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Oscar Bait 2017/18

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

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    I hated this too. I’m still very confused what people liked about it. Ansel was awful as usual. The relationship had zero chemistry. One of the character is suppose to be so intimidating but gets killed 3 seconds into dangerous situation. Only good thing was how unhinged Paul Hamm character was.
  2. Baby Driver was an absolute delight! Awards contender? No, but I thought it was the perfect summer popcorn flick. I remember leaving the theater thinking, 'Now that's how you do an action film!'

    FINALLY saw Call Me By Your Name last night & thoroughly enjoyed it. Beautiful and romantic tale of first lust & loss. While everyone is great in it, this is Timothee's movie in every way. He is the heart of the material and it wouldn't be nearly as good without him. I wouldn't rank the film among my favorites of the year, but I certainly adored it.
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  3. I had to stop half way through. Saw I had another hour to go and couldn't face it. Will go back to it later in the week so I can then hate it with authority. I have so many issues it's hard to articulate them all but it basically ticks of every single box of things I hate about a certain type of film.

    I'm now watching Magnificent Obsession with Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. Much more my cup of tea.
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  4. Can someone please DM me and explain to me what the last shot of Call Me By Your Name is??

    Everyone keeps raving about it but I don’t remember what happened at all?
  5. Having watched Imitation Of Life a few weeks ago (and having loved it) I'm VERY excited about Magnificent Obsession. I am eternally grateful to Film4.
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  6. I'm too lazy to DM...
    The final shot is Timothee crying after finishing the call from Armie announcing his engagement. The camera stays on his face through the entire credits, as his parents set the table behind him. It's a 5-minute continuous shot of Timothee's character dealing with the fact that his summer romance is over forever.
  7. I don’t remember that at all. I watched it in cinema at film festival where no one leaves until the lights go up. Cleariy left absolutely no impression on me.

    Obviously I have a heart of stone.
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  8. That pie scene was literally the only compelling thing in the entire movie, for me. I barely remember the movie outside of that.
  9. Ha. Somebody liked this which has forced me to remember that I was hating on Call Me By Your Name.

    I don't know why I felt such a way about it.

    Maybe because I loved Moonlight so much and I kinda thought this film was unnecessary after such a masterpiece had only just come out.

    I was so wrong. The stories couldn't be more different from each other. Each perfect in their own way. I'm glad I have both films in my life.
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  10. The Greatest Showman is way more enjoyable than either The Shape of Water or Call Me By Your Name.

    I’m not going to argue that it’s a great film or that it doesn’t have giant flaws but everyone is trying so hard to make sure you’re entertained it feels churlish to do anything but embrace the absurdity and just go along for the ride.
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  11. don't forget the fly
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  12. I haven’t forgotten the fly I just don’t remember it in the first place???
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  13. The fly is the film's true Best Supporting Actor contender.
  14. I know I sound like I didn’t watch the film at all but in my defence the showing was at 9am.

    I’d got in at 4am after a free bar at Grace Jones’s party. I was in shockingly good form in the circumstances but can be forgiven if my memory is a little foggy.
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  15. Hold up, I was with a few people at my viewing and we all was wondering what the significance of that damn fly was. Can you enlighten me?
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  16. There was no significance.

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  17. Oh I have no clue if it's meant to have an actual purpose, I just found the the recurring appearances hilarious.
  18. It was winter. What was the deal with that fly!!!?

    Fun fact: Call Me By Your Name was partially funded by the peak Italian Peach Lobby.
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  19. That was the screening I tried to get into but alas, no. They didn't have many screenings at TIFF.

    I finally saw Call Me By Your Name and loved it. However, I don't care for the Sufjan Stevens songs. They are literally spelling out what is happening onscreen. I don't think they added anything (and I know many will disagree with me).
  20. I think there was only 2 in total which was weird for such a hyped movie.
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