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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. I'm having the same issue with Roman J Israel Esq. It opens on Friday and isn't on anywhere near me. Ordinarily I wouldn't even want to see it based on the reviews.
  2. I'll do it!
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  3. 2014

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    I'll give it a go!
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  4. Octavia talking about Jessica Chastain.......19.30 in.
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  5. Hong Chau in Downsizing should absolutely be getting attention. She was incredible. I liked the movie, but agree with everything that's been said about it not really being about the concept of downsizing at all and being very muddled.
  6. Hong gives an incredible breakthrough performance in a ‘meh’ movie.
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  7. I think that's on VOD already. Or at least it is in the States.
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    I'm seeing The Darkest Hour tonight in all my spontaneity! Though I'm not really going in with high hopes, it would be good to see if Oldman deserves the praise he's been getting.
  9. What the hell @ Shape of Water being on TONIGHT and then twice again over Valentine's Weekend in Edinburgh.

    Flop city confirmed.
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    So the film was...ok, Gary is pretty spectacular but its very much a character movie more than anything else. I won't rush to see it again. Also Lily James is in everything lately.
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  11. As a Glaswegian, we been knew
  12. The Post is kinda shit ddd. How did it get a Best Picture nom?
  13. My mom slept through the entire film- and she was the one who wanted to see it. It was so boring, I really can't blame her.
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  14. Darkest Hour definitely deserves recognition for editing, yet it didn't even receive a nomination.

    Interesting trivia: 2017 was the first time in 19 years when none of the acting awards were given to someone playing a real-life person. At this point, Gary Oldman looks likely to restore that tradition as he remains the overall favourite.
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  15. This is adorable.
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  16. Popping in here to say I loved Phantom Thread even if it was wildly fucked up and also the soundtrack deserves all awards and more. Stunning.
  17. This cannot be real life.

    Downsizing was as bad as the Room.
  18. Hong was really good in it though. She did the accent really well, she was convincing. I felt her pain, and also pissed myself laughing at "What kind of fuck you give me?"
    I personally liked the movie, I don't think it was technically "good" but it wasn't awful to watch. You have to admit though, she was the star of it.
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  19. Yeah I saw it yesterday, it was fantastic. I personally preferred the score to The Shape Of Water's, although both are outstanding. I feel like Vicky Krieps is very unlucky to miss out on a Best Actress nomination, she'd have been a frontrunner to win the whole thing if only this film had been released a year earlier.

    Watched Darkest Hour with my partner a couple of nights ago, too. She agreed that it was tedious in the extreme and the tube scene was outright laughable.
  20. Oh I didn't love the film, probably wouldn't watch it again, but Chau was a revelation. I have to say though I saw it at a packed theatre and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Lots of laughter.
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