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Oscar Bait 2020 - 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Not watching this trailer bc I want to pretend this movie is about the first cow on the moon for as long as possible
  2. Now I love A24 movies, but they showed the trailer before Little Women and it looked awful
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  3. I’m beyond moved that Bessie’s story is finally getting told and on the big screen too?!
  4. Good grief. Can’t we at least get this tiresome season over first.
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  5. Kate and Judy Davis are always great, but Liam in that movie is one of the biggest miscasts in the history of cinema.
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    This thread exists purely for @strangekin to annoy me, I know it. It’s kind of cute in a way.
  7. I'm shocked that Kirsten's never even been nominated for an Oscar!!! I was convinced she'd been nominated for Interview with the Vampire.
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  8. I mean Kirsten should have been nominated for Interview and Melancholia and she should have won for Bring It On
  9. Oh here's the tea
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  10. I cringed when the announcer at the Golden Globes mispronounced her name. For Gods sake the woman has been a big name in Hollywood for 25 fucking years. Its KEERSTEN, not KURSTEN. How in 2020 is that a trial?
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  11. The fact that Bring It On was not nominated for any Oscars is a disgrace. Kirsten for Best Actress, Gabrielle Union for Best Supporting Actress and Jessica Bendinger should have been nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

    And, Best Picture, of course.

    Sorry, Ridley.
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  12. 2014

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    waiT I did not even know this? Fake fan ":("
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  13. Best Original Song
  14. Should have been in Original Screenplay that year, definitely. When was the last time anyone quoted a line from Billy Elliott or You Can Count On Me at you?
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  15. Do I still know every word in 2020? Absolutely.
  16. See also Naomi Watts. What you been doing? Here for a comeback that doesn’t involve playing Diana
  17. I just came back from 1917 on IMAX and I have no words. For me, it's one of the best films I've seen. Very close to match with Parasite. I was in tears at random moments and the soundtrack is just so fucking immense. I felt everything, it was so fucking tense as well. That entire scene/sequence when he arrived at the French village - it was like a fever dream. Oh wow, Sam Mendes really did that.

    Now, with the same concept - please someone direct a horror/slasher flick in one continuous (they can cheat like what Mendes' did) take?
  18. I had the same thought. I’d love to see more genres tackle it.
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  19. The Silent House is worth a watch (Uruguayan original of course, not the Hollywood remake).
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  20. My friend's feature is premiering at Sundance, can't wait to hear reactions

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