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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. Did you like TSOW more or less than Wonderstruck?

    I think a lot of my ambivalence to the former is to do with how much I loved the latter and how similar they are in themes.

    To me Wonderstruck's took source material aimed at children and makes it totally palatable for adults whereas everything about The Shape Of Water is aimed squarely at kids who won't be able to see it due to the unnecessary adult elements.

    Anyway enough about what I think because it's clearly getting shit loads of nominations. My only quandary is just how well it's going to go over.

    Does it drag along Richard Jenkins or is Michael Shannon's moustache swirling nonsense getting the nod. Can Octavia Spencer get in for playing 'Octavia Spencer' and in doing so stop another potential #OscarsSoWhite conflama?

    These are the really important questions?
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  2. I LOVED both Shape of Water and Wonderstruck, but I'd probably give TSOW the upper hand solely for aesthetics. I was also struck by how similar the two are, but I had an opposite reaction. I left Wonderstruck feeling like it was the perfect family film - a story so innocent it would appeal to children and parents alike. The Shape Of Water felt like a proper fable for grown-ups. You certainly could remove the explicit content, and make it a simple story for kids, but most fairy tales contained darker subject matter in their original forms, so I appreciate this stayed true to that. I think it would have lost much of its effect otherwise, and felt cheesy or stale (in the same way I really disliked Hugo a few years back).
  3. Murder On The Bore-ient Express.

    Good god what a misfire and total waste of A List talent.

    Johnny Depp is the very least of its problems.
  4. Aw, man! I was looking forward to that movie because it's based on an Agatha Christie book and because of the cast.
  5. Here you go........

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  6. I didn't find Murder on the Orient Express bad but it should have been much much better given the quality of the source material and the assembled talent. Tom Bateman is a snack, though.
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  7. Poor Michelle Pfeiffer.
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  8. I saw The Killing of a Sacred Deer tonight and holy crap. Just so bizarre and compelling and dread-inducing. I'm guessing it won't get any nominations though (maaaaaaybe Original Screenplay).
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  9. I haven't seen it yet, but considering The Lobster also had to make do with an Original Screenplay nomination I wouldn't be surprised if that's it.
  10. It will be lucky to even scrape in there. All it’s buzz had totally died and rightfully so.
  11. Is The Shape Of Water seriously a contender? What a DRY OLD SEASON this is turning out to be. No pun intended.
  12. It’s likely to be nommed across the board. Probably the most nominations in total as it will garner them in multiple below the line as well as all the big ones.

    Only issue is has is of the genre aspect turns some voters off but even then seems more likely to stop it winning than getting the nods in the first place.
  13. I really, well, can't say 'enjoyed' but thought the Sacred Deer was a good watch. Some of the script was so funny. My screening was full and literally everybody was watching almost the whole thing behind their hands. I mean the sound when those kids collapsed, oh yuk I was dreading it happening again throughout the whole 2nd half. Screenplay seems a good fit for it, I don't think it deserves much else.. It was a bit jarring that Colin Farrell played his character in exactly the same rhythm as the one from The Lobster though.
  14. Saw Murder On The Orient Express last night & it really was as dull as can be. I've never read the book and honestly went in knowing nothing more than someone is murdered on a train, but there was nothing compelling about this mystery. It was a very pretty film, but I'm not sure I've yawned more in a theater this year. And the big final reveal was altogether confusing & uninteresting. If there were any award hopes, those can be wiped away immediately.
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  15. I saw it at the weekend and I'm still struggling to get my head around it.

    What I've told most people is that you'll definitely have something to discuss afterwards - but that discussion may well be a heated argument over whose idea it was to see it.
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  17. It should be. But in the end it will be the usual late-era-Spielberg-same-actors-same-team-mediocrity. Spielberg is really, really in an artistic rut.

    And I just really wished he'd start working with someone else but Kaminski again.
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  18. The Post looks very Spotlight-lite. I can't say I'm interested in it at all, but great/beautiful names attached.
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  19. I'm genuinely surprised Meryl got top billing and film seems based around Kay Graham more than Ben Bradlee.

    I'm still not predicting it at all until reviews/precursors come out.
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  20. Given she hasn't been recognised for a performance in a Best Picture nominee since Out Of Africa over 30 years ago, it's hard to imagine Meryl misses out unless the film itself does. (I can only guess that she didn't get much of a push for The Hours to keep out of Nicole's way for Lead and her own way for Supporting?)

    Still, even sight unseen it's tough to root for her after that ridiculous nomination last year. Amy Adams, Taraji P Henson, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Chastain, Annette Bening and Hailee Steinfield (to name a few) must have been spitting nails.
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