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Oscar Bait 2020 - 21

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. It's The Trial Of The Chicago 7 with better wigs.
  2. Saw preview earlier in the year. Really liked it. Bettany is great.
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  3. Unfortunately, your two examples being 23 years apart tells its own story.
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  4. Summing up my weekend screener viewings:

    1. Nomadland: Haunting, timely and honest in the best way. Frances anchors this entire film, and while it’s not a showy performance at all, I can’t picture anyone else having done it. The way she’s able to build this incredible chemistry with numerous non-actors is extraordinary - and massive credit to director Chloe Zhao for finding the perfect characters for this story. This was equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring, and I felt like I could have sat on this journey with Frances’ character for ages. This one really stuck with me.

    2. One Night in Miami: I struggled with this one. I couldn’t be more proud of Regina, and I don’t have a single complaint about any of the amazing performances, but I never got invested in the story. It all felt a tad sterile, as if I was watching a ‘play on screen’ instead of seeing a play being property adapted into a film. This is also a film I feel would have been easier for me to get wrapped into on a big screen, but just watching at home, I found myself easily distracted for most of it.

    3. Sound of Metal: Riz Ahmed is incredible, and sells this character who could have easily drove me insane. As a music fan, this story really punched me in the gut, and made parts of it difficult to watch. It’s not the sort of film I’d need to see again, but I did enjoy it and feel I have Riz and Olivia Cooke (a consistent favorite of mine) to thank for carrying my interest.

    4. Promising Young Woman: I cannot give this film enough praise. It’s been my most anticipated movie of 2020 since the first trailer was released a year ago, and boy did it not disappoint. Beautifully directed (I could compliment the aesthetics & pace endlessly), cleverly written (chock full of quotables), and a slew of amazing performances with Carey Mulligan giving an Oscar-worthy turn at the heart (but I cannot praise Laverne Cox, Bo Burnham, Jennifer Coolidge, Alison Brie, Connie Britton, Chris Lowell, etc. enough for their supporting work). This is a film that’s both hilarious and horrifying, setting my heart a flutter as quickly as it leaves me anxious for a scene to come to an end. There’s some really heavy subject matter at the root of this, and it handles it with such inventiveness and care. There is one point in the final third where I was worried they were undoing everything they had set up so beautifully, but as I hoped, all of my concerns were alleviated by the fantastic finale. I also cannot speak any more highly of the music supervision on this film - easily the best work I’ve seen since last year’s Hustlers. And while I certainly don’t want to spoil one very specific Popjustice-approved scene, just know that there are features for the likes of Charli XCX, Spice Girls, Sky Ferreira, Fletcher, Cyn, and MUNA - all of which didn’t go unnoticed by me. I’ll have you know I watched it again the very next day & loved it as much the second time.
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  5. Counting down till the 16th when my virtual screening for PYW is. I so want to DM you and ask if the ending is the same as the first draft of the script BUT I am going to keep myself unspoiled, largely.
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  6. Please DM me after you’ve seen it so we can discuss, because now I’m dying to know!
  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Looks iconique.
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  8. Half an hour into Mank and I’m bored.

    It’ll win everything
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  9. Finished it now. Totally underwhelming apart from 1 bloody scene. It probably won’t win everything, but don’t be surprised if Fincher sweeps up. And it’s one of the worst in his filmography. Only The Game and Alien3 are worse.
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  10. But I love The Game?
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  11. I love The Game though... Mank looks so dull though.
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  12. The Game is so iconic, and actually if anyone in Hollywood was smart they'd do a reboot at some point because it's such a fantastic premise.
  13. jtm


    Yeah Mank is quite boring and not really a story that I feel needed to be told. It looks great, the actors are great, but for Fincher especially it is a bit underwhelming.
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  14. Can Fincher go back to making movies for the gays
  15. Should probably have won for The Social Network.
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  16. Is The Forty Year-Old Version in the conversation at all? Watched it last night and it’s fantastic.
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  17. So Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is pretty good but a clear cut example of why you shouldn’t fraud your way to a Supporting win.

    Without that recent Oscar on her mantelpiece Davis would be a slam dunk winner in this revelatory turn for her. She’s never been better.

    Many are raving about Boesman but my attention drifted every time we returned to his tiresome character. The performance is fine but it's very hard to forget the stage origin when you have to sit through 10 minute monologues that just don't work for me on film. I felt exactly the same way about Denzel in Fences.

    Overall this is a really good attempt but slightly glossy feel, focus on what should have been a secondary story line and jarring ending meant it didn't quite gel.

    This should be all about Davis and Ma Rainey but unfortunately the men get in the way.

    It should have nominations galore and they won’t be undeserved.
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  18. Watched Black Bear last night.

    For me personally it's the most interesting movie of 2020. Aubrey Plaza is a revelation and definitely deserves some recognition with this. I was left speechless throughout. What a beast of filmmaking.
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  19. I saw Let Him Go and I thought Kevin Costner and Diane Lane were terrific. The thriller part was a bit predictable but it's so well written and acted. I would love to see Lane be an underdog. She's one of my favourites.
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