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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. I liked-didn't-love 3B so I'm hoping to god it isn't setting up to suddenly steamroll everything in its path, Birdman-style. I have to keep reminding myself just how far off the Oscars still are since this is a late year. The nominating period only opened up a few days ago so really at this point we're all just talking out of our asses. (Can't wait to watch the whisper campaigns and thinkpieces hit hard in the next couple weeks...)

    I can't say I really expected Get Out to play as well to BAFTA (Actor and Screenplay noms feel like a good sign, actually) and I'm not entirely surprised that Lady Bird didn't either. BAFTA in recent years hasn't been as accurate an Oscar predictor but still cannot be overlooked.

    Those who do feel like nomination locks:





    Lots still open. The three Supporting Actress slots left feel like a real crapshoot. I think Kaluuya will be nominated for Actor but not entirely certain.

    Also feels like a year that Picture and Director will split again. Already feels down to del Toro vs. Nolan.

    The Post feels dead as a doornail.
  2. Nice to see Annette get a nomination. She lost momentum but the BAFTA nomination is a nice surprise.
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  3. Especially following the BAFTA nominations - who feels confident predicting ANYONE past Janney and Metcalf?

    Instinct tells me the Oscar line-up will be more similar to BAFTA than the Globes in this category...
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  4. I’m gonna rip my hair out if both Peele and Gerwig are shut out of the director race at the Oscars.
  5. The Globes were just one big FYC for Gerwig. AMPAS would look outrageously tone deaf if they left her off.

    Which of course they still very well could.

    DGA will be enlightening.
  6. This! Her nominations for this role baffle me.
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  7. The problem for Peele and Gerwig is that the Directors branch votes for Directors nominations and is obviously full to the brim with old white men a demographic for which neither of their pictures is likely to resonate so much.

    That doesn't make them sexist or racist it just makes them old, white, men without different tastes to a younger more diverse generation. Neither is a dierctorial marvel either in the way that say Dunkirk or The Shape of Water is.

    There are also 5 less Director spots than Picture these days so inevitably half of the filmakers are going to be left off. This is not a snub. It happens to the best of people. This year I suspect Spielberg is going to miss out.

    I sincerely hope that one of them gets it as I won't be able to cope with the hysterical internet out cry if they don't.
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  8. I still think she may miss at Oscars. Where are her 1st place votes coming from? Although I would have said same last year.
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  9. Agreed. I don't think she's the strongest contender at all.
  10. Octavia potentially getting a 2nd consecutive Oscar nomination for essentially playing herself in another underwritten role is ridiculous. I adore her, but this is not deserved.

    Lady Bird, Get Out, and The Post feel like SUCH American stories, so I'm not surprised by the lack of BAFTA love. That said, I think they will still get a ton of Oscar love.

    Considering how much it was discussed at the Globes, it will be a MAJOR upset if Gerwig is snubbed at the Oscars. Peele will get a screenplay nomination, which will leave him out of the Directing category. As Baby Clyde mentioned, DGA will be the true precursor, but there are not many women or people of color in the Academy able to vote for Director, so it will continue to be an uphill battle for some time to come.
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  11. See, I don't really understand this point being raised several times in the thread today.

    She's a character actor - she always "plays herself", much like Jack Nicholson or Thelma Ritter or Maggie Smith.

    Some may find this boring or repetitive, others would argue that she makes it look so easy because she's so good!

    Let's wait until she's at least beaten the tally of, say, Bradley Cooper before deeming her "over-rewarded"?
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  12. By the way, her performance in Hidden Figures is my favourite of the nominees from last year's Supporting Actress line-up!
  13. My comment has more to do with the fact that the roles themselves are underwritten/too small to warrent the accolades more than her performances. She's excellent in everything, but these were not roles worthy of her talent.

    Last year, she wasn't even in the same league as Viola, Naomie, Nicole, or Michelle (who were all the best parts of their respective films).
  14. He


    It is nominated for best Film, Director, Screenplay and Actor?
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  15. You're right, don't know what I was talking about. Please disregard @lushLuck's illiteracy.
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  16. I think Octavia is fabulous but Dorothy Vaughan was an extension of Minny from The Help and from the trailer of The Shape Of Water the character looks similar again. That's fine and all but I don't think these warrant Oscar nominations.

    Just watched Three Billboards and thought it was wonderful. Moving and funny without being mawkish. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell are both magnificent, as are all the cast really (maybe besides Abbie Cornish).
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  17. It’s just frustrating that an actress of Octavia Spencer’s obvious talent is stuck playing ‘Sassy Black Sidekick’ roles and getting acclaimed for them.

    @lushLuck ia totally right it’s the underwritten roles that we’re complaining about not Octavia and the examples given above I don’t think hold up at all.

    Whilst Nicholson often gets away with playing himself his roles have been many and varied over the year. Maggie Smiths declines into self parody only started in the 90’s before then she was one of the greatest and most versatile actresses of all time.

    Whilst there can be no doubt that Thelma Ritter often plays variations of the same character she ALWAYS stole every scene she was in and deserved everyone of her Oscar noms.

    Unfortunately Octavia Spencer’s screen presence, whilst appealing, doesn’t come close to the iconic nature of a Ritter despite her undeserved Oscar win to Thelma’s 6 loses.
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  18. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I haven't seen Shape of Water but I thought she was totally deserving for Hidden Figures best supporting and had her 4th behind Viola, Nicole, and Michelle. I will say that top 3 was incredible strong and I still think Viola should have just been Best Actress.
  19. She obviously should have gone Best Actress. I even told her so.

    Not only egregious category fraud but it also continues the complaint that only 1 black woman has won Best Actress. Whenever anyone raises that argument now I say don't blame The Academy blame Viola Davis.
  20. I just watched Lady Bird and thought it was absolutely terrific. Saoirse Ronan really does nail every role, doesn't she?
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