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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. Glad you liked it! It’s my favourite out of the Best Picture noms I’ve seen so far.

    The scene with the deer and the scene where she found out the guy from Illinois wasn’t her daughter’s killer were both pretty gut-wrenching for me, but I can understand your point of view. Where they the same scene? I can’t remember.
  2. The Post obviously snuck into the Best Picture nominees ahead of better but more divisive films because enough liberal members wanted to give Trump the finger, it has nothing else going for it. Darkest Hour and Dunkirk were unbearably dull but from a filmmaking perspective I can still understand why they're regarded as among the 'best' films of the year, The Post is the only nominee I can't make peace with. That damn voting system!
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  3. I’m far from a Nolan fanboy and still I completely fail to see how anything about Dunkirk can be considered dull.
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  4. It was just a bunch of men breathing heavily and staring into the sky for two hours. Other than a couple of moments - which weren't particularly followed up - there was no character development, nothing to make you care about whether any of them lived or died, no reason to feel emotionally invested in it. Commendable visuals and sound editing, yes, but that's it, and that's nothing that hasn't been done before. I get that they were coming at it from the 'everyone in the war was anonymous and just fighting as a collective whole' angle but that's the exact opposite of what I want from a war film, particularly post-War Horse.
  5. So Downsizing was really weird. I’m not surprised it’s not received any love.

    It tried to tackle too much and just didn’t do anything well. It didn’t know whether it was commenting on the environment / immigration / the rich - poor divide etc so it ended up commenting on none of them really.

    Matt Damon was as bland as he’s ever been. He really does embody white straight man privilege with the amount of leading roles he gets with so little... charisma even feels too over-expectant a word. Personality, emotion, anything other than complete and utter lack of of character.

    Kristen Wiig gave absolutely nothing, obviously not due to lack of her talents, but due to lack of it being an interesting role. In fact, she should have been the lead really. She probably could have done a lot more and they could have made it a lot more comedic.

    But who should have really been the lead is Hong Chau - wow! The film deserves nothing but she deserves everything. I’m gutted she didn’t get nominated for this. She made the film so much more compelling through her presence alone and was the only character I was remotely invested in. In different hands, the character could have been an absolute caricature and her story is so wacky that she shouldn’t be as real as she is. But she just nails it. I can’t remember the last movie I saw where the absence of just one character from a scene made it so much worse. And then the presence of just one character made it so much better.

    The ending - like the whole film - was just so nothing. Wasn’t really uplifting. Wasn’t particularly depressing. It just was.

    The film wasn’t even awful. Just dull. A brilliant concept, a star making turn from Chau, a weak leading man and supporting cast, and an aimless story.

    I actually think the concept would have been better suited for a TV show. There’s so much they could do with it. Bring Hong in as the lead character and that’s a brilliant show right there.
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  6. For me, Spielberg really hasn't connected with audiences in a long time. Maybe War Horse. To be honest I haven't really seen any of his films for the last ten to fifteen years simply because none of them have interested me. There was a time when Spielberg made must-see films; they were events.
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  7. I saw The Shape of Water yesterday and really liked it. The story was nice but the film was so gorgeous. The set design and cinematography were incredible.
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  8. Uno


    Just finished Shape of Water - was amazing. The creature was exquisitely done.
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  9. Bridge of Spies was phenomenal and definitely connected with me. You can't really generalise about "audiences" like that. And most of his films make money so I'd say they do connect.
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  10. Fair enough, though I don't find his films make as much as they used to.

    I watched The Post last night because of the discussion here and I have to say I did enjoy it. Though, visually, I found it a bit flat. But I loved some of the visuals from inside the production room and the shot of Tom and Meryl walking into the distance with the papers being pressed in the foreground. It made me nostalgic for the days of pre-digital news.

    With the ending, it did come off as a really great pilot for a series.
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  11. Spielberg has lost his magic touch. I haven't enjoyed any of his movies in 15 years. Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report in 2002 is the last time I enjoyed a movie of his. I'm so tired of him making boring drama movies. He used to be the king of blockbusters. What happened?
  12. I enjoyed Lincoln but otherwise I agree with you. And even Lincoln was probably enjoyable for Daniel Day Lewis' performance more than the direction. At least Spielberg is now turning his attentions to remaking West Side Story, even if it turns out to be a royal mess it'll be him trying something different.
  13. Those were the exact moments that killed it for me. I don't think the movie is quite as bad as your post makes it out to be, but it's no groundbreaking milestone in cinema by any stretch.

    The only Best Picture film I've yet to see is Phantom Thread. Mostly because it's not playing anywhere. Am I missing out on much if I skip it? I'm honestly not even that drawn to it, but the completionist in me will be pissy come Oscar night if there's only one movie I feel nothing toward.
  14. While I really enjoyed Munich, I haven't felt inspired by Spielberg since his 2002 dynamic duo. I certainly enjoyed The Post, but it reeked of Spieberg Hollywood-isms. It hit every convenience and cliche imaginable, but I went in expecting a 3-hr nap, so I was surprised as the brisk pace keeping it entertaining. It's a film I've seen numerous times before done much better, so not deserving of the awards buzz it got by default, but I still found it enjoyable viewing.
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  16. Phantom Thread is the only film I haven’t seen either and seeing as I’m in South America until 2 days before the show not sure how i’ll manage.

    Have been trying to find a dodgy link online but none of them work.

    If anyone wanted to PM me one it would be much appreciated
  17. West Side Story could do with a remake. The original irks me because although it totally redefined the musical those operatic voices coming from working class immigrants really get on my wick. God bless Marnie Nixon but Maria really shouldn’t sound that way.

    Having said that I’m not sure Spielberg is the man for the job???
  18. Yas who else?
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