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Oscar Bait 2017/18

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

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    I just watched Stronger and absolutely loved it and was emotional throughout. Jake may be my favorite male performance so far. Really surprised this has seemed to go so far under the radar.

    Saw the Darkest Hour and it was good. Gary Oldman was great but i'm not sure it's the performance of the year.
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  2. So, Call Me By Your Name is my movie of the year. I can't write any other kind of response...i'm too emotional.
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  3. I'm a sucker for female vengeance so naturally I enjoyed Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ... up until the ending. I would've preferred Mildred finding closure on her own over a redemption arc concerning a male character but hey-ho.

    I didn't care much for Stronger. Jake Gyllenhaal's performance was superb but the whole thing felt formulaic. Shame, really.
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  4. I loved the last 40 minutes of the movie just because it was so bat shit crazy. I've never seen anything like it.
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  5. The Big Sick, mother! and Call Me By Your Name have stuck with me the most throughout 2017.
  6. Ooooh I loved I, Tonya so much. Margot was perfect and Allison Janney was amazing.
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  7. I don't get what people see in The Shape Of Water. It was mediocre with many plot holes.
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  8. THIS^^^

    The further away I am from seeing it the less I like it. The more I remember it the sillier it seems.
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  9. I've been watching ALL of the the Award Bait films and have a little something to say about a bunch of them.

    I really enjoyed I, Tonya. I'm just a little bummed that the face replacement/visual effects looked worse than a snapchat filter. Alison Janey was great in this and Margot Robie gave a pretty good performance of Tonya Harding.

    Frances McDormand was so enthralling in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It was definitely the strongest Lead Actress performance this season (that I have seen).

    Call Me By Your Name was good. I enjoyed all of the performances in it, minus the plank of wood known as Armie Hammer. It certainly captured the whole "first love" feeling and the despair it can bring. The Sufjan Stevens songs were the cherry on top.

    The Shape of Water was lovely but I don't think it's the best film out there.

    I also saw Molly's Game back in September and found it to be kind of boring/brutal. Jessica Chastain was good in it but it just felt like the script/story was missing something to make it special.

    Is there anywhere to get these in the US? It doesn't seem to be on their US store and it's insanely priced on Amazon.
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  10. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, but it seems to be have been discontinued as I’m not seeing it available to buy online. Sorry. Guess I’ll be joining you all on Letterboxd once my journal’s full.
  11. So it wasn't just me that thought the face replacement during the skating was hilariously obvious? I thought it was the low quality of the screener I watched but it was bad.
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  12. No the I, Tonya CGI was BAD. I almost wish they would've just cut to footage of the real life performances instead. It certainly would've been a stark contrast stylistically, but I think it would've had a much more dramatic effect.
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  13. Three Billboards got me feeling like Joanne; I love this song and I've been playing it for like a week.

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  14. Aside from Call Me By Your Name, I think Three Billboards is my favorite of all the Oscar contenders I've seen so far. It really hit me, and I didn't think it was going to? While almost everything else has left me underwhelmed. I hope Sam Rockwell gets nominated for Supporting Actor.

    I still have a handful of movies to watch, but my hopes aren't really high.
  15. I watched Call Me By Your Name last night and I didn’t expect it to fuck me up this much.
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  16. Caught a screening of The Disaster Artist last night which I thoroughly enjoyed except for the slightly abrupt ending and literally the worst false facial hair I've ever seen on any Hollywood movie, which was completely distracting.

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  17. So, in Oscar Bait News circa 1997 (because that's how I roll), I finally watched Good Will Hunting last night and... I loved it. Made me wonder why I had put it off for so long (I adore Gus Vant Sant, just always assumed that this would be glossy and dull and undramatic).

    Robin Williams is one of the few cases where the Oscar Winner is my personal favourite of the year.

    Matt Damon gives the only performance of his that I can I say I'm impressed by (what a waste of a breakout role, artistically speaking)

    Minnie Driver is a flat-out revelation and I demand a romantic comedy teaming her with Matt Damon NOW.
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  18. I'm still thinking about it a week later (and wishing for a similar love story even though sadly I'm far removed from Elio's age).
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  19. It really captured those emotions one feels as a 17-year-old. And then when you are lucky enough to have a connection with someone - wow.

    Same here. The film actually made me long for falling in love again, even with the risk of heartbreak.
  20. He


    I think it captures the emotions of falling in love, and falling hard; period.

    While the movie is a lot about Elio's self-discovery (and Oliver as an extension of himself), the way it deals with the loss of "the one" is ridiculously universal.
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