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Oscar Bait 2018/19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, May 30, 2017.

  1. Hong Chau gives a triumphant breakthrough performance in a mediocre film. Had her character been the focus of the movie, it could've been quite good, but as it stands, she's the only redeemable piece of that mess.
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  2. I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it might be, although the narrative structure is a mess and it's by some distance Alexander Payne's worst movie to date. Hong Chau was fantastic though.

    I tracked down Roman J Israel Esq the other day, which was also a mess. Denzel's performance is its only redeeming feature. I've seen all the Best Actor nominees now and it's a much stronger category than it has been in recent years - certainly better than the last three. Hard to decide how to rank them.
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  3. I am not trying to be an as*hole but honestly I was laughing in the cinema AT the film. It was utterly bizarre and the first ever film I have ever walked out of.

    Having said that, yes Hong is very very charismatic. A show stealer.
  4. While "too many great female roles" is pretty much the epitome of "a nice problem to have", I'd agree that Vicky should have got more recognition - she was terrific. I find some of PTA's movies a trial (The Master and Punch Drunk Love specifically) but when he gets it right he gets it RIGHT, and this was exquisite.
  5. So I just finished Phantom Thread. It's funny, while after Boogie Nights and Magnolia I considered PTA one of my favorite directors, he has gotten increasingly inaccessible for me. I felt the same with this one. While I could see the craft and the acting on display, I was just bored out of my mind. It felt so slow and ponderous. It's interesting to me that it has a 92% critic score but only 69% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Like, I appreciate a meditation on what it means to be an obsessive artist but Jesus Christ, at least try to make it entertaining.
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  6. At this point I'd honestly just be thrilled at a single surprise winner in any of the big six categories. This year's ceremony is currently on track to be a total bore.
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  7. Is Allison Janney locked in for Best Supporting Actress? I was really rooting for Laurie Metcalfe.
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  8. Why not give everything to the completely unproblematic and also trailblazing Get Out?

    Give Supporting Actress to Allison William’s froot loops.
  9. It's the most open of the acting categories but that doesn't say much, she's still a 77% certainty on GoldDerby. Personally I preferred Metcalfe but I'm desperate for I Tonya to get at least some recognition, its snub in Best Picture is a real shame.
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  10. Finally saw Phantom Thread. I have thoughts.


    How is this anything other than down right creepy?

    ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here’ laments Alma speaking for all of us as we suffer through this turgid, self important tale of a middle aged, arrogant, bully being enabled by everyone around him. But then he’s ‘genius’ so of course it’s entirely acceptable to be complicit in his appalling behaviour .

    I mean what exactly is she doing there? One minute she’s a waitress in a seaside cafe the next some kind of supermodel/muse (With added seamstress and scullery maid duties to boot). Who is she? Where does she come from? Where are her family? Is she being paid?

    DDL, one of the all time great actors, makes his loathsome character totally devoid of any charm leaving the audience to sit through 2 hours of his whining and complaining about toast being buttered too loudly and the wrong kind of asparagus being served. Are we supposed to care? Death by mushroom poisoning would have put us all out of our misery. As he may well say ‘FUCK OFF’.

    Add to that the overbearing score that literally never ceases. Every moment is underwritten by some kind of unnecessary, orchestral arrangement. Who knew a simple visit from the doctor needed a full blown Tara’s Theme all to itself.

    And poor Barbara. If she wants to throw her money away on Porfirio Rubirosa and spend thousands on your ugly, old fashioned dresses then what the fuck’s it got to do with anyone else. Once the fucker’s been paid for she can sleep in it whenever she bloody well pleases.

    Blank faced charisma vacuum Krieps does nothing with a role that needed some kind of cheek and spirit to pull off. Only the ever wonderful Manville comes out of the debacle unscathed but is given far to little to do. You breathe a sigh of relief whenever she appears on screen and then she promptly disappears again. She’s the only one you feel any sympathy for, patiently putting up with that fuckwit for 60 years.

    I haven’t enjoyed a PTA film since Boogie Night and I’m sure you’ll have already guessed this paean to ugly male self absorption hasn’t changed that.

    Even with the bizarre ‘poisoning pact’ ending, considering all we know these days about abusive relationships, run Alma. Run for your life. This isn’t going to end well.
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  11. Yesterday, I rewatched 'Blade Runner 2049'. Still such a wonderful experience that deserved more Oscar love.

    Also saw 'The Florida Project' which was beautiful as well.
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  12. I’ve now seen everything.

    Rankings coming soon.
  13. I didn't get it either. I was bored, then I was confused.

    Nice costumes though.
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  14. But you barely see the costumes. I don’t like it when people win Oscars by just copying historical designs and these ones are hardly featured considering the subject matter.
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  15. I'm pulling for Beauty and the Beast in Costume.
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  16. I didn’t like The Shape Of Water as much as I thought I would. I was expecting a 5/5 but it was only a 3/5 for me.

    Sally Hawkins was absolutely captivating though.
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  17. This is how I felt too. For me, gorgeous visuals & lovely moments but a really muddled style & tone throughout which made things feel slight on the plot/character front and also like it was four different films fighting for prominence. Having such high hopes probably didn't help either to be fair.
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  18. Great costumes, beautiful costumes.
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  19. Phantom Thread got more laughter in my screening than most comedies I've seen. It was pitched perfectly.
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