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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. What was with the weird Frank Underwood ending in Vice? Also, I found the editing in the film was trying too hard to be "edgy, hip and cool".
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  2. Apologies - I was referring to Bend It Like Beckham, Love Actually, Pirates Of The Caribbean... I class Pride & Prejudice as her breakthrough...
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  3. Give Meryl the Oscar nomination for Mary poppins returns for a kii and cackle.
  4. I love the Pride & Prejudice film and I think Keira gives an amazing, if not very pouty, performance.

    In other news, apparently The Avengers are going to host now.
  5. Keira snapped in Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, Never Let Me Go, and The Imitation Game. She didn’t snap as hard as she should have in Collette.
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  6. Part of me wishes she was nominated for Atonement but also she didn't have a ton to do in that movie. It was more of an acting showcase for James Mcavoy and Saoirse. But she was still very good in it, and the green dress is iconic.
  7. I think some prediction sites did actually have her listed - sight unseen. Once it came out that her contribution amounted to a single scene (as with Suffragette before it) that was the end of that.

    Just back from Colette. Keira is decent, but I can see why she was only ever on the fringes of the conversation.
  8. I have Keira for the win in 2005.
  9. rdp


    Pride and Prejudice is just a really well made film all around, there's so many great sequences. I wonder if it would've made it in a expanded Best Picture line-up like nowadays
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  10. Keira totally won me over in Pride & Prejudice. I wasn’t really a fan before but she was lovely in that film.
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  11. 2005 was...not a vintage year in that category.

    Imagine that lineup competing against this year's crop. Keira would most likely be crowded out, Judi and Charlize would have no chance and Reese would likely be pulling a Viola Davis and going for an easy Supporting win.

    As for Felicity - in 2019, the controversy over a cis woman playing trans would almost certainly bury her campaign before it even got started.
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  12. The only problem for me with Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley remix) is that is too Keira-centric and has so many shots of her just standing still doing nothing (even though she's gorgeous and most of those shots were beautifully done). There was too much focus on her that hardly any room was left for depth in the other characters, sometimes even Matthew McFadden's Darcy.

    Having said that, Keira is an amazing actress and is due more credit than she has, especially when we think of that time when J-Law was getting nominated for everything like there was no tomorrow in her early 20's. (Was the Academy secretly afraid that she would die at 27 or something?)
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  13. I watched The Favourite again, and my god, what a wonderful film. It has my vote for Picture and Screenplay for sure. Acting-wise, Olivia will definitely have my vote for Actress but I’m suprised Rachel isn’t doing a mild sweep. I saw a review that said she had the least to do of the main three, but I kinda think she had the most !

    Also, I’m generally unwilling to celebrate the existence of men, however Nicholas Hoult definitely held his own against the three ladies. He seems like an easy Supporting Actor slot-filler and I wouldn’t be mad at it. I guess they’re just focusing all their attention on the girls which is also completely fair - it’s what they deserve.
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  14. I'm going to rewatch this weekend. Was my most anticipated film of the year bit really didn't click with me. Starts off great but starts to lose momentum about two thirds through and peters out completely by the end.
  15. Lanthimos has certainly made the most of his big break after Dogtooth (which I always found a tad overrated to be honest).
  16. The Favourite is probably my favorite this award season (sorry ASIB). It was hilarious and absolutely pitch black in that Lanthimos way. Colman was fantastic as the hapless Queen. Also, I have to stick up for my homeboy Giorgos.
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  17. I had this problem with the film as well. The way it presented itself, it just felt like it thought it was a smarter film than it really was.
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  18. I was down a YouTube rabbit hole the other day and found this. A rare example of someone getting publicly dragged for category fraud, even if it was more than 20 years after the fact.

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  19. I was discussing this on another forum the other day. the problem with her point is that Winona is 100% Supporting in The Age of Innocence.

    I had a dream last night that Regina King wasn't nominated. Amy Adams went on to win the Oscar but instead of getting on stage and thanking The Academy she berated them for allowing Leading roles to take up spots and declared Regina the rightful winner.

    I want Regina to win but if she doesn't I hope it plays out exactly like this.
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  20. Plus there's the fact that films doubling up in Supporting Actress is in no way an uncommon occurrence and happened literally the following year. Maybe the voters just weren't that into her performance?

    (I've had The Age Of Innocence on DVD for yonks; maybe I'll finally watch it tonight.)
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