films made on her name alone...

    It's like Nicole Kidman in the early 2000s (except her 'one for them' movies became increasingly shit and ruined her perceived bankability...)

    I think that Meryl Streep is a bad example because, despite her exemplary Oscar record, it's shocking how few great movies she's been in... almost makes you wonder whether she prefers mediocre films because she shines brighter in them...
  7. I mostly HATE films with a fantasy element, ,mostly just an excuse for a crap script and an easy way out of any plot holes

    Good acting a writing will win for me anyway I hardly ever go and see other types of film, i can't even remember the last time i saw a comedy

    (I did like Gravity though)
  8. I just want a movie to be cinematic. That doesn't mean there has to be unicorns and space battles, but it does mean that I expect it to have a good reason for being on the big screen. Every now and again I'll watch a drama-based film and come away disappointed, because the makers didn't make the most of the medium. The right cameras, styling and lighting can make all the difference. I want to be immersed in the story, not feel like I'm watching a cheap ITV drama premiere.
  9. Under My Skin looks really good with Scarlett Johanson as an alien. She's got a lot out at the moment.
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