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Oscar Bait 2016

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. I wasn't going to start a Oscar Bait thread this year as Miss @Laura Vanderbooben does such a great job but I've just booked my tickets to TIFF so thought it appropriate.

    The Toronto International Film Festival is generally agreed to be the start of each years Oscar race and this year doesn't look to be any different. Many of the main contenders are premiering there in September.

    Manchester By The Sea
    La La Land
    Hidden Figures
    Nocturnal Animals
    Birth of a Nation
    Queen of Katwe - Queen Lupita!!!
    A United Kingdom
    LBJ - This bombed at TIFF
    American Pastoral
    A Monster Calls
    Bleed For This
    Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
    20th Century Women
    The Founder
    Rules Don't Apply
    Florence Foster Jenkins
    Come Hell Or High Water
    Miss Sloane
    They Live By Night

    Not all of these will be contenders but many of them will be in the running come February. Released trailers above. These are just for what showing at TIFF for now but will add other baity films (Fences, The Light Between Oceans, Sully, Rules Don't Apply, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk etc) as we go along.

    I'll report back as I see them and undoubtedly get everything wrong.

    At TIFF back in 2013 I adored August: Osage County and didn't get 12 Years A Slave at all.

    Still think I'm right.

    And all follow me @BabyClydeOscars. It's basically me talking to myself about watching every nominated performance ever. Need to set up my blog properly but Twitter account is a start.
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  2. I purposefully held off this year to allow you to have it, so I'm glad!

    (And jealous about TIFF. Enjoy.)
  3. Come!!!
  4. My early bets for inclusions in the Best Picture Oscar category:

    Finding Dory
    Birth of a Nation
    Jungle Book

    Best Actress to include (if there's any justice) Kate Beckinsale for Love & Friendship

    The Witch should get Best Director and Original Screenplay nominations but it won't as it's horror

    Tom Hanks gets a nod for Sully
  5. Baby Clyde, hope you discover some gems.

    I actually just accepted a part-time position at TIFF so I will be working box office in addition to my day job - which means I won't see any films unless they are in the mornings on the weekend. But it is a great festival if you can see films.
  6. La-La Land looks intriguing. As does American Pastoral. Nice to see Jennifer Connelly in bigger roles again.
  7. The shade of it all. Nobody's Oscar threads were as good as mine! Nobody's!
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  8. I remember your Oscar threads fondly, @Someboy (though I like to judge a thread by the quality of Oscar bait for that year - did we have one in 2004/2005?)

    Now, I know that despite the #oscarssowhite controversy last year, it is unlikely that multiple "black-centric" films will gain traction. However, I would live for Denzel, Viola, Lupita, Nate and David (Oyelowo) all grabbing nominations in the same year.

    Has anyone seen this trailer yet? Good distributor for awards season but still a long-shot without RAVE reviews -

    Shortened from the original (and ten times more beautiful) title Black Boys Look Blue In The Moonlight.

    I like the sound of Oscar Winner Naomie Harris - she's ploughed away in non-baity parts for too long...
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  9. I missed Ruth Negga from my previous post - I strangely love her despite only ever seeing her in a thankless part in World War Z and that ropey Shirley Bassey movie on BBC4 a few years ago...
  10. There are going to be loads of black nominees this year. It's going to be slightly cringe. Obviously a good thing that studios are pushing films of a more diverse nature as Oscar Bait this year but all this really means is that black American and a couple of Brits will get noms (And even wins) but all other races and ethnicities will be completely ignored as usual. It's a start, I just wish it didn't take last years ill conceived conflama to instigate such a change.

    It's a long way out but all of these are currently in the discussion.

    Denzel Washington
    Viola Davis
    Stephen Henderson
    Ruth Negga
    Nate Parker
    Aja Naomi King
    Lupita N'yongo
    Naomi Harris
    Taraji P Henson
    Janelle Monae x2
    Octavia Spencer
    Dev Patel
    David Oyelowo

    Current from runners are......

    Actor - Casey Affleck
    Actress - Viola Davis (Quite likely she'll be up against Amy Adams and Annette Bening. It's gonna be a bloodbath)
    S. Actor - Liam Neeson (Although this category is bare at the moment and lots of prediction are being made sight unsean)
    S. Actress - Michelle Williams

    I wonder if Nate Parker's old rape charges will have any effect on the race. Very smart thing that they have been brought up now so may have blown over by the time film premiers for real. Despite mixed reviews I can see Birth of a Nation going all the way to try and right some imaginary wrong.
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  11. I've updated the first post with new trailers and added a few new baity films that aren't showing at TIFF.

    I'm always intrigued by the stuff that everyone is excited about but bombs horribly when it comes out. Every year there are a couple of main contenders that end up getting no awards traction at all.

    I wonder what this years will be? Hard to predict as we won't be seeing some stuff until December.

    I'm the meantime join me here to listen to even more of my obsessive Oscar ramblings as I watch ever nominated performance ever - @BabyClydesOscars
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  12. Birth of a Nation is done as an awards contender. Our culture is in a moment where we are happy to prosecute people based on the values we hold today for crimes they might have committed almost two decades ago. Nate Parker was scheduled to go on a full promo tour, but how can they send him out now with prominent feminist writers taking him down with well-thought think pieces over the past several weeks. There's no way to avoid it, and he (and Fox Searchlight) did a disservice by not saying the right things in his initial interview with Deadline.

    I think the 'chosen' black film will be Fences, with Denzel and Viola. Previous winner and previous nominee, both extremely well-respected across Hollywood and outside of Hollywood.

    I'm really excited to see how La La Land turns out.
  13. I'm not so sure. The narrative could just as easily be spun that he's been negatively judged because of his race. The whole idea that the stereotype of an aggressive black man is still being used today plays directly into what the film is about.

    Be doesn't have to go on a promo tour or do interviews without the interviewer being carefully selected beforehand. If the film gets well received by critics and this whole thing blows over the film is still in the race. The Academy have overlooked far worse in the past and the public barely know who he is to care one way of another.

    Fences is definitely in the mix but could easily turn out to be a clunker. Denzil is directing which doesn't inspire confidence. They do like their actors turned directors though (Redford, Beatty, Costner, Eastwood, Gibson etc). I may just turn up in acting categories as it's going to take a miracle to dislodge them to from consideration. The recent history of classic plays being turned into films has been very hit and miss. August: Osage County, Doubt, Carnage, Proof, Rabbit Hole etc mostly disappointed. I hope it's good though. Fences has been in pre production for as long as I can remember. A good 20 years or more. That fact that they finally got it done is a miracle. Cast and material aside there's absolutely nothing to go on yet. No one seems to have any news.

    Same goes for Silence which isn't scheduled to be at any festivals and isn't opening until December. Could be a masterpiece could be a Kundun. We'll have to wait and see.

    It's interesting that Best Actress is looking really strong again this year. The fact that it has done so quite a lot recently is a really good sign. Traditionally the category has been pretty threadbare.

  14. Will I see this? Yes.
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  15. You're more optimistic than I am, @Baby Clyde

    I don't really care what circumstances could lead to there being multiple black nominees (let's be honest, there's nothing 'pure' or objective about awarding movies anyway) - what I do want is for Viola, Taraji, Lupita and Octavia to be multiple nominees and to have young filmmakers clamouring to write showcase roles for them in years to come.

    Of course, the Academy voters do traditionally gravitate to non-white talent in baity and well-received films (the irony last year is that huge lists of performances were listed as 'snubbed' when it was only the cast of Beasts Of No Nation who were in contention and the snub there seemed to be a Netflix snobbery thing rather than disliking the film). I just pray that all of the films listed go down well critically - otherwise, I think it's highly likely that the awards-season narrative will focus on a single black film and ignore the others... I don't for a second believe that half the contenders in discussion will make the final 20 (though I would absolutely LOVE to be proven wrong).

    The sad fact about minorities who aren't Black American / Black British is that baity parts are so rarely awarded to these actors. I mean, Archie Panjabi (one of the most famous minority actresses in the USA who isn't black) is tied into a fucking Golden Age Of Hollywood handcuff deal with a studio and what do we have to show for it? A supporting role in San Andreas? Shame on you, Hollywood...
  16. On the whole Birth Of A Nation controversy - it seems to already be going badly for Nate Parker... his (or his team's) decision to focus on how hard the allegations were for HIM without mentioning someone who was very troubled and eventually committed suicide, even in passing? That's going to keep coming back to bite him unless they tackle the subject once and for all and force people to move on... especially when his co-writer and friend on this movie was initially convicted of the same crime that he was accused of... the movie will need UNANIMOUS praise, particularly when movies like this are much more obvious bait for Oscar voters -

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  17. This is the one I'm gagging for as well. Apparently the test screenings have gone down fantastically. They are showing a preview (Not the whole film) at Toronto along with a Q&A and performance by Pharrell. This bodes really well for awards season and means that the studio is treating it as a real contender. I shall of course be trying to wangle an invite.

    It actually looks really good and the poster is great.

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  18. I had a horrible feeling at the beginning of the year that they were going to overcompensate by nominating any old tosh with a black person in it to try and make themselves look better. Fortunately what seems to have happened is that the studios have taken quality films with minority casts and are promoting them as Oscar Bait in a way that has seldom been seen in the past. There has often been one specific film marketed in this way and if it didn't catch on the minority representaion disappeared with it. This year there are half a dozen likely contenders which can only be a good thing.

    Unless they all turn out to be shit.
  19. Hidden Figures looks great. Taraji and Octavia will crush it, but I'm incredibly excited for Janelle. She's never struck me as the kind of artist who would take acting roles just to tick a box.

    An Oscar win would leave Viola needing only a Grammy for the EGOT. Can she sing?
  20. Good question - all of her Tony wins and nominations have come from 'Actress In A Play' categories so we still have no clue. If she was a singer she'd have done a musical or three, surely?

    Anyway, most people seem to get their Grammy from a spoken-word category, don't they? She just needs to do the audiobook for some upcoming best-seller...
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