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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. She can do no wrong in my eyes, that's for sure.

    I'm already counting down the days when Mary Queen of Scots (with Margot Robbie playing Elizabeth) comes out later this year.
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  2. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Yes, even though we never got your Viola Davis story!
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  3. I wonder what Franco's chances of a nomination are in light of the accusations that started popping up this weekend. Honestly, his performance was easily one of my favourites of the year and The Disaster Artist was one of my favourite films... but I'm not sure how the optics of that would play given everything.
  4. It was already an uphill battle for him between his history with the Oscar's and the movie just not really being very Oscar baity. I don't see it happening for him.
  5. It's hard to say. Isn't the deadline this week? The 12th, I believe.

    I always forget he co-hosted with Anne Hathaway. I try not to remember, to be honest...
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  6. Franco has hit every single precursor that he needed to and won the GG. He's pretty much in at this point.

    The majority of votes will have already been sent in anyway. We'll have to wait and see if this changes anything but I suspect it's too little too late to effect the nominations. A win is of course out of the question.

    Real battle seems to be between Kaaluya and Hanks for the 5th spot.
  7. I'd like to think she would have beaten Emma Stone; then again, Natalie Portman, Isabelle Huppert or Ruth Negga deserved to beat her too.

    I feel like the category fraud thing doesn't make the voters' job any easier. How, for instance, are you meant to make a direct comparison between Jake Gyllenhaal's co-lead in Brokeback Mountain and William Hurt's five-minute appearance a full hour into A History Of Violence?
  8. After watching Battle of the Sexes, I get why it hasn't really been nominated for anything beyond Emma's and Steve's performances. Emma in particular really showed that she can play more than, you know, herself. But overall the film was perfectly fine without feeling exceptional. Hit all the right notes but never hit them as hard as I wanted, from my experience.

    I do kind of hope Sara Bareilles gets a nom for If I Dare, though. I'm a bad Sara stan for not realizing it was from this movie, til I started bopping to the credits.
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  9. I hope so, too. She's gunning for being an EGOT nominee (she's halfway there). Now that she'll be on that Jesus Christ Superstar musical with John Legend in April, that's her chance for an Emmy nom.

    Also, full disclosure, the only reason why I will watch Battle of the Sexes is because of Sara's involvement.
  10. The Greatest Showman was nice to look at and provided decent entertainment but it really isn't much of a movie. It's more of a spectacle.
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  11. I'm 20 minutes and turning it off, I totally co-sign this.
  12. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I enjoyed Molly’s Game. Jessica gave another solid performance. It’s not quite as good as some of the other films I’ve seen this year. Really only think it will get nominated for Adapted Screen play.
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  13. DGA:


    The Shape of Water
    (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

    Mr. del Toro’s Directorial Team:
    • Unit Production Manager: J. Miles Dale
    • Production Manager: Dennis Chapman
    • First Assistant Director: Pierre Henry
    • Second Assistant Director: Tyler Delben
    This is Mr. del Toro’s first DGA Award nomination

    Lady Bird

    Ms. Gerwig’s Directorial Team:
    • Unit Production Managers: Lila Yacoub, Danielle Blumstein, Jamin O’Brien (New York Crew)
    • First Assistant Directors: Jonas Spaccarotelli, Cedric Vara (New York Crew)
    • Second Assistant Director: Brendan Lee, Dana Zolli (New York Crew)
    • Second Second Assistant Directors: Lillian Awa, Teri Barber
    This is Ms. Gerwig’s first DGA Award nomination.

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

    Mr. McDonagh’s Directorial Team:
    • Unit Production Manager: Bergen Swanson
    • Assistant Unit Production Manager: Peggy Robinson
    • First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn
    • Second Assistant Director: Paula Case
    • Second Second Assistant Director: Spencer Taylor
    This is Mr. McDonagh’s first DGA Award nomination.

    (Warner Bros.)

    Mr. Nolan’s Directorial Team:
    • Unit Production Managers: David Witz, Christine Raspillere (France Unit), Chris Brock (UK Unit), Nicky Tüske (Netherlands Unit)
    • First Assistant Directors: Nilo Otero, William Pruss (France Unit), Willem Quarles van Ufford (Netherlands Unit)
    • Second Assistant Director: Eric Lasko, Nicolas Baldino (France Unit), Alexis Chelli (France Unit), Clément Comet (France Unit)
    • Second Second Assistant Director: Alina Gatti
    This is Mr. Nolan’s fourth DGA Feature Film Award nomination. He was previously nominated for Inception in 2010, for The Dark Knight in 2008, and for Memento in 2001.

    Get Out

    (Universal Pictures)

    Mr. Peele’s Directorial Team:
    • Unit Production Managers: Marcei A. Brown, Rick A. Osako (Fairhope Unit)
    • First Assistant Director: Gerard DiNardi
    • Second Assistant Directors: Ram Paul Silbey, Marc Newland (Fairhope Unit), Jack McKenna (New York Unit)
    • Second Second Assistant Director: Maggie Ballard
    • Location Manager: Kurt Enger (New York Unit)
    This is one of two DGA Award nominations this year for Mr. Peele. He is also nominated in the First-Time Feature Film category for Get Out.
  14. Jordan & Greta getting in for DGA is such sweet justice.

    McDonagh is a choice.
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  15. Not that I expected it to be lousy, but Darkest Hour was honestly one of my favorites of the buzzed-about films this year. I wouldn't pick it for Best Picture, but the dialogue was well-written and there was some interesting cinematography. It was more than just a lively Gary Oldman in a bodysuit.
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  16. Exactly the backlash against it is infuriating. It’s fantastic.

    The muted response it’s getting has absolutely nothing to do with it’s quality and everything to do with its supposedly old fashioned ‘Oscar Bait’ status as if A) Oscar Bait is a bad thing and B) That makes it somehow unworthy.

    It looked like a front runner early on but now may only get a handful of noms (Actor, makeup, cinmetography, Screenplay). Picture is looking less and less likely.

    Oldman gives hand down the performance of the year and whilst he’s still favourite to win if he does there will be all kinds of grumbling about it.

    This gradual slide of the Oscars becoming the Indie Spirits is really getting my goat.
  17. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Saw The Post and thought it was outstanding and firmly is in my top favorites. Surprised it has missed so many nominations/hasn't really won anything. Best Meryl performance since Iron Lady. There were multiple scenes that really got me.

    I saw Wonderstruck yesterday which was lovely. Particularly the scenes in the 20's with Millicent Simmonds.

    I thought the Darkest Hour was good but just that. For me personality it wasn't that it was "Oscar bait" but war movies particularly WW2 movies are done so frequently I was left wondering what did this add outside of all the similar movies I've seen. It just didn't leave much of an impression on me.
  18. Darkest Hour just isn't my type of movie. I'm not a fan of historical dramas/biopics/war films. I realize Gary Oldman gave the performance of the year, but I didn't find a single compelling thing about the story. It was a tough, slow 125 minutes for me.

    I really enjoyed The Post, but I just don't think the press vs government story (as relevant as it may be) is connecting with many on a larger level.

    Finally saw Battle Of The Sexes, which I enjoyed. It's well done, albeit far too long, but all felt a bit too fluffy for me. It addressed some bigger issues, but didn't really commit to focusing on any of them. Also put myself through Mother! out of morbid curiosity, and it might be one of my least enjoyable film experiences ever. It felt like a 2-hour supercut of Sarah Paulson's AHS: Cult character.
  19. I thought I hated Mother!...but I’ve got a burning compulsion within me to watch it again.
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  20. I have no desire to watch Darkest Hour. How many Winston Churchill movies does this world need?
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