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Oscar Bait 2019 - 2020

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Oh please. I expect better of Mark Harris. This is totally disingenuous.

    Scorsese hasn't had a woman top billed since Liza in 1978. He hasn't made a film with a true female Lead since then either. Of the 10 women nominated for Oscars only 2 have been for Leading roles. 8 of them were in Supporting. 9 of those nominations were between '74 and '95. There has been precisely 1 since 1995 and that was 15 years ago!
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  2. Just watched all the Animated Shorts and all I have to say is that the dad in Hair Love is a total DILF.

  3. Just discovered that The Farewell was this week’s 99¢ rental on iTunes. Maybe USA only but still.
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  4. Cate Blanchett - Best Supporting Actress 2004 (The Aviator).
  5. Whoops I didn't understand what you were saying.
  6. It's not completely clear to be fair.
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  7. I think Rosanna Arquette was top billed in After Hours, but that was 1985 so not really much better.

    I'm actually a bit surprised they didn't try and put Sharon Stone in Supporting for Casino, since it's arguably a borderline case (not to mention that year's actual winner in the category was very obviously Lead).
  8. The billing for After Hours is alphabetical so Arquette comes first but Griffin Dunne is the star....


    I'd argue Sharon is Supporting but A List stars weren't such thirsty hoes back in the 90's so didn't game the system in the same way.
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  9. Richard Jewell is the kind of film that makes me wonder why I bother trying to see all the nominated performances. Total slog and at least 45 minutes longer than it needed to be. Can only assume Kathy's tearful speech near the end got her in.

    I'd quite like to see whichever film Olivia Wilde thought she was in though. Would have been just as bad but easily 10 times as entertaining. What was that performance?
  10. My favorite Bond song is the underrated Tomorrow Never Dies. It's also the only Bond movie i've watched.
  11. Skyfall is one of the best Bond songs and films. The other brilliant Bond songs are as follows:
    The World Is Not Enough (the best easily)
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Nobody Does It Better
  12. Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name is up there
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The World Is Not Enough is the greatest Bond theme of all time. Case closed.
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  14. I can't be arsed listing them all but 1917 cleaned up at the BAFTAs tonight - I think it got seven or eight in the end.

    Parasunties: we snatched best foreign and best screenplay.

  15. Skyfall is just about serviceable as a Bond song, but The Writing's On The Wall is diabolical.

    Licence to Kill slaps.
  16. Licence To Kill (to kill) is the Bond theme to end all Bond themes.

    k.d. Lang’s Surrender is also super underrated, although it is a closing titles track.
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  17. 1917 won Best Picture at the BAFTA's. Acting categories were the same as they've been.
  18. 2014

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    Rebel Wilson to host next year please.
  19. She, yep, she did that.
    The Cats slander had me laughing so hard a tear came out.
    1917 cleaning up technical and best picture is to be expected, but also I feel, completely deserved.
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  20. Not that I'm biased, but I really feel that "The World is Not Enough" is so underrated because the movie uses a shitty echoey orchestral mix and that the movie is one of the shit Pierce Brosnan ones.
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